U - Z

201 (cont.)

UHLER MARTIN J., clerk, bds 631 S 8th.

Uhler Margaret, wid, res 631 S 8th

Uhlrich Catharine, home se cor 12th and Cass.

Uhlrich Edward, bds se cor 12th and Cass.

Ulrich E. R., grain dealer, 929 Adams, res se cor 12th and Cass.

Ulrich Henrietta, home se cor 12th and Cass.

Underfanger John, miner, res sw cor Washington and State.

Underwood Josie A. Mrs., bds 806 Adams.

Unger John, lab, res 325 W Edwards.

Unverzagt Louis, florist, 401 S 4th, greenhouses cor 3d and Capitol av.

Upchurch Theo., machinist, bds 1300 Washington.

Upton Lucy, wks 805 N 7th.

U. S. Express Co., 203 S 3d, J. W. Carter, agent.

Urban J. A., clerk in Gehrmann’s, res 335 W Carpenter.

VAIHO ANTON (col), res 1144 s end Revel.

Vale Thomas, lab, res Rush, n of Elliot.

Valentine Henry (col), wks at Leland Hotel.

Van Bergen Clarissa, wid, res cor Williams and West av.

Vandawalker Ada, home 1121 S 8th.

Vandawalker Charles, engineer Wabash, res 1121 S 8th.


Vandawalker Ephraim, machinist, bds 1121 S 8th.

Vandawalker Lizzie, home 1121 S 8th.

Vandercook Wesley, civil engineer Wabash, *res in country.

Vanderen R. M. Mrs, wid, res 310 Capitol av.

Vandeventer Anna, home 911 N 6th.

Vandeventer Charles, salesman, bds 911 N 6th.

Vandeventer F., res 911 N 6th.

Vandeventer Minne, home 911 N 6th.

Vanderburg R. (col), farmer, res 227 N 14th.

Van Duyn G. A. & Co. (G. B. Hemenway), farm implements, hides and wool, 116 and 118 N 6th.

Van Duyn G. A., agr’l impl’ts, res 6th, 2d h s of South av.

Van Gundy Clara, milliner, bds 1131 Cook.

Van Gundy Daniel, baggage-master Wabash, res 1131 Cook.

Van Gundy Ida, home 1131 Cook.

Van Hoff Henry L., bookkeeper Thayer & Co., res 913 N 5th.

Van Lucy, wks w. factory, bds 923 N 5th.

Van Norstrand Peter, carpenter, res 121 W Jefferson.

Vantrece Henry (col), porter Leland, res 1722 Capitol av.

Vantrece Mollie, help at 406 S 5th.

Van Valer James H., res cor Jackson and East av.

Vanwey Charles, *res 830 Monroe.

Vanwey Emma, home 830 Monroe.

Vanwey Frank, freight conductor Wabash, bds 830 Monroe.

Vasconcellos Dan., brakeman, *res 916 S 11th.

Vasconcellos H., freight conductor Wabash, bds 811 Washington.

Vasconcellos J., yard-master, res 1120 Carpenter.

Vasconcellos Jack, brakeman, bds 811 Washington.

Vasconcellos Joseph, lab, *res 206 Elliott av.

Vasconcellos L. C., wid, res 408 10th and Mason.

Vasconcellos Mary D., res ns Madison bet 12th and 13th.

Vasconcellos Mary N., wid, *res ns Madison bet 12 and 13th.

Vaughn Sandy (col), miner, res 1202 Mason.

Veal Madison (col), lab, res ws Spring, 2d h n of Allen.

Vehr Anna, wid, res 427 W Reynolds.

Vehr Lizzie, home 427 W Reynolds.

Veidengruber Michael, lab, res 438 W Carpenter.

Veile Edward, lab, res 1129 N Rutledge.

Viele Mary, wid, bds 1127 N Rutledge.

Vetter John, grocer, 111 N 5th, res same.

Vetter Louis, res 704 N 6th.

Vieira Alvina, res 615 N 2d

Vieira Antonio, cooper, res 1111 Jefferson.

Vieira John, wks Journal office, bds 119 W Cook.


Vieira John, machinist, bds 404 N 14th.

Vieira John, lab, bds 615 N 2d.

Vieira Joseph, wks r. mill, res 119 W Carpenter.

Vieira Joseph, machinist, res 615 N 2d.

Vieira Joseph, lab, res Lincoln bet 11th and 12th.

Vieira Julia, home 119 W Carpenter.

Vieira Lizzie, seamstress, res 119 W Carpenter.

Vieira Manuel, grocer, res 1009 Miller.

Vieira Mary, wid, res 410 N 10th.

Vieira Mary, wid, res 615 N 2d.

Vieira Sarah, seamstress, bds 404 N 14th.

Vincent Albert O., clerk at Revere House.

Vincent John A., physician, cor 6th and Capitol av, res ne cor 7th and Capitol av.

Vincent William A., attorney, bds ne cor 7th and Capitol av.

Vogel Adam, lab, *res 107 W Washington.

Vogel Albert, shoemaker, res 116 W Carpenter.

Vogel Annie, wks for L. H. Coleman.

Vogel Leonard, plasterer, res 105 W Carpenter.

Vogel Maggie, wks at Joel Dalby’s.

Vogel Thomas, plasterer, res 114 W Jefferson.

Vogelsang Herman, carpenter, res 407 W Miller.

Voigt Herman, shoemaker, *res 304 W Reynolds.

Volle Jacob Mrs., wid, res Pine bet 1st and 3d.

Vonachen Thomas, tailor, *res 425 S 12th.

Vonhorn Henry, blacksmith, res 322 W Mason.

Vonhorn John, blacksmith, bds 322 W Mason.

Vredenburgh Peter, dealer in lumber, cement, lime, etc., cor 3d and Jefferson, res 925 N 7th.

