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109 (cont.)

IDE A. L., foundryman, res n end 3d, nr Oak Ridge.

Ide Ferd, wks w. factory, res 433 N 6th.

Ide Henry, lab, res 1525 Mason.

Ihlenfeldt Adolph, wks elevator, bds 603 W Monroe.

Ihlenfeldt August, miller, *res 428 W Washington.

Ihlenfeldt Fred, lab, *res Capitol, 2d h e of 2d.

Ihlenfeldt John, 603 W Monroe.

Ihlenfeldt Louis, teams, bds 603 W Monroe.

Ihlenfeldt William, lab, *res 603 W Monroe.

Ihm Louis, machinist, bds 801 Barret.

Illinois Central R. R., Springfield div., J. T. Hudson, supt.; James E Hudson, freight agent.

Illinois Freie Presse, 415 Jefferson; F. Gehring, publisher.

Illinois Hominy Mills, cor 4th and Monroe; J. C. Conkling & Co.

Illinois State Journal (daily and weekly); Paul Selby, Horace Chapin and M. Simmons, publishers, 315 S 6th.

Illinois State Register (daily and weekly), 514 Monroe; Smith, Clendenin & Rees, proprietors.

Illinois Watch Co., J. Bunn, presít; Charles Smorowski, secíy.

Imgrund John J., lab, *res 1122 S 11th.

Imgrunt Christ, boiler-maker, bds 909 S 11th.

Ingalls Pearl, telegraph operator, bds ne cor 1st and Madison.

Indalied William, gardener, bds St. Charles.

Ingalls W. A. Mrs., bds 817 S 4th.

Ingmire Mary, wid, home with William Mayhew.

Ingram Alice, home, ne cor Walnut and Washington.

Ingram E. G., clerk r. mill, bds 403 S 11th.

Ingram J. M. Mrs, res 1015 N 5th.

Ingram Kate, wid, *res ss Madison bet 11th and 12th.

Ingram Sarah A., wid, *res 403 S 11th.

Irwin A. E., wid, res 504 S 8th.

Irwin H. C., res 506 S 8th.

Irwin Jesse A., bricklayer, res 504 S 8th.

Irwin Joseph, bricklayer, res 3d, 4th h s of Scarrit.

Irwin Lizzie, bds 1112 Monroe.

Irwin L. L., bricklayer, res 504 S 8th.

Irwin Robert, lab, res 1015 Madison.

Irwin Robert Mrs., res se cor 6th and Cook.


Irwin Washington, bricklayer, *res 1328 Edwards.

Ivers August, lab, *res 10 Mill row.

Iverson Henry, wks w. factory, bds ws 6th, 4th h n of North av.

Ives Benj., clerk, res *744 W Jefferson.

Ives David S., clerk supt. office Wabash, res 1217 Monroe.

Ives Edward R., grocer, res 230 S 11th.

Ives Hiram B., coal, etc., *res over Sommerís drug store.

Ives John G., secy. Board of Trade, *res 425 N 6th.

Ives Harry W., N. Y. Life Ins. Co., bds 425 N 6th.

Ives Samuel B., civil engineer Wabash, bds 1217 Monroe.

JACKSON AMANDA (col), bds 201 14th.

Jackson Andrew (col), miner, *res Adams bet 7th and 8th.

Jackson Andrew (col), bds 201 14th.

Jackson Andrew (col), lab, *res 404 N 13th.

Jackson Ben (col), teams, *res 201 14th.

Jackson Charles, engineer, *res 119 W Wright.

Jackson Edward (col), porter Ridgely bank, res 608 S 9th.

Jackson George J. (col), lab, *res 213 Washington.

Jackson Joshua, wks for Steiger Bros.

Jackson J. W. H. (col), minister, res 614 S 9th.

Jackson Mary, wks North av bet 3rd and 4th.

Jackson Mary (col), bds 201 14th.

Jackson Thomas (col), lab, bds 201 14th.

Jackson W. H. (col), miner, *res 1027 Miller.

Jacobs Adam, miner, res 1231 S 13th.

Jacobs C., clothier, store and res 122 N 6th.

Jacobs Christ, lab, *res 402 Calhoun av.

Jacobs John, lab bds 403 Calhoun av.

Jacobs Julius, practical optician; glasses of every description on hand, 123 ws square.

Jacobs --------- (col), miner, *res 1704 Capitol av.

Jacobs Mary, home 1231 S 13th.

Jacoby Frank, boiler-maker, res 104 N 13th.

Jacoby John S., lab, res 10th bet Cass and Douglas.

Jagla Kate, wid, *res 832 Reynolds.

Jagley Josie, wks at 513 N 5th.

Jago Augusta, wks at Concordia Seminary.

James Clara, home 4th, 1st h n of North av.

James David, wks r. mill, *res 1153 N 7th.

