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41 (cont.)

CACKLY, R. G., stock dealer, *res Edwards, w of West av.

Cadogan Pat, lab, *res 1205 S 12th.

Cadwallader David, cooper, bds cor 10th and Monroe.

Cadwallader J. F., dep. clk. U. S. Dis. Ct., bds 229 W Monroe.

Caemmerer M., student Concordia Seminary.

Cahill Edward, deputy circuit clerk, res 617 S 8th.

Cahill Thomas, lab, res 1121 Adams.

Cahill Thomas, car repairer, res 713 S 12th.

Cahill William, bar-tender at Mme. Doulís.

Cain Louis M., wks machine shops, bds 412 S 11th.

Cairns Thomas, miner, bds with Thomas Hutton.


Caldwell David, carpenter, *res ss Madison, bet 5th and 6th.

Call H. M., at Rokkerís printing establishment.

Call James J., teams, res se cor 12th and Edwards.

Callahan Edward, lab, res 404 Calhoun av.

Callahan Peter, lab, res 421 W Mason.

Callahan Silva (col), wid, *res 624 N 3d.

Camp Charles L., wagon-maker, res 1147 N 5th.

Camp L. C., bookkeeper, res 619 1st and Miller.

Camp Lillie, home 619 1st and Miller.

Camp Alice, wid, *res 407 W Mason.

Camp Annie J., home 619 1st and Miller.

Camp William, res 619 1st and Miller.

Campbell Antrim Mrs., wid, bds Leland Hotel.

Campbell A. D., clerk w. mill, res 825 S 2nd.

Campbell Alex, wks r. mill, res ne cor 6th and Eastman av.

Campbell James, retired, res 917 Capitol av.

Campbell J. W., farmer, res 536 S 2nd.

Campbell Jennie, bds opp Leland Hotel.

Campbell John R., clerk, *res College, bet Edwards and Jackson.

Campbell Matthew, miner, *res 1206 Adams.

Campbell Rebecca, wid, res se cor 3d and Canedy.

Campbell Thomas, res 536 S 2d.

Campbell Tim, rail straightener, bds Mill Hotel.

Campbell William, engineer, res 933 S 2nd.

Cane Sarah, wks 1001 North av.

Cane Thomas, lab, bds 1001 North av.

Canfield F. P., florist, bds 623 W Monroe.

Canfield H. D., gardener, res 623 W Monroe.

Canfield Maggie, 221 Jackson.

Canfield William A., *res Chenery corner.

Cannon Charles E., collector, *res 415 Monroe.

Cannon Felix, clerk, *res ss Madison bet 6th and 7th.

Cannon Frank, fireman, bds 10th bet Cook and Douglas.

Cannon Maria, wid, *res 10th bet Cook and Douglas.

Canseller James (col), wks 200 Washington and 2d.

Canterbury Rufus P., printer, *res 116 S 2nd.

Cantrall Zebulon, carpenter, res n end of 2nd.

Cantrill L. D., contractor, res 112 W. Allen.

Cantrill Lizzie, waiter Wilson House.

Cantrill Mary, waiter Wilson House.

Cantrill M. E., saloon, cor 7th and Madison.

Cantrill William, r. mill, bds sw cor 7th and Madison.

Canty Katie, home 1203 Capitol av.

Canty P., grocer, res 1203 Capitol av.


Capital Coal Co., 311 S 6th; T. C. McGrath presít; H. Miller, treas.; J. F. OíDonnell, supt.

Cappo Henry, wks Wabash shops, bds 529 S 12th.

Cappo J. T. (Dickerman & Co.), res 837 S 5th.

Carey Eva, *res 113 N 9th.

Carey E. W., clerk Henkleís, bds se cor 5th and Scarrit.

Carey John H., lab, *res ws 8th, 8th h n of North av.

Carey M., lab, res 204 New.

Carlin James, moulder, *res Cook, 2d h e of Spring.

Carlin J. E., tailor, bds Western Hotel.

Carman William H., real estate, res 1212 S 7th.

Carmin Robert, lab, *res 302 W Carpenter.

Carmody John, grocer, 114 N 6th, res same.

Carmody Mollie, help at 536 S 2d.

Carney John, r. mill, bds with James Redmond.

Carpenter A. F., engineer, res 1121 N 8th.

Carpenter B. D., carpenter, *res nw cor New and Capitol av.

Carpenter Dock, painter, bds 830 Adams.

Carpenter Edward, car driver, *res 1220 S 4th.

Carpenter George, bds 531 N 7th.

Carpenter Henry, wks w. factory, bds Grand Av. House.

Carpenter Henry, miner, res 424 N 10th.

Carpenter Henry, miner, res 1108 Reynolds.