Vredenburgh Francis D., home 521 N 4th.

Vredenburgh LaRue, attorney, bds 521 N 4th.

Vredenburgh Margaret, home 521 N 4th.

Vredenburgh Thomas D., bookkeeper, res 1024 S 6th.

WABASH COAL COMPANY, ne cor 5th and Monroe; Fred Wilms, pres’t and general manager; William Wilms, sec’y and treas.

Wackerle Louis J., jr., miller, *res 1211 Jefferson.

Wackerle L. J., sr., propr. Phoenix Mills, cor 10th and Madison, res 813 Reynolds.

Wackerle Lizzie, home 813 Reynolds.

Wackerle Magdalena, home 813 Reynolds.

Wackerle William, miller, bds 813 Reynolds.

Waddell Elizabeth, wid, res nw cor 3d and North av.


Wadsworth Hester, home 1154 N 4th.

Wadsworth John, miner, res 1154 N 4th.

Wagoner C. C. & Co., grocers, cor College and Edwards.

Wagoner C. C., grocer, res cor Spring and Edwards.

Waggoner A. W., clerk at Marshall House.

Waggoner Pet, painter, bds 508 Jefferson.

Wagy Joshua, carpenter, res 1023 Monroe.

Wakefield D. T., carpenter and screen manufacturer, coe 2d and Reynolds, res Bancroft pl, N 1st.

Wakefield George, carpenter, *res 117 N 4th.

Walden Martha, wid, boarding, 419 Jefferson.

Waldo Eber, cashier I. C., bds nw cor 11th and Cass.

Waldo G. P., minister, res ne cor Governor and Lincoln av.

Waldo H. G., clerk, bds ne cor Governor and Lincoln av.

Waldo Martha, home ne cor Governor and Lincoln av.

Waldo Sarah, home ne cor Governor and Lincoln av.

Waldron James, tailor, *res 415 Adams.

Walker Andrew, engineer, res se of reservoir.

Walker Charles, wks at hominy mill, *res 212 Monroe.

Walker D. R., carpenter, res 223 W Carpenter.

Walker E. S., insurance, res 1125 S 5th.

Walker Fannie, bds 1037 N 5th.

Walker Henry, barber, 203 N 5th.

Walker Hiram, capitalist, res Douglas av, 2d h s of Governor.

Walker Jane, wid, home 913 Carpenter.

Walker Josephine, 311 S 4th.

Walker Lida, 311 S 4th.

Walker N. B., printer, *res 311 S 4th.

Walker N. O., railroader, bds 1037 N 5th.

Walker Robert D., cook, bds 913 Carpenter.

Walker R. S., res 1037 N 5th.

Walker William H., wks w. factory, *res 913 Carpenter.

Walkley L. H., accountant, *res 121 W Madison.

Wall Ellen, wid, *res 832 Reynolds.

Wall Mary, dressmaker, bds 832 Reynolds.

Wallace A. F., clerk, bds Miller bet 1st and Klein.

Wallace C. Miss, home Miller, 2d h w of 1st.

Wallace E. A. Mrs., wid, res Miller, 2d h w of 1st.

Wallace Florence, home Miller, 2d h w of 1st.

Wallace F. J., wid, res 400 S 7th.

Wallace George W., commercial traveler, bds Miller, 2d h w of 1st.

Wallace Joseph, attorney, res 524 W Monroe.

Wallace Lizzie, *res 315 S 4th, up stairs.

Wallace Mary, Miller, 2d h w of 1st.


Wallace Mary F., ne cor 4th and Capitol av.

Walsh Ella, bds 1145 N 7th.

Walsh James, wks w. factory, bds Union bet 1st and 2d.

Walsh James, harness-maker, res 1128 N 6th.

Walsh James, bookkeeper, *res 1204 Washington.

Walsh John H., saloon and res 402 Washington.

Walsh John, fireman, *res 1212 Washington.

Walsh Kate, dressmaker, bds 1145 N 7th.

Walsh Maggie, wks at 433 N 5th.

Walsh Mary, wid, *res 1145 N 7th.

Walsh Patrick, lab, res ne curve of Wabash.

Walsh Patrick, lab, *res 1223 Adams.

Walsh P. J. Mrs., wid, res 421 S 9th.

Walsh Robert, miner, bds 104 S 10th.

Walsh Thomas, helper, bds 421 S 9th.

Walter Andrew, baker at Charles Long’s

Walter Regina, wid, res es 11th, s of Cedar.

Walter Rudolph, Wabash shops, bds 6th, 3d h s of Allen.

Walters Affaline, wid, *res 923 Cook.

Walters Pat, brick-layer, res Peoria rd, w of shaft.

Walther S., manufacturer of cigars and dealer in tobacco, 213 S 5th, res cor Madison and Rutledge.

Walther Fred, cigar-maker, *res 128 W Madison.

Warboys John, fireman, bds 801 Barret.

Ward J. & Co., lumber, sash, doors, blinds, lime, cement, plaster and tiling, ne cor 9th and Jefferson.

Ward Cora, home 308 N 5th.

Ward E., wid, *res 308 n 5th.

Ward Hattie, 8th bet Adams and Washington.

Ward James, carpenter, res Boston cottage, W Edwards.

Ward Jerry, lumber dealer, res 1016 Jefferson.

Ward Katie Miss, home 1016 Jefferson.

Ward Kate, wid, 620 N 7th.

Ward Mary, home 620 N 7th.

Ward Mary, help at 1004 S 6th.

Ward May, home 308 N 5th.

Ward Neil, carpenter, res 816 Reynolds.

Ward Rosa Miss, home 1016 Jefferson.

Ward Wm. J., foreman Ward’s lumber yard, bds 1016 Jefferson.