James Frank, clerk, *res 220 W Allen.

James Fred, wagon-maker, cor 9th and Washington.

James George B., miner, res 623 Carpenter.

James Lizzie P. Dr., homeopathist, 213 S 5th.


James Thomas, miner bds 636 Carpenter.

James Thomas, clerk r. mill, bds 4th, 1st h n of North av.

James Wilber S., telegraph operator, *res 1227 Jackson.

James William, night foreman r. mill, res 4th, 1st h n of North av.

Jamison Belle, washwoman, *res 925 Mason.

Jamison Elizabeth, wid, Lincoln av, s of Governor.

Jamison James, painter, bds 830 Adams.

Jarrett William, charger, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Jayne Ellen, home, 507 cor Enos av and 5th.

Jayne William, sr., physician, res 507 cor Enos av and 5th.

Jayne William, jr., clerk, bds 507 cor Enos av and 5th.

Jefferson House, 700-2 Washington; John J. Kelly, propr.

Jefferson Thomas (col), wks for Mrs. D. L. Phillips.

Jefferson T. C. (col), lab, bds N 12th.

Jelley M., watchmaker, bds 1001 North av.

Jenkens Aaron, lab, res 86 N 4th.

Jenkins E. A., carpenter, *res nw cor Jefferson and 11th.

Jenkins J. W., roller, *res 1130 N 5th.

Jenkins Nina, bds nw cor 11th and Jefferson.

Jennings Al., clerk, bds Marshall House.

Jennings Anna, wid, res Barret bet Clay and Cass.

Jennings Emma, home 3d, 5th h n of North av.

Jennings Elisha, res 3d, 5ht h n of North av.

Jennings S. E., boss carpenter, bds 323 S 4th.

Jesky Rudolph, lab, res 3 blocks nw r. mill.

Jesse Bomar D., wks w. factory, bds 700 S 5th.

Jessey Edward (col), lab, res Klein bet Jefferson and Madison.

Jewell Thomas C., sr., clerk *res ss Madison bet 6th and 7th.

Jewell Thos. C., jr., license collector, bds Madison bet 6th and 7th.

Jimerson Reuben (col), lab, *res 1110 Reynolds.

Job William, wks r. mill, res 6th, 6th h n of North av.

Jobe James, plasterer, *res 410 N 5th.

Jobe Lottie C., home 410 N 5th.

Joerger Charles, bar-tender, bds Sherman House.

Joerger Jacob, res 209 Capitol av.

Johann Charles L., machinist, *res 1003 W 7th.

Johann Ida, seamstress, bds 301 W Cook.

Johann Jacob, res 1003 S 7th.

Johnson A. E., bds Adams, 2d h w of 17th.

Johnson Carrie, home 427 S 2d.

Johnson Charles, bookkeeper, bds cor 10th and Monroe.

Johnson Charles, machinist, res North av bet 8th and 9th.

Johnson Charles O., wks w. factory, bds 353 W Miller.

Johnson Clara, home 353 W Miller.


Johnson C. H., printer, *res 826 S 3d.

Johnson Dallie, home North av bet 8th and 9th.

Johnson Edward, manager Revere House.

Johnson E. P. Mrs., res 1043 S 4th.

Johnson Fred, wks ne cor Walnut and Edwards.

Johnson Geo. (col), lab, *res 9th bet Washington and Jefferson.

Johnson George K., lab, res 230 W Edwards.

Johnson George W., engineer, res 903 S 5th.

Johnson G. F., wks w. factory, *res 1177 N 4th.

Johnson G. W., contractor, *res ws 8th, 10th h n of North av.

Johnson Henry (col), confecír, *res Capitol av bet 15th and 16th.

Johnson Irwin, carpenter, res 1201 S 5th.

Johnson Jack (col), lab, res 819 Reynolds.

Johnson Johannes, teams, bds 830 Adams.

Johnson James (col), whitewasher, res 813 Jefferson.

Johnson James, lab, *res ss Carpenter bet Rutledge and Klein.

Johnson James H., carpenter, res 1612 Capitol av.

Johnson James M., traveling salesman, bds 615 S 6th.

Johnson John, lab, *res 906 Spring.

Johnson John, farmer, res 905 Spring.

Johnson John, tailor, *res 317 N 2d..

Johnson John, wks Wabash shops, bds 901 Capitol av.

Johnson John H., *res 427 S 2d.

Johnson John M., carpenter, bds North av bet 8th and 9th.

Johnson Johnson (col), miner, *res 15th nr Mason.

Johnson Joseph, tailor, *res 1026 Jefferson.

Johnson J. A., teacher, *res 630 Monroe.

Johnson J. H., engineer, *res 630 S 9th.

Johnson J., Mrs., wid, *res 202 W Monroe.

Johnson L. G., soda manufacturer, *res 353 W Miller.