Carpenter John, bds 531 N 7th.

Carpenter John, carpenter, bds 830 Adams.

Carpenter John, lab, res 1114 Bond.

Carpenter Sarah, home, 531 7th and Carpenter.

Carpenter Margaret, wid, res 531 N 7th.

Carpenter Mary, home 531 7th and Carpenter.

Carr Dan (col), works for DuPleaux, res cor 11th and Cedar.

Carriel Esther Miss, res 714 Adams.

Carrigan Hugh, shoe salesman, bds 819 Adams.

Carrigan Susan, wid, *res 819 Adams.

Carrigan Thomas, brickmaker, *res 1224 Adams.

Carroll Bridget, help, 1130 S 6th.

Carroll Charles C., ins. agt., bds at Mrs. Van Bergenís.

Carroll Charles, *res 800 Washington.

Carroll Hugh, lab, res 931 S 14th.

Carroll Michael, printer, bds 125 W Jefferson.

Carson E. A., roll hand, bds 8th and Keyes av.

Carson Franklin, wks w. factory, bds 8th, 2d h n of Miller.

Carson Orin, painter, bds 8th, 2d h n of Miller.

Carter Albert, plasterer, *res 1404 Monroe.

Carter Andrew, plasterer, *res 1404 Monroe.


Carter Edward, civil engineer, bds nw cor 6th and North av.

Carter Edwin, plasterer, bds 1404 Monroe.

Carter Frank, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Carter George, lather, *res 1128 Adams.

Carter Iveson (col), minister, res 36 W Washington.

Carter J. W., agt. U. S. Express, 203 S 5th, res 844 S 2nd.

Carter James, miner, *res 11th, s of co-operative shaft.

Carter Jane (col), wid, res 209 W Washington.

Cartright E. Q., wks Sangamon Mfg. Co., res nr same.

Cartright Emma, bds n end 9th, Ridgely.

Cartright Mary, wid, res n end 9th, n of limits.

Cartright Mary A., bds n end 9th, Ridgely.

Carver D. W., painter, res 315 W Monroe.

Carver Etta M., home 315 W Monroe.

Carver Geo. A., painter, bds 315 W Monroe.

Case Jacob, moulder at Ripponís foundry.

Casey Hannah (col), bds 1615 E Mason.

Casey John (col), lab, res 1615 E Mason.

Casey Thos., lab, res sw cor 15th and Jackson.

Cass N. M., clerk, se cor 11th and Jackson.

Cassady John, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Cassatt Charles M., carpenter, res 406 W Edwards.

Casserly Peter, Journal foreman, *res ws 9th, 1st h s of Edwards.

Cato Frank, wks Leland stables.

Caton John, wks at C. M. Smithsí res.

Cathwoth John, lab, bds 302 W Reynolds.

Cave Wm. (col), miner, res 18th and Douglas.

Celler Helene Mrs., teacher of music and modern languages, *res 120 N 6th.

Chaffee L. A., carpenter, *res 504 S 9th.

Chaffee Orin, carpenter, *res 1118 Adams.

Chaffee Reuben S., machinist, bds 1118 Adams.

Chalmers James, wks w. factory, bds 1117 N 8th.

Chalmers Wm., machinist, *res 1117 N 8th.

Chamberlin Wm.,with H. C. Edmands, agents for Domestic, St. John, and White sewing machines, 515 Monroe.

Champe Elizabeth, wid, bds 1111 N 9th.

Champion Claude, brakeman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Chandler George, wks r. mill, *res 114 W Reynolds.

Chandler James M., wks r. mill, bds 114 W Reynolds.

Chandler Jacob, boiler-maker, bds 1309 S 11th.

Chapin Bethena, seamstress, res 201 Walnut.

Chapin Charles, bricklayer, bds 725 S 12th.

Chapin E., watchmaker at A. Clausí.


Chapin Etta, home 725 S 12th.

Chapin Lucy, seamstress, bds 201 Walnut.

Chapin Marie, bds 201 Walnut.

Chapin William, harness-maker, res 725 S 12th.

Chapin Wm. Frank, railroader, bds 725 S 12th.

Chapman C. H. Mrs., wid, bds 106 W Mason.

Chapman Elijah, carpenter, *res 108 Edwards.

Chappel William, lab, bds Lincoln bet 8th and 9th.

Charles Clyde, lab, bds sw cor 12th and Reynolds.

Charles Frances, wid, *res sw cor 12th and Reynolds.

Charles Henry, heater, *res 8th, 2d h n of Black av.

Charles Mary, seamstress, bds sw cor 12th and Reynolds.

Chartres N. S. Miss, ws 4th, bet Adams and Monroe.