Ward William, lab, *res ne cor Madison and 2d.

Ward W. D., jeweler, res 710 N 5th.

Wardell Clara L., wid, bds 321 N 4th.

Wardell Thomas, tailor, bds Jefferson House.

Wardrew -------- , Mrs., wid, res nr s end 11th.


Warne Sarah (col), wid, *res Canedy nr Walnut.

Warner J. J., barber, res 1st, 1st h n of Carpenter.

Warner Lizzie, wks at 1012 Mason.

Warner Samuel J., road-master Wabash, res 1103 Jefferson.

Warner Sallie P., home 1103 Jefferson.

Warren Adele, home 707 S 6th.

Warren F. G., bookkeeper, *res 1122 Adams.

Warren Hiram, wks w. factory, rooms 220 S 4th.

Warren J. W., bedsprings, bds St. Charles.

Warren Phil., farmer, res 707 S 6th.

Warren Samuel F., wks r. mill, bds 1122 Adams.

Wart Mollie, wks at Globe Hotel.

Washburn Charles, teams, *res Governor, w of Lincoln av.

Washington Zack (col), lab, res 15th, n of Cass.

Wasser Andrew, engineer, res nw cor 8th and Black av.

Waterhouse William, fireman I. C., bds 421 S 9th.

Waters John, butcher, *res n of Lincoln Park.

Waters Martin, miner, bds Drury House.

Watkins Belle, horse trainer, res 311 N 10th.

Watkins John, wks r. mill, res ne cor 6th and North av.

Watkins W. C., R. R. & W. Com., bds 518 Capitol av.

Watson A. M., res 230 Jackson.

Watson C(h?)arles E. photographer, bds 1331 Monroe.

Watson Geo. T., carpenter, res 1325 Edwards.

Watson Harry C., City Clerk, bds 523 Jefferson.

Watson James G., wind-mill mnfr., res Rutledge and North av.

Watson Joel, dyer, res 306 W Jefferson.

Watson J. W., shoemaker, res N 3d nr Eastman av.

Watson Louisa M., home nw cor Rutledge and North av.

Watson Maria, home 523 Jefferson.

Watson O. A., bookkeeper w. factory.

Watson Sarah E., home 1331 Monroe.

Watson Seymour, lab, *res 503 Governor and West av.

Watson S. K. Mrs., wid, res 523 Jefferson.

Watson Theodore, tinner, bds 1331 Monroe.

Watson William M., shoemaker, *res 1331 Monroe.

Watson William W., clerk at Shrader’s, bds 523 Jefferson.

Watterson Eleanor, wid, home 1014 Spring.

Watts Fred, sup’t w. mill, bds 520 S 5th.

Watts John, miner, *res 324 N 13th.

Watts Joseph (col), lab, *res 906 Miller.

Watts Louis, lab, *res 424 N 10th.

Watts Lucy Mrs., wid, bds 112 W Jefferson.

Watts R. N., grocer and meat market, cor Monroe and New.


Watts Thomas (col), miner, *res 1510 Capitol av.

Waugh Sarah, bds 1323 Washington.

Weagand Michael, car-repairer, res ne cor 11th and Pine.

Weaver Emma, help at 504 Jackson.

Weaver Minnie Miss, bds 1021 S 4th.

Weaver P. A., painter, res ne cor Monroe and Doyle av.

Weaver Philip, tailor, res 309 W Edwards.

Webb Fred, wks w. factory, bds 9th, 3d h n of North av.

Webb George, freight conductor Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Webb James, brakeman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Webb O. C., brakeman Wabash, bds 401 Capitol av.

Webb R., painter, bds at St. Charles.

Webber Gottlieb F., lab, *res 1124 S 11th.

Weber Charles E., hack driver, *res ne cor 9th and Adams.

Weber Frank M., hack driver, *res 816 Washington.

Weber George R., printer, res 315 W Jackson.

Weber Howard K., cashier First National Bank, res 925 S 7th.

Weber John A., *res sw cor New and Edwards.

Weber John R., printer, *res 1213 S 5th.

Weber J. P., bookbinder, res 721 N 7th.

Weber Minnie (col), wid, res 717 N 7th.

Weber Norval W., res in Chicago.

Weber S., cigar-maker, bds at Sherman House.

Weber William, clerk, bds sw cor New and Edwards.

Webster Robert, groceries and provisions, 913 Monroe, res 408 S 11th.

Webster A. D (col), porter, *res 1310 Washington.

Webster John, fireman Wabash, *res 926 S 5th.

Webster M. A. Mrs., seamstress, res 1027 S 3d.

Weeks Helen Miss, home 1125 S  5th.

Wegener Fred, sr., carpenter, res 233 W Cook.

Wegener Fred, jr., contractor, *res 216 W Cook.

Wegener G., lab, *res 516 W Madison.

Wegener Martin H. F., book-binder, res se cor Cook and 9th.

Wehking H., student Concordia Seminary.

Wehr Mary, help at 423 S 6th.

Wherle John, milkman, res 527 Hay.

Wherle Leonard, watchman, res Rutledge, nr Reisch’s brewery.

Wehrman Henry, lab, *res Ledlie av, n of North av.

Weinberger A., saloon, *res 128 N 5th.

Weisenberger Joseph, butcher, res 1030 Reynolds.

Weisman Louis, engineer, *res 809 S 12th.

Weis Carrie, home ns Reynolds, 2d h w of 1st.

Weis Fred, sr., tailor, res ns Reynolds, 2d h w of 1st.


Weis Fred, jr., wks w. factory, bds ns Reynolds, 2d h w of 1st.

Weis Jennie, wks at 1016 Mason.

Weiss Fred, tailor, res nw cor 1st and Reynolds.

Wiess Fred, cabinet-maker, res 1226 Washington.