Johnson & Peterson, pop-bottlers, cor 4th and Carpenter.

Johnson Maggie Mrs., laundress at Revere House.

Johnson Maria, home 427 S 2d.

Johnson Mary S., *res 1043 S 4th.

Johnson Nettie L., *res 1043 S 4th.

Johnson Patrick, wks at Eielsonís lumber yard.

Johnson Richard, bar-tender, *res 802 Adams.

Johnson Sadie, bds 806 Adams.

Johnson Sarah, wid, *res 322 N 7th.

Johnson Theodore, lab, bds 230 W Edwards.

Johnson Thomas, well-digger, *res 719 Washington.

Johnson Thomas, lab, *res 421 -------.

Johnson Thomas, stereotyper, *res se cor Spring and Allen.

Johnson Tillie, bds 728 Madison.


Johnson W. H., machinist, small jobbing and model making a specialty, 726 Adams.

Johnson W. T., machinist, res 215 Union.

Johnston Adam, sr., marble-yard, res 707 Wasnington.

Johnston Adam, jr., stone-cutter, bds 707 Washington.

Johnston Eliza, washer, *res 1027 S 3d.
Johnston Gus, brakeman, res 1418 Adams.

Johnston L. E., bookkír at Rokkerís, res ne cor 7th and Scarrit.

Johnston R. P., real estate, res 303 Adams.

Johnston Robert, lab, *res 1027 S 3d.

Jones Abner, miner, *res 3 Wilsonís row, Ridgely.

Jones Anderson, miner, *res cor 10th and Monroe.

Jones Anna, wid, 216 N 9th.

Jones A. J., reporter, bds Wilson House.

Jones Daniel S., heater, *res Peoria road, n of shaft.

Jones Elizabeth Mrs., res 817 Monroe.

Jones Elisie (col), wks at W. T. Hughes.

Jones Elisha, lab, bds w end Ridgely av.

Jones Eugene (col), lab, res 18th and Adams.

Jones Evan T., sergeant night police, res 1116 Washington.

Jones Frank (col), lab, *res 1522 Mason.

Jones Frank (col), miner, res 407 N 15th.

Jones F. H., lawyer, bds 503 S 7th.

Jones George W., clerk of the Appellate Court, res 503 S 7th.

Jones Gilbert, printer, bds 125 W Jefferson.

Jones Henrietta (col), wid, bds 1411 Adams.

Jones Isaac, miner, *res 1219 Madison.

Jones James T., clerk in U. S. Circuit Court, res s end 6th.

Jones Jemima, wks w. factory, bds North av bet 7th and 8th.

Jones J. A., sr., clerk  U. S. Circuit Court, res 1015 S 6th.

Jones J. A., jr., physician, res 1015 S 6th.

Jones John, miner, bd nw cor 6th and Elm.

Jones John, painter, bds 8th bet Cook and Edwards.

Jones John C., wks w. factory, bds North av, bet 7th and 8th.

Jones John T., bill poster, res 1028 Jefferson.

Jones John W., agent Domestic sewing machines, 208 S 6th.

Jones Joseph, (col), miner, bds 205 N 15th.

Jones Laura, wid, 10th bet Madison and Mason.

Jones Louisa, help at 1131 S 6th.

Jones Louis (col), State House janitor, res 1423 Monroe.

Jones Mabel Miss, home nw cor 8th and Capitol av.

Jones Mary, wks at St. Nicholas.

Jones Mary, wid, *res 1031 Washington.

Jones M. J. Mrs., seamstress, *res 3d, 2d h s of Canedy.


Jones Nannie, wks w. factory, bds North av bet 7th and 8th.

Jones Nellie, wid, seamstress, res ss Miller bet 10th and 11th.

Jones Richard J., with J. W. Priest, res 1149 N 5th.

Jones Robert, heater, res nr fair ground.

Jones Robert, peddler, *res 8th, bet Adams and Washington.

Jones Solomon, carpenter, *res North av bet 7th and 8th.

Jones S. H., prest. 1st National Bank, res nw cor 8th and Capitol av.

Jones Wm. (col), barber, *res 3d, s of Wright.

Jones Wilson, lab, *res w end Ridgely av.

Jooss Justina, wks at 829 S 2d.

Jordan Charles, puddler, *res 9 Mill row.

Jordan Nora, help sw cor 5th and Scarrit.

Jorns G. W., photographer, 111 ws square, res 517 West av.

Joseph John, bricklayer, res 123 W Reynolds.

Joyce Harty, printer, res 5th, 2d h n of North av.

Judd George, retired, bds se cor College and Monroe.

Judkins A. B., pianos and organs, and agent Iron Mountain R. R. Co., 119 N 6th, res same.

Judkins Dora, wid, physician, res 512 West av.

Julian James, tailor, *res Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Justice C. L., express messenger C. & A., res 1115 S 5th.

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