Chase Elizabeth, wid, cor 11th and Reservoir.

Chase Frank H., wks w. factory, bds ws 5th, 2d h n of North av.

Chase H., lab, res 1st, 2d h n of Union.

Chase Primus, lab, *res 620 N. 2nd.

Chase ----- Mrs., wid, res 830 S 5th.

Chasmond Mary A., washwoman, *res 221 Jefferson.

Chatterton George W., jr., jeweler, res 509 S 6th.

Chatterton George W., sr., jeweler, res 509 S 6th.

Chatterton Robert I., salesman in Chattertonís.

Cheek Joseph, wks w. factory, bds 700 N 6th.

Chenery Cyrus E., bds 200 Washington.

Chenery James H., res Chenery House corner.

Chenery John W., cor High and Revel.

Chenery John L., printer, bds cor High and Revel.

Chenery Sue Miss, home 200 Washington.

Chenery Mary F., home 200 Washington.

Chenery Thad. W., bookkeeper co. treas., bds 200 Washington.

Chenery Will D., clerk, bds cor High and Revel.

Chestnut John A., justice of the peace, 217 S 6th, res 230 W Monroe.

Cherry George, lab, res n of Concordia College.

Cherry William, harness-maker at Ramesí.

Chevois Turner (col), cook Wilson House.

Childs Tannie, *res 1223 E Adams.

Chinn Daniel, lab, res W Williams.

Chinn Mattie (col), wks 323 S 4th.

Chinn William, teamster, res Reynolds e of 10th.

Christman Mary, home 708 S 11th.

Christman Matthew, lab, res 708 S 11th.

Christman Michael, lab, res 708 S 11th.

Christmann Peter, gardener, res last h s 11th.


Church Julia, home 822 Capitol av.

Church M., wid, res 1113 Reynolds.

Church M. B., State House police, *res se cor College and Jackson.

Church T. M., plasterer, bds se cor College and Jackson.

Churchill Russell Mrs., wid, res 918 S 4th.

Chypher Philip, engineer Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Citizensí Street Railway Co., runs from S 11th to Lincoln Park, Lincoln Monument, r. mill and w. factory, and from State House past Leland Hotel to w. factory, reservoir and r. mill; J. H. Shuck, presít; J. N. Reece, sec.; Henson Robinson, treas.; office cor 9th and Washington.

Clancy James, lab, bds 1 Mill row.

Clark Ben., boarders, Washington, bet 9th and 10th.

Clark David, rags, etc., Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Clark Ervin, retired, res nw cor Edwards and West av.

Clark Fannie, home 903 S 7th.

Clark Frank P., engineer Wabash, *res 1111 S 7th.

Clark Harrison (col), miner, bds 1417 Adams.

Clark H. F., supt. Wabash, St. L. & P. Ry., res 903 S 7th, cor Cass.

Clark Henry R., *res 923 Cook.

Clark James, freight conductor Wabash, bds Capitol av.

Clark Jessie, 801 Jefferson.

Clark John, boarders, *res Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Clark John, lab, res n of Concordia College.

Clark John (col), lab, *res 1005 Mason.

Clark Julia, bds 903 S 7th.

Clark M., rag dealer, *res 815 Monroe.

Clark Major (col), lab, res Canedy nr Walnut.

Clark Mary, wid, res Barret bet Clay and Cass.

Clark Mattie, bds 709 Jefferson.

Clark Maurice, fireman, bds 1030 Washington.

Clark Mike, freight conductor Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Clark Robert (col), lab *res 644 N 3d.

Clark Samuel, fireman, bds se cor 11th and Douglas.

Clark Samuel Mrs., wid, bds Revere House.

Clark Sidney, rags, etc., bds 815 Monroe.

Clark Stephen S., huckster, 117 S 7th.

Clark Thomas, miner, *res Eastman av bet 7th and 8th.

Clark William, barber, bds Drury House.

Clark William, bds Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Clark W. D. Mrs., res cor 5th and Eastman av.

Clarke Fred McL.,wks w. factory, bds 1030 S 6th.

Clarke S. G., traveling salesman, 1030 S 6th.

Clarke William N., wks w. factory, bds 1030 S 6th.


Clary Charles R., photographer at Pittmanís, bds 721 Mason.

Claspill Dora, teacher, bds 409 W Capitol av.

Claspill S. H., shoemaker, res 409 W Capitol av.

Claus A., jeweler, res 325 N 6th.

Claus August, sr., grocer *res 630 N 7th.

Claus August, jr., clerk, bds 633 N 7th.

Claus George, machinist, res se cor 10th and Cedar.

Claus Joseph, sr., machinist, res es 11th s of Cedar.

Claus Joseph, jr., Wabash shops, bds 11th, s of Cedar.