Wiesz August Mrs., wid, res 9th and Cook.

Wiesz August, wks w. factory, bds 9th and Cook.

Weisz George, painter, *res ws 10th, 2d h s of South av.

Weisz John, sr., gardener, res 1308 S 11th.

Weisz Minnie, home ws 10th, 2d h s of South av.

Weitzel Paul, cigar-maker, bds Western Hotel.

Welch Ann, wks St. Nicholas.

Welch Bridget, wks at St. Nicholas.

Welch Catharine, wid, home 1st, 2d h s of Scarrit.

Welch James, lab, bds 830 Adams.

Welch John, lab, res 224 W Mason.

Welch Mary Mrs., wks at St. Nicholas.

Welch Mary, wks at 231 W Capitol av.

Welch Martin, lab, *res 1st bet Allen and Scarrit.

Welch Patrick, lab, res 410 W Adams.

Welch William, railroader, bds 811 Washington.

Welch William H., yard man at Revere House.

Welch W., miner, res 5th, 3d h s of South av.

Welcher Margaret, wid, *res 111 W Carpenter.

Welcher Philip, wks w. factory, bds 111 W Carpenter.

Weldon J. D., merchant tailor, 207 S 5th, res 616 W Monroe.

Weldon Anna, wid, res 1007 Spring.

Weldon Daniel, blacksmith, bds 10th, 1st h s of Capitol av.

Weldon Ida, home 1007 Spring.

Weldon Margaret, wid, *res 10th, bet Capitol av and Jackson.

Weldon William, carriage-maker, *res 1227 Jefferson.

Welk Thomas, helper, res sw cor 11th and Cedar.

Weller Harry, carpenter, bds 1001 North av.

Weller T. F., carpenter, res 1001 North av.

Wells Sarah, wid, washer, *res 221 Jefferson.

Wells William, wks at 324 N 4th.

Welsch J., tailor at Weldon’s shop.

Welsh Daniel, wks Wabash, *res 13th bet Edwards and Capitol av.

Welte T. M., wks at 324 N 4th.

Welton H. S., grain dealer, room 4 Board of Trade bldg.

Wendlandt Gustave, physician, *res 430 S 8th.

Wenneborg Anna, wks at 819 N 3d.

Wenneborg Henry, blacksmith, res 609 Calhoun.

Wentworth Della, bds 1004 Mason.

Wenz Christy, lab, res Edwards bet 1st and Spring.


Wenzel W. C., groceries and provisions, 306 N 5th, res 823 Reynolds.

Werfelmann E., student Concordia Seminary.

Werner Charles, merchant, *res 635 W Capitol av.

Wersen P. A., tailor, *res 308 W Jefferson.

Wesley John, teams, res 923 N 9th.

West End Mines, Charles R. Hurst, propr., 423 Monroe.

West John, painter, *res 200 W Cook.

West William D., clerk at Ruth’s, res 820 Edwards.

Westhoff E., student Concordia Seminary.

Westenberger Gerhard, furniture, res 5th, facing Elm.

Westenberger N., wid, home nw cor 10th and Madison.

Western Hotel, cor 3d and Jefferson; John Schoeneman, propr.

Western Union Telegraph Co., W. W. Kelchner, manager, 231 S 6th.

Weyrauch Peter, saloon, *res 908 Monroe.

Wetterer Annie, wks at 107 Jefferson.

Wetterer B. Mrs., wid, res 352 W Carpenter.

Wetterer Katie, clerk at C. H. Long’s.

Wetzel William L., janitor, *res 107 Jefferson.

Whalen James, lab, res 126 W Mason.

Whalen James R., bar-tender Leland, res 815 Capitol av.

Whalen John, lab, res ------- W Jefferson.

Whalen Margaret, wid, *res ss Madison bet 8th and 9th.

Whalen Mary, wks at J. Mayo Palmer’s.

Whalen Thomas, flagman, res 507 Herndon.

Whearty James, grocery and saloon, 920 S 11th, res same.

Wheeler Charles E., medical student, bds 324 N 7th.

Wheeler Deborah, wid, bds 310 W Cook.

Wheeler Frank, printer, *res 113 W Reynolds.

Wheeler Frank (col), hostler for Little & Son.

Wheeler George, teamster, *res 430 Lewis and Washington.

Wheeler Jacob, U. S. Marshal, *res 1227 S 7th.

Wheeler L. E., bailiff, bds 1227 S 7th.

Wheeler Levi Mrs., wid, res Cleveland place, W Washington.

Wheeler R. N., salesman at J. Priest’s, *res 324 N 7th.

Wheeler P. H., foreman w. factory, *res 220 W Capitol av.

Wheeler Susan, wid, *res 113 W Reynolds.

Wheeler Thomas H., wks w. factory, res 1125 N 9th.

Wheeler Walter, clerk, *res 1011 S 3d.

Whelton Daniel, lab, bds Elliott av bet 1st and Rutledge.

Whelton John, lab, res Elliott av bet 1st and Rutledge.

Whelton Tim, lab, bds Elliott av bet 1st and Rutledge.

Whelton Michael, lab, bds Elliott av bet 1st and Rutledge.


Whitcomb Addie, home se of city.

Whitcomb Belle, res se of city.

Whitcomb Calvin, dairy, *res se of city.

Whitcomb E. T., clerk, *res 1021 S 4th.

Whitcomb F. E. Miss, home ne cor 13th and Monroe.

Whitcomb Joseph T., drummer, *res sw cor 9th and Edwards.

Whitcomb Nellie, res se of city.

White A. A., clerk Wolf’s hat store, ws square.

White Alfred (col), lab, *res 422 N 10th.

White Dick, janitor, res 216 W Jefferson.

White Ezra W., attorney-at-law, res 916 N 6th.