Clavan Patrick, lab, res 1126 N Bond.

Clay Cornelia (col), res 304 N 10th.

Clay Henry (col), cook St. Nicholas, *res 423 Washington.

Clay Henry (col), exp. driver, rooms ss Jefferson bet 3d and 4th.

Claybourne Wm. F., res 709 S 11th.

Clayton C. E., grocer, res in country.

Clayton James, machinist at Ideís foundry.

Cleam Barney (col), waiter at Leland.

Clear Patrick, lab, res 1209 Washington.

Clearwater Emma, bds 712 Jefferson.

Cleary Dan, *res sw cor 2d and Madison.

Cleaves Alfred H., w. factory, *res ws 6th, 2d h n of North av.

Cleavinger R. T., bookkeeper in Shraderís, *res 621 N 5th.

Clement Andrus, baker, *res sw cor 11th and Kansas.

Clements Henry, printer, res 524 N 5th.

Clements J. H. Mrs., wid, notions, home 924 S 11th.

Clendenin H. W. (Smith C. & Rees), pub. State Register.

Cleveland D. T., horticulturist, res Washington w of limits.

Cleveland Josephine Miss, res Washington w of limits.

Cleverly B. F., clerk, res Doyle av, 2d h from Washington.

Clifford Andy, helper, *res Peoria road, n of shaft.

Clifford H. E., painter, bds Wilson House.

Clifford Thomas, wks hominy-mills, res 1112 N 4th.

Cline Alvin, publisher, bds 822 Madison.

Cline John J., r. mill, *res North av, bet 7th and 8th.

Cline Nancy, wid, *res 822 Madison.

Cline Wm. W., lab, *res 822 Madison.

Clinton Anna Miss, bds Revere House.

Cloney Stacia, wid, res 914 S 14th.

Closson C. P. Mrs., bds 806 S 5th.

Clough E., clerk, bds 121 N 6th.

Clowes C. A., alcohol manufacturer, *res 221 Jackson.

Coats A. A., shipping clerk, res se cor 8th and Carpenter.

Coats A. N., wid, bds se cor 8th and Carpenter.

Coats Alanson, grocer, 1327 Washington.


Coats Nathan E., clerk, bds 1327 Washington.

Coats Rufus J., huckster, res 1431 Washington.

Coates David, machine agent, bds 206 Doyle av.

Cobbs Albert, collector, bds 113 Washington.

Cobbs Etta, home 113 Washington.

Cobbs John, druggist, bds 113 Washington.

Cobbs Maggie, home 113 Washington.

Cobbs Richard, tailor, res 113 Washington.

Coberly Job, lab, *res ss Madison, bet 11th and 12th.

Cochran Albert, wks w. factory, *res 809 Carpenter.

Cochran H. E., grocer, 517 Monroe, res 1026 N 5th.

Cody Thomas, fireman, *res 722 S 13th.

Coe S. W., res 903 S 4th.

Cofron Leroy, moulder, *res 300 W Adams.

Cogdal Abraham, *res West av, 3d h n of Washington.

Cogdell Maggie, wid, *res 927 Cook.

Colbey Charles C., meatcutter at Hallís, rooms 527 S 8th.

Colbreck John B., farmer, *res 462 W Carpenter.

Colburn W. G., w. factory, bds St. Nicholas.

Cole G C., commercial traveler, *res 413 N 4th.

Cole Henry, stone-mason, res 634 N 2d.

Coles Edward (col), steward, *res 3d, nr Union.

Coles Peter (col), miner, bds 403 N 14th.

Coleman A., clerk O. B. Saunders grocery.

Coleman James (col), wks for Little & Son.

Coleman Louis H., res cor 1st and Miller.

Coleman L. A. (col), minister, res 438 N 4th.

Coleman Lizzie, home se cor 12th and Clay.

Coleman Mary Miss, 1211 Monroe.

Coleman Mary, washer, *res 10th, n of Jefferson.

Coleman Mike, teams, res se cor 12th and Clay.

Coleman Phoebe (col), wid, res ss Adams, bet 10th and 11th.

Coleman Sarah, home se cor 12th and Clay.

Coleman S. O., salesman, bds 721 Mason.

Coleman Thornton (col), teamster, *res 1708 Capitol av.

Coleman William, delivery, bds 214 S 6th.

Colgan Edward, lab, res 1221 Madison.

Colgan Eugene, clerk east shaft, bds 1221 Madison.

Colgan Rosa, seamstress, 1221 Madison.

Collier Clarissa (col), wid, weaver, *res se cor 8th and Madison.

Collier N. B., pump-maker, *res 812 Reynolds.

Collins & Sprague, attorneys, 104 S 6th.