White George, traveling salesman, res 1229 Monroe.

White George, saloon, *res 1016 Washington.

White Henry, policeman, *res 525 S 12th.

White H. E., wks w. factory, bds 9th, opp w. factory.

White James Col., bds Revere House.

White John, carpenter, bds 1404 Adams.

White J. M., traveling salesman, res 833 S 4th.

White Margaret, wid, bds 1321 Adams.

White Martha, wid, res 1157 N 7th.

White Matthew, wks r. mill, res 1404 Adams.

White Mollie, 719 Jefferson.

White S. C., seamstress, bds 1501 Jackson.

White Thomas, jailer, res 1501 Jackson.

White Thomas, brick-mason, bds 1404 Adams.

White Thomas E., bar-tender, *res se cor Klein and Madison.

White William, carpenter, res 1017 Adams.

Whitecraft George W., farmer, res 731 S 8th.

Whitecraft S. M., farmer, res 728 S 7th.

Whitehurst Lizzie, home end of S 6th.

Whitehurst M. H., clerk, bds end of S 6th.

Whitehurst S. S. Mrs., wid, res end S 6th.

Whitehurst William H., carpenter, bds 224 Edwards.

Whittemore F. K., cashier State National Bank, bds Leland Hotel.

Whitesides George, farmer, *res 717 Washington.

Whitley Benjamin V., wks w. mill, bds cor 16th and Capitol av.

Whitley H. C. Rev., Episcopal minister, res cor 16th and Capitol av.

Whiteley L. E., wid, *res 1031 Washington.

Whitlock Frank, miller, *res 405 W Mason.

Whitlock Jesse, painter, *res 1725 Capitol av.

Whitlocker Louisa, help at 625 S 7th.

Whitney Mary, wid, home 221 Adams.

Whittin L. N. T., printer, *res 120 S Walnut.


Whittle Ellen, saleslady, bds 805 S 12th.

Whittle Emma, milliner, home 805 S 12th.

Whittle Mollie, Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Whittle Richard, blacksmith, res 805 S 12th.

Whipp J. W., assistant Secretary State Board of Public Charities, res 409 S 5th.

Whipp May, home 409 S 5th.

Whipple Edmund, bds 848 Spring.

Whipple Ezra, night police, res 848 Spring.

Whipple Flora, home 1013 Spring.

Whipple Henry, home 848 Spring.

Whipple I. C., carpenter, res 926 S 5th.

Whipple John H., carpenter, res 1013 Spring.

Whipple Merritt, fire department, bds 848 Spring.

Whipple Minnie, home 926 S 5th.

Whipple Sadie Miss, home 848 Spring.

Whist Charles F., wks w. factory, bds 713 S 11th.

Whist Julius E., moulder, bds 713 S 11th.

Whist Martha, wid, *res 713 S 11th.

Wickersham D., staple and fancy groceries, 609 Monroe, res 509 S 7th.

Wickersham Carrie, home 509 S 7th.

Wickersham William, grocer, bds 509 S 7th.

Wickersham James, attorney, res North av bet 12th and 13th.

Wickersham Maggie, wid, *res 1721 Capitol av.

Wickersham Lillian, 1721 Capitol av.

Wickersham Thomas, engineer, *res 517 S 11th.

Wickham H. M., dealer in wood and coal, 223 Washington, res 913 N 7th.

Wicks A. A., brick-mason, res 1210 Edwards.

Wicks James, lab, bds 903 S 12th.

Wicks N. H. Mrs., wid, res 717 S 12th.

Wicks Walter E., brick-layer, *res 404 S 11th.

Widup A. W., clerk at Bressmer’s.

Wiedemer N., wks r. mill, *res 1210 Washington.

Wienkoop Charles Mrs., wid, *res 103 W Washington.

Wienold David, painter, res 352 W Carpenter.

Wienold Henry, painter, res 347 W Reynolds.

Wienold John, wks w. factory, res West av, 1st h s of Jeffeson.

Wienold Kate, wid, res 347 W Reynolds.

Wiesanbeck Gus., car-driver, bds 721 Washington.

Wieties Eilert, wk r. mill, *res 116 W Carpenter.

Wieties Jeff, fireman, res 17th and Cass.

Wieties John, lab, *res ss Reservoir bet 11th and 12th.


Wietes Ufke, lab, res n end of 8th, n of limits.

Wiggins N. B., of Leland Hotel firm, res same.

Wilber S. H., livery stable, res 1122 N 5th.

Wilcox A. C., car-repairer, res 116 Carpenter.

Wilcox Calvin, agent, bds 410 S 5th.

Wilcox C. F., train dispatcher, res 824 N 5th.

Wilcox Charles O., veterinary surgeon, *res 1005 S 4th.

Wilcox L. H., homeopathic physician, 310 S 6th, res 1005 S 4th.

Wilcox Mollie, home North av bet 11th and 12th.

Wilder H., student Concordia Seminary.

Wiley Anna, wid, wks Marshall House.

Wiley C. Mrs., wid, home 1229 Monroe.

Wiley E. R., government store keeper, *res 103 Jefferson.

Wiley Joseph, lab, bds 823 Carpenter.

Wiley Mary Miss, home 1229 Monroe.

Wiley Nettie Miss, teacher, bds 1229 Monroe.

Wiley William, lab, *res w end Ridgely av.

Wiley W. T., cooper, *res 411 Monroe.

Wilgus Mollie, wid, res Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Wilhelm P. R., route agent American express, bds 427 S 2d.

Wilke Joseph A., machinist, bds cor 18th and South av.

Wilkinson Abner, tailor, *res Capitol av bet Lewis and New.

Wilkinson Addie, home Capitol av bet Lewis and New.

Wilkinson George, hooker, bds Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Wilkinson George, miner, *res opp fair ground.

Wilkinson John, wks w. factory, bds 9th, 6th h n of Enos av.

Wilkinson Louis, tailor, bds Capitol av bet Lewis and New.

Wilkins Amelia, wks w. factory, bds 5th, 3d h n of North av.

Wilkins E. Mrs., wid, *res 1115 Adams.

Wilkins George, retired, res 5th n of North av.

Wilkins Harry, wks w. factory, bds 5th n of North av.

Willard A. P., Mrs., wid, home with W. D. Richardson.

Willbank J. M., car-driver, res 8th bet Miller and Enos av.

Willer Frank, carpenter, res 913 Pasfield.

Willett S. J., merchant tailor, 227 S 6th, res 828 Mason.

Willett Thomas, lab, *res 2d, 3d h n of Union.

Willey E. J., carpenter, *res 231 W Jackson.

Williams Adeline (col), wks at 609 W Jefferson.

Williams Ann (col), wid, res ne cor 18th and Douglas.

Williams Anthony, lab, *res Peoria road, opp Chapel.

Williams Anthony, lab, *res 208 W Mason.

Williams A. S., machinist, *res 1125 S 8th.

Williams Benjamin, lab, *res Lincoln av, nr Washington.

Williams Benjamin C., lab, *res 16 Mill row.


Williams Charles, car-driver, bds 220 S 6th.

Williams Cora, bds 729 Jefferson.

Williams David, wks r. mill, bds Drury House.

Williams D., crayon artist, 528 ss square, res 1009 Carpenter.

Williams Frank E., bds Madison bet 1st and 2d.

Williams Frank P., attorney, bds 526 S 7th.

Williams George, lab, bds 214 S 4th.

Williams George (col), miner, bds 8th bet Adams and Monroe.

Williams Harry L., bar-tender, 617 Monroe.

Williams Hannah, wid, home cor 8th and Ridgely av.

Williams Henry, undertaker, res ns Madison bet 1st and 2d.

Williams Hezekiah, mess Sec’y of State, bds 518 Capitol av.

Williams Isaac (col), lab, res 1529 Mason.

Williams Jacob, coal, 727 Washington.

Williams James H., clerk, bds Madison bet 1st and 2d.

Williams James J., lab, res ¼ mile e of fair ground.

Williams Jane, washwoman, *res 525 W Monroe.

Williams John, retired, res sw cor 2d and Washington.

Williams John, moulder, *res sw cor College and Adams.

Williams John cook, *res es 3d bet Monroe and Adams.

Williams John, lab, res 1712 Cook.

Williams John, lab, res 817 Barret.

Williams John, moulder, *res 300 W Adams.

Williams John D., lab, bds 16 Mill row.

Williams John G., lab, res 131 W Madison.

Williams John P., melter, *res 5 Wilson’s row, Ridgely.

Williams Kate, wid, cor 7th and Jefferson.

Williams Llewellyn, roller, res cor 8th and Ridgely av.

Williams Louis (col), lab, res cor Allen and Walnut.

Williams Mary, help at 1119 S 7th.

Williams Mary (col), bds nw cor Madison and 12th.

Williams Moses, lab, *res 214 S 4th.

Williams Robert, roller, bds at Ridgely.

Williams R. A., miner, bds sw cor Monroe and Douglas av.

Williams R. J., division freight agent O. & M., res Walnut bet Washington and Jefferson.

Williams Sallie (col), 820 Spring.

Williams S. S., upholstery, *res 419 Monroe.

Williams William F., bds 817 Barret.

Williamson Louis, bds at Wilson House.

Willis Edward F., brakeman, *res nw cor 10th and Madison.

Willis George, carpenter, res se cor 10th and Reynolds.

Willis George B., printer, *res 118 Walnut.

Willis John, blacksmith, res cor State and Washington.


Willis Lillian, wks at w. factory, bds sw cor 12th and Enos av.

Willis Park H., lab, *res ss Madison bet 8th and 9th.

Willis Sam (col), waiter at Mme. Doul’s.

Willis William, painter, bds at Green Tree Hotel.

Wills Alice, home nw cor 9th and North av.

Wills Edward A., wks w. factory, bds nw cor 9th and North av.

Wills Frank M., wks w. factory, bds nw cor 9th and North av.

Wills J. R., wks w. factory, res nw cor 9th and North av.

Wilmington & Springfield Coal Co., (successors to Beard, Hickox & Co.), office 214 S 5th, shaft n of city.

Wilms Fred, president and manager Wabash Coal Co., office ne cor 5th and Monroe, res sw cor 7th and Allen.

Wilms William, secretary and treasurer Wabash Coal Co., res Lincoln av s of Governor.

Wilson A. M., copyist, *res 403 Monroe.

Wilson Albert, teamster, res 1107 Reynolds.

Wilson Anthony (col), wks at 509 S 6th.

Wison Bluford, attorney, 227 S 6th, res 906 S 6th.

Wilson C. H., proprietor Wilson House, 405 Washington.

Wilson Charles N., teacher, bds 817 S 3d.

Wilson Edwin A., real estate and loan agent, 406 Adams, res North av facing 7th.

Wilson Geo. (col), lab, res Klein bet Jefferson and Madison.

Wilson H. M., agent, *res Doyle av, 3d h s of Washington.

Wilson Henry (col), waiter, *res 1508 Capitol av.

Wilson J. W., carpenter, *res 421 W Mason.

Wilson John (col) miner, res extreme s end 11th.

Wilson J. N., clerk post-office, res 817 S 3d.

Wilson Julia (col), home 1613 Madison.

Wilson James, fireman Wabash, bds 421 S 9th.

Wilson Lucille, res 728 Madison.

Wilson Maggie, wks at 511 Jefferson.

Wilson Mary, wks at St. Nicholas.