Collins C., res 730 N 7th.

Collins Ella, wks nw cor 6th and Edwards.


Collins George, carpenter, bds ss Madison, bet 5th and 6th.

Collins Harry, printer at Journal office.

Collins James, blacksmith, bds 1128 Capitol av.

Collins John, lab, bds 10th nr co-operative shaft.

Collins Jos. H., principal 1st ward, bds nw cor 8th and Capitol av.

Collins Nick, plasterer, res 404 W Mason.

Collins Patrick, bricklayer, res 1013 Jefferson.

Collins Thomas, saloon, res sw cor 9th and Adams.

Collins Tim, printer, bds 207 Adams.

Collins Timothy, lab, res 10th nr co-operative shaft.

Collins W. S., lawyer, res ss Jefferson, 4th h w of Walnut.

Collogan Kate, wks 509 N 5th.

Collogan Michael, lab, res 332 N 13th.

Collogan Pat, lab, res 235 N 14th.

Colville Samuel, moulder at Ideís foundry.

Colvin Louis, engineer I. C., *res 132 N 13th.

Combs Bert, work w. factory, bds 925 N 7th.

Combs Henry, carpenter, *res 121 W Wright.

Combs N. C., teams, *res ss Adams, bet 13th and 14th.

Conant Julia E., bds 722 S 5th.

Conant Levi J., furniture, *res 708 S th.

Conant P. H., clerk, res 722 S 5th.

Conant S., *res 727 S 5th.

Concordia Seminary, 13th and Enos av; A. Cramer, principal.

Condell Alice, home 605 S 4th.

Condell Belle, home 605 S 4th.

Condell Ella, home 605 S 4th.

Condell John S., sr., merchant, res 605 S 4th.

Condell John S., jr., justice of the peace, 111 N 6th, res 605 S 4th.

Condell Wilber R., physician, bds 605 S 4th.

Condon Edward L., teams, bds 1001 S 12th.

Condon Joseph H., sr., miner, *res 1001 S 12th.

Condon Joseph H., jr., miner, bds 1001 S 12th.

Conet W. N., clerk Secretary of State, bds 331 S 5th.

Conkling Alice Miss, home 801 S 6th.

Conkling Charles, baggage-master Northwestern, bds 801 S 6th.

Conkling Clinton, lawyer, res se cor 2nd and Wright.

Conkling J. C., hominy-mill propr., res 801 S 6th.

Conkling W. J., attorney, res 808 S 4th.

Conkling W. H., clerk at Wolfís, bds 808 S 4th.

Conlisk George, blacksmith, *res 111 W Carpenter.

Conley Robert, canvasser, res 1417 Capitol av.

Conlon B., engineer Wabash, res 1312 Jackson.


Conlon Peter, grocer, res cor Spring and Allen.

Connaghan Joseph, saloon, Peoria road, w of r. mill.

Connell Hanora, wid, res cor 15th and Clay.

Connell Mary, wks 1014 N 5th.

Connell Michael, lab, bds 15th and Clay.

Connell Sarah, home 813 S 6th.

Conner Catherine, wid, 722 Madison.

Connern John, lab, bds 922 Miller.

Connor Ellen, wks 808 S 2nd.

Connor Emma, home with W. W. Swett.

Connor Lou Mrs., home with W. W. Swett.

Connor Wm., lab, *res se cor 11th and Madison.

Connors Ann, res ne cor 9th and Adams.

Connors Barney, puddler, *res nr fair ground.

Connors Kern, miner, bds 231 N 14th,

Connors Mike, lab, res Bond, n of Elliott.

Connelly Geo. S. & Co., (R. M. Ridgely), grocers, Vienna bakers and candy manufacturers, ne cor 5th and Monroe.

Connelly Ann, wid, res 510 N 5th.

Connelly Geo. S., grocer, res 727 S 5th.

Connelly Sarah, home 510 N 5th.

Connelly W. A., city editor Monitor, bds 508 S 8th.

Connolly Annie, help at 527 S 7th.

Connolly Annie, wkd 325 N 6th.

Connolly Bridget, bds 1209 Madison.

Connolly James A., U. S. attorney, bds Leland Hotel.

Connolly James, blacksmith, *res es 10th, 3d h s of South av.

Connolly John, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Connolly Mary S., wid, res 114 Reynolds.

Connolly Michael, *res 1209 Madison.

Connolly Michael, lab, *res cor 7th and Douglas.

Connolly Mike, miner, res 1142 N 8th.

Connolly Terence, lab, *res 414 W Williams.

Connolly Thomas, lab, *res 1217 Madison.

Connolly Patrick, lab, bds 1209 Madison.

Connolly Philip, blacksmith, bds 1209 Madison.

Conover Geo., lab, res 1631 Mason.

Conover James, printer, bds 300 Monroe.

Conrey A. K., clerk at 125 N 6th.

Conrey W. L., wks w. factory, bds 9th, 6th h n of Enos av.

Conroy Martin, miner, res 1125 Reservoir.

Constant A., tinner, *res 1209 S 7th.

Constant Alice, home 215 W Carpenter.

Constant Elizabeth, wid, ws 8th, 9th h n of North av.


Constant Kate, teacher, Bettie Stuart Institute.

Constant -------, teacher, Bettie Stuart Institute.

Constant George M., lab, bds 210 Edwards.

Constant John W., stereotyper and rubber stamp manufacturer, 105 ws square, res 444 W Herndon.

Constant Thomas W., bds 215 W Carpenter.

Converse A. L., farmer, res 8th, head of Eastman av.

Converse Henry, retired, res head of 9th, n of North av.

Converse M. B., clerk U. S. District Court, res 1112 S 6th.

Converse W. O., stock dealer, res 8th and Keyes av.

Conway & Co., dealers in hats, caps, furs and furnishing goods, 104 es square.

Conway Annie, home 1131 Jefferson.

Conway James, lab, bds at Mrs. Mulholandís.

Conway Jack, printer, bds 308 N 5th.

Conway Lucy, wks 517 West av.

Conway Patrick, carpenter, res 1131 Jefferson.

Conway W. H., gentsí furnishing, res 1131 Jefferson.

Cook Addie, wks 113 W Washington.

Cook Agnes, wks 511 W Jefferson.

Cook Frank, clerk, *res se cor 3d and Canedy

Cook George, wks w. factory, res 1102 N 7th.

Cook James L., bookkeeper Lambís foundry, bds 206 Adams.

Cook John, U. S. Indian agent, Rosebud Agency, Dakota Ter.

Cook John C., bookkeeper, bds se cor 2d and Adams.

Cook Mary, wid, res 347 W Mason.

Cook Thomas, miner, res 324 N 6th.

Cook Wm., painter, res Doyle av, bet Monroe and Washington.

Cooley Albert, miner, bds Drury House.

Cooley Melvin, miner, bds Drury House.

Coon Sarah, wid, res 640 N 4th.

Cooney Lawrence, wks r. mill, res 608 W Calhoun av.

Cooper Jennie (col), wks 1155 N 9th.

Cooper John, home 300 W Jefferson.

Cooper Lizzie H. Mrs., *res 114 Edwards.

Cooper Moses, miner, *res 1st h n of co-operative shaft.

Cooper Robert (col), lab, *res 3d, near Illinois mills.

Cooper Wm., hostler, with Little & Son.

Copeland George E., dep. col. int. rev., bds 229 Monroe.

Copper H. E., salesman, A. A. Fisherís music store.

Coraterf George, teamster, *res 524 W Mason.

Corbett Catharine, help at 520 S 8th.

Corbett Mary, wks 413 S 8th.

Corbett Wm., lab, bds cor 10th, at Ridgely.


Corbley James, machinist, bds 511 Jefferson.

Corby John W., carpenter, res 1402 Jackson.

Corcoran ---------, miner, res ne cor 14th and Cass.

Corcoran James, lab, *res 506 Williams.

Corcoran P. W., engineer Wabash *res ws 11th, 2d s of South av.

Corderman Charles, bricklayer, bds 1000 S 11th.

Corderman Florence, home 1000 S 11th.

Corderman Mathias, sr., bricklayer, res 1000 S 11th.

Corderman Mathias, jr., bricklayer, bds 1000 S 11th.

Corkery & Triebel, shoe dealers, 105 N 5th.

Corkery T. J., shoe dealer, 105 N 5th.

Corneau R. Irwin, clerk Wabash, bds 410 S 5th.

Cornwell Melinda (col), help at J. D. Crabbís.

Correthers Alice I., 901 Carpenter.

Correthers Green, gunsmith, res 901 Carpenter.

Correthers Joseph, lab, bds 901 Carpenter.

Correthers Nola, 901 Carpenter.

Correthers William G., stereotyper, bds 901 Carpenter.

Correia John, works w. factory, bds North av, bet 5th and 6th.

Correia Francis, works w. factory, *res sw cor 13th and Washington.

Correia Manuel, bricklayer, res 106 Carpenter.

Corris Joseph R., machinist, bds Western Hotel.

Corey Philip, teamster, *res 118 Walnut.

Cory Annie I., teacher, home 932 S 2d.

Cory Charles, carpenter, *res 315 Adams.

Cory John A., in U. S. express, bds 932 S 2d.

Cory William, blacksmith, res 932 S 2d.

Corson H. R., hay dealer, *res 643 N. 4th.

Cosgrove John, miner, bds 1431 Washington.

Cosgrove Julia, help at 412 S 6th.

Costello Barbara, help at sw cor 7th and Cook.

Costello William, res cor North and West av.

Costigan Matthew, puddler, *res 8th, 6th h n of Black av.

Cothran W. R., *res se cor 3d and Madison.

Cotter Charles (col), lab, res 17th and Kansas.

Cotter John, miner, *res cor 19th and Cook.

Cotter J., machinist, res 206 N 4th.

Cottrell Flora, teacher Home of the Friendless.

Cottrell Lizzie, wks nw cor 6th and Carpenter.

Couch Robert, lab, *res 1427 Adams.

Coughlin Michael, lab, bds 6 Mill row.

Council David Mrs., wid, *res 407 N 5th.

Council James, carpenter, res 1020 S College.

Council William, carpenter, bds Green Tree Hotel.


Counsellor Frank, cigar-maker, *res 300 Monroe.

Court Robert, lab, *res 1204 Monroe.

Courtney John, lab, *res 925 Cook.

Courtright Isaac, wks fríght depot, *res se cor Miller and Rutledge.

Coupe Hannah, bds 1154 N 4th.

Covington Nathaniel, traveling paper salesman, 903 N 7th.

Covington Samuel A., carpenter, res 820 Revel.

Cowal Andrew, r. mill, *res Madison bet 7th and 8th.

Cowan Joseph, blacksmith, res nr cor North and West avs.

Cowdrey E. N., wind-mills, rooms 714 Adams.

Cowgill A. H., trav. salesman, res ws 6th, 7th h n of North av.

Cowgill M. C., Miss, teacher, home 816 N 5th.

Cowgill W. B., real estate broker, 214 S 5th; res Walnut 3d h s of Washington.

Cox Alphonso (col), lab, *res 18th bet Monroe and Capitol av.

Cox Charles, wks 600 W Monroe.

Cox George, farmer, bds 625 Hay.

Coyle John H., machinist, bds 1016 S 2d.

Coyle Mary E., seamstress, bds 1016 S 2d.

Coyle Patrick Mrs., *res 1016 S 2d.

Coyne Ann, home with Patrick Coyne.

Coyne Anthony, miner, bds n end 9th n of limits.

Coyne Pat, miner, res n end 9th n of limits.

Cozzin William (col), miner, *res 422 N 10th.

Crabb J. D., coal dealer, res 6th, 3rd h s of South av.

Crabb J. M., merchant, res 725 Mason.

Craeff George, tailor, res 410 N 4th.

Crafton John W., manager Ďbus line, res 307 Monroe.

Crafton Thomas, furniture store, res 523 N 6th,

Crafton Wiley, bds 307 Monroe.

Crahen Patrick, miner, res 221 N 14th.

Craig D. J., carpenter, *res nw cor 12th and Clay.

Craig J. D., carriage trimmer, bds nw cor Capitol av and Lewis.

Craig John, furniture repairer, *res 529 W Monroe.

Craig Samuel, sr. (col), whitewasher, res 1429 Monroe.

Craig Samuel, jr. (col), miner, res 1429 Monroe.

Cranberry James A. (col), lab, *res 819 Reynolds.

Crane Clara, wks w. factory, bds 1204 Jackson.

Crane Etta, wks w. factory, bds 1204 Jackson.

Crane Ida, wks w. factory, bds 1204 Jackson.

Crane Margaret Mrs., *res 1204 Jackson.

Cramer A., principal Concordia Seminary.

Cramer Fred, student Concordia Seminary.

Cramer Lizzie, wks 413 N 5th.


Crannell Miles, miner, res 1524 Washington.

Crawford J. F., private secíy supít Wabash, bds 518 Capitol av.

Crawford John W., wks r. mill, *res 909 Madison.

Crawford Margaret C., wid, ne cor 11th and Mason.

Creasy A. B., wks r. mill, *res 1102 N Rutledge.

Creeds William, helper, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Creighton James A., lawyer, res 831 W Jefferson.

Cresse John H., res Black av head of N 6th.

Crissey Edgar, carpenter, *res 306 W Wright.

Crissey Frank L., carpenter, res cor State and Ruth.

Crissey Hannah, wid, res West av, 2d h n of Washington.

Crissey Hattie B., home West av, 2d h n of Washington.

Critchley Thomas, w. mill, res 2d bet Carpenter and Union.

Croake Maggie, wks 530 N 5th.

Crocker William H., huckster, 411 Monroe.

Cockrill Ada (col), wks at 331 N 5th.

Cockrill Martin (col), lab, res Cook and 19th.

Crolins J. M., bds 1158 N 7th.

Crolins W. F., wks w. factory, *res 1158 N 7th.

Crolins William, watchmaker, res nw cor Peoria s of North av.

Cromwell C. C., insurance, *res 724 Mason.

Cromwell William, carpenter, bds St. Charles.

Crook A. N. J., attorney, res 415 Capitol av.

Crook Martha, wid, res 1426 Jackson.

Cross Allen B., wks r. mill, bds 935 W Jefferson.

Cross Annie, bds 1025 S 8th.

Crosby Frank (col), trainer, *res es 3d bet Monroe and Adams.

Crossman George, carpenter, bds 901 Mason.

Crossman John, wks w. factory bds 901 Mason.

Crossman Peter, carpenter, res 901 Mason.

Crouse B. F., pastor of the English Lutheran church, nw cor 6th and Madison, res rear of same.

Crowder James, farmer, res Edwards w of Lincoln.

Crowder M. F., w. factory, 1027 S 7th.

Crowder W. A., bookkeeper at Saunderís, *res 223 N 2nd.

Crowe Ellen, wid, home 1501 Jackson.

Crowell Charles S., wks w. factory, bds 418 N 2nd.

Crowell S. A. Mrs., wid, home 229 Adams.

Crowell V. Miss, dressmaker, *res 229 Adams.

Crowell W. D., res 418 N 2nd.

Crowell Yates, engineer, bds 418 N 2nd.

Crowley Bridget, wid, res 1208 Madison.

Crowley Frank, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Crowley James E., gateman, *res 1208 Madison.


Crowley William, switchman, res 1504 Washington.

Crudden N., miner, *res sw cor Mason and Grand av.

Cruser Annie, home 1155 N 9th.

Cruser Charles, wagon yard, *res 510 N 4th.

Cruser Emma Mrs., *res 1155 N 9th.

Crutten Mary, wks at res G. J. Little.

Cuddy Dennis, bds 223 N 14th.

Cullen Bertha, wks 426 N 6th.

Cullen Bridget, home 1700 Adams.

Cullen Katie, wks nw cor 6th and Miller.

Cullen Matthew, res 1700 Adams.

Culley Peter, res 1008 Monroe.

Cullom Shelby M., Governor of Illinois, res Governorís Mansion, S 4th or 5th.

Cullom Carrie, home Governorís Mansion.

Cullom Ella, home Governorís Mansion.

Cullom James, lab, res sw cor 15th and Cass.

Culp M. T. Mrs., wid, res 105 N 5th.

Culp Sadie, home 105 N 5th.

Culp William, ins. clerk, *res 8th, bet Vine and Allen.

Culpan Israel, lab, res 923 Pasfield.

Culpan Lena, seamstress, bds 923 Pasfield.

Culver S. M., clerk Smith & Co., ss Allen, bet 3d and 4th.

Cummins Frances, wks nw cor 6th and Cook.

Cummins Ida, Mrs., housekeeper, 1027 S 5th.

Cummins James, lab, bds 328 Calhoun av.

Cummins John, hostler, with Little & Son.

Cummins Mat, lab, res 328 Calhoun.

Cunigan Peter, r. mill, bds Peoria, 2d h n of North av.

Cunningham Addie, home 628 S 9th.

Cunningham C., miner, res 540 Williams.

Cunningham D. N., ice delivery, res 628 S 9th.

Cunningham Ella, seamstress, bds 628 S 9th.

Cunningham Eliza V., wid, 411 N 14th.

Cunningham F N., railroader, *res 411 N 14th.

Cunningham John, lab, *res cor 19th and Cass.

Cunningham John, miner, res Ledlie av, n of North av.

Cunningham Mary, wid, re 520 S 7th.

Cunningham Mike, lab, res 1810 Washington.

Curbey Charles (col), lab, res Williams, w of Pasfield.

Curby C., wks at 529 S 4th.

Curliss Thomas, miner, *res 10th nr Laurel.

Curran John, retired, res 520 W Mason.

Curran John, lab, res 1425 Cook.


Curran J. P., puddler, bds 1425 Cook.

Curran Ollie, home 520 W Mason.

Curran Thomas, wks r. mill, res 1123 N Rutledge.

Currier J. H., ticket office, res ne cor 13th and Monroe.

Currier S. W., miller, *res 401 W Monroe.

Curry O. C. Mrs., res ne cor 4th and Canedy.

Curtin Edward, hack driver, bds Marshall House.

Curtis James (col), teamster, res 1809 Monroe.

Curtis Joel (col), miner, res 1627 Jackson.

Curtis John (col), bds 1809 Monroe.