Wilson Maria, help at 537 S 4th.

Wilson Morris (col), lab, *res 1526 Madison.

Wilson Maria, wid, res West av, 1st h n of Washington.

Wilson Pellington (col), teamster, res 1613 Mason.

Wilson & Sayer, sewing machines, 106 S 6th.

Wilson Sarah, wid, *res 315 S 4th.

Wilson Thomas, tailor, res 1731 Adams.

Wilson Wash (col), miner, res Monroe bet 18th and East av.

Wiltz A. A., printer, bds 116 W Jefferson.

Wines Rev. Fred H., Secretary of State Board of Public Charities, res nw cor Spring and Monroe, office in State House.


Wines & Wickersham, attorneys, 523 Monroe.

Wines Walter B., attorney, res 525 N 5th.

Winers Charles, lab, res 1101 S 12th.

Wing Lizzie, home 1010 Adams.

Wing Thomas, carpenter, res 1010 Adams.

Winship Jennie, 114 S 9th.

Winston Bryant C. clerk Wabash, bds 511 S 8th.

Winston George B., machinist, bds 511 S 8th.

Winston J. A., res 511 S 8th.

Winston Lydia A., home 511 S 8th.

Winston Mary E., home 511 S 8th.

Winter Augustus, tinsmith, *res 306 W Cook.

Winter Clarissa, wid, res Monroe bet 17th and 18th.

Winter Harry, machinist, bds 306 W Cook.

Winter Mary, wks at Concordia Seminary.

Winter M. T., cutter, bds St. Nicholas.

Winter Philip, bds 1318 Capitol av.

Winter William E., engineer, *res 1122 S 11th.

Winters Daniel, tinner, res 1023 Capitol av.

Winters Jessie, wks at nw cor 8th and Capitol av.

Winters Robert, carpenter, res 1015 Spring.

Wirth Conrad, teams, res 905 W Jefferson.

Wirth Dora, home 905 W Jefferson.

Wirth John G., wks w. factory, bds 905 W Jefferson.

Wise Albert, brick-layer, bds 444 Herndon.

Wise Fannie, help at 906 S 6th.

Wise George, farmer, res 444 Herndon.

Wise George, carpenter, 717 Washington.

Wiskopf Christ, bar-tender, for H. Ramstetter.

Withey Bros., carriage and wagon manufacturers, 718, 722, 724 Washington.

Withey Arthur O., carriage-maker, bds 1121 Monroe.

Withey Anna E., home 1023 S 11th.

Withey Georgia E., home 1023 S 11th.

Withey George D., carriage manufacturer, res 1023 S 11th.

Withey Ervin, carriage painter, bds 1121 Monroe.

Withey James, carriage manufacturer, bds 1102 Capitol av.

Withey John W., carriage painter, *res 1211 Capitol av.

Withey Minnie J., home 1023 S 11th.

Withey T. A., carriage trimmer, res 1122 Monroe.

Withey William, carriage trimmer, *res 1017 Capitol av.

Withey William H., carriage builder, res 1121 Monroe.

Witherspoon William, lab, *res nw cor 14th and Cass.

Withrow Isaac N., policeman, res 509 S 9th.


Withrow Sanford, janitor, res nw cor Spring and Allen.

Witmer D. W., res 709 Washington.

Witt William, lab, res 1128 S 12th.

Wittrock Henry, fireman Wabash, bds 1017 Monroe.

Wixton Jonah, miner west shaft, bds at J. Day’s.

Wochner George, bds Germania House.

Wochner Ulrich, butcher, *res Keydell’s brewery.

Wochter Joseph, bds 920 Washington.

Wohlgemuth Henry, physician, 517 Monroe, res 703 S 8th.

Wolcott Richmond, lawyer, N 3d head of Eastman av.

Wolf C., hatter, furrier and gents’ furnisher, 109 ws square, res 1112 S 7th.

Wolf Adam, lab, bds 520 Jefferson.

Wolf August,, lab, res 379 Calhoun.

Wolf Belle, home 820 Reynolds.

Wolf Christ, butcher, bds 113 Reynolds.

Wolf Christ, butcher, res 422 W Reynolds.

Wolf Fannie, wks w. factory, bds 820 Reynolds.

Wolf Harry, clerk at Wolf’s hat store.

Wolf J. C., shoemaker, res 820 Reynolds.

Wolf Louis, teams, *res cor Madison and Rutledge.

Wolf Sallie, home 820 Reynolds.

Wolfram T., student Concordia Seminary.

Wolgamott John, saloon, *res 424 S 5th.

Wood Anna C., wid, home 801 S 6th.

Wood Catharine, wid, res 1000 N 5th.

Wood Edward H., clerk, bds 117 S 2d.

Wood J. E., carpenter, res 501 S 9th.

Wood J. M., reporter, bds St. Charles.

Wood John W., wks hominy mill, *res 413 Monroe.

Wood J. W., music teacher, bds sw cor 2d and Wright.

Wood Kate, home 321 N 4th.

Wood Lizzie, home 1000 N 5th.

Wood Melvina, wid, 117 S 2d.

Wood Seneca, sr., farms, res nw cor 4th and Carpenter.

Wood Seneca, jr., ex-police, *res 823 Miller.

Wood William C., druggist, *res 117 S 2d.

Woods Coleman (col), lab, res 1704 Capitol av.

Woods Daniel, lab, res se cor 15th and Cass.

Woods Edward (col), cook, *res 802 S 15th.

Woods E. H., painter, res 1401 Jackson.

Woods Frank, brick-layer, *res 824 Spring.

Woods George Mrs., wid, bds 924 S 6th.

Woods James D. (col), farmer, *res 318 N 2d.


Woods Julia, help at 404 S 8th.

Woods Kate, wid, *res cor West av and Jefferson.

Woods Nellie, *res 216 N 8th.

Woods Robert (col), lab, res 530 Williams.

Woods Sarah Mrs., wid, washer, *res cor 10th and Monroe.

Woods S. P., brick-maker, *res Amos lane and Washington.

Woods Walter, lab, *res West av and Jefferson.

Woods William, wks w. factory, res 1108 N 11th.

Woodcook C. canvasser, *res 229 Adams.

Woodring L., lab, *res ss Mason bet 12th and 13th.

Wormood Al., wks w. factory, bds 3d, 2d h n of North av.

Worthington Ed. F., salesman at A. A. Fisher’s music store.

Wright C. H., engineer, *res 7th, n of depot.

Wright Garner, notions, etc., res sw cor Doyle av and Washington.

Wright J. T., grocer, res 1020 S 4th.

Wright Nettie, home with Presco Wright.

Wright Presco, City Treasurer, *res Capitol av bet New and Lewis.

Wright Richard (col), farms, res 1202 Mason.

Wright Sarah S., wid, res 1020 S 4th.

Wright S. G., agent, bds 642 N 2d.

Wright Thomas (col), farmer, res 402 N 13th.

Wright Tom (col), wks at 222 W Monroe.

Wurster U., bakery, confectionery and saloon, 620 Adams.

Wurster Annie Miss, home 620 Adams.

Wurster J. M., baker, bds 620 Adams.

Wyneken Henry, professor Concordia Seminary, res rear of same.

YARBER AARON (col), carpenter, res 1700 Capitol av.

Yates E. A. Mrs., wid, res 400 W Cook.

Yates Fannie E., home 400 W Cook.

Yates Grace E., home 400 W Cook.

Yates Julia S., home 400 W Cook.

Yates Porte, teller State National Bank, res 400 W Cook.

Yatt B. F., lab, *res 529 W Monroe.

Yeager Fred, lab, bds 1404 Edwards.

Yeagel John, fireman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Yeakle Henry, life insurance, bds 215 Adams.

Yoakley P. M., bar-tender, res 806 Jefferson.

Yockner Emma Miss, res 421 W Monroe.

Yockner William, painter, bds 421 W Monroe.

Yoksch Louis, wks Wabash, *res 8th, 2d h n of Allen.

Youckmey Bertha, wks at Jefferson House.

Young Alfred (col), bds cor 17th and Capitol av.

Young Charles F., brick-layer, *res 802 Adams.


Young Edward, saloon, cor 10th and Monroe.

Young Fannie V., home 615 Monroe.

Young Henry B., telegraph operator, bds cor 9th and Enos av.

Young James, puddler, bds cor 11th and Percy av.

Young James (col), lab, res 904 College.

Young John, heater, bds cor 11th and Percy av.

Young Joseph, miner, bds 104 S 10th.

Young Lucy H., home 615 Monroe.

Young Peter, harness-maker, *res 501 Reynolds.

Young Randal, blacksmith, *res ws 12th bet Clay and Kansas.

Young Robert, lab, res n of co-operative shaft.

Young R. S., clerk, bds 714 Adams.

Young S. J. Mrs., dressmaker, *res 618 Monroe.

Young Thomas, heater, *res 11th and Percy av.

Young W. A., train dispatcher Wabash, res cor 9th and Enos av.

York Charlotte, bds cor Governor and Lincoln av.

York James (col), *res ws 14th bet Madison and Mason.

York Letitia, clerk, bds cor Governor and Lincoln av.

York Lizzie, seamstress, bds cor Governor and Lincoln av.

York Sarah, seamstress, bds cor Governor and Lincoln av.

York Thomas, res cor Governor and Lincoln av.

York Thomas J., teams, bds cor Governor and Lincoln av.

Yunk Peter, miner, res ne cor 12th and Cass.


Zahn Fred H., merchant tailor, 103 ws square (Lincoln’s old office), res ws 5th, 2d h n of North av.

Zahn Lena, wks at 1020 S 7th.

Zanders John, miner, res 1229 S 13th.

Zane Charles S., Judge Circuit Court, res Douglas av s of Edwards.

Zapf and Haendle, tailors, 215 S 6th, up stairs.

Zapf John G., tailor, res 303 W Madison.

Ziegler John, watchman, res 224 W Allen.

Zeller John, farms, res 724 Edwards.

Zeno-Dillois Heinrich, machinist, bds 920 Washington.

Zimmerman & Prouty, painters and paper hangers, 427 Washington.

Zimmerman George, wks at 227 Calhoun av.

Zimmerman John, wks at Western Hotel.

Zimmerman Joseph, saloon, res 9th and Washington.

Zimmerman R. B. & Co., painters, 407 Adams.

Zimmerman R. B., wallpaper, paints, etc., res 900 S 4th.

Zimmermann John, saloon and proprietor Sherman House, sw cor 5th and Jefferson.


Zimmermann Bernhardt, cor 6th and North av.

Zimmermann Henry, clerk at Sherman House.

Zingraf Alice, wks se cor Lincoln av and Monroe.

Zock John, machinist, bds 1531 Cook.

Zock John, boiler-maker, bds 630 S 11th.

Zoellner William, lab, res 838 S 2d.

Zorn Henry, lab, *res N Rutledge opp brick-yard.

Zumbrook Fred, shoemaker, res 110 Cook.

Zumbrook Frieda, home 110 Cook.

Zumbrook L., clerk B. F. Fox, res 1209 S 4th.

Zumbrum Webster, miner, *res 1326 Adams.



[The first slipped us, and the second the occupation incorrectly given in the body of work.]

Hillard H., out-going Adjt.-General. Corrected

Stanton C. M., Div. Supt. O. & M. R. R., res 420 S. 5th. Corrected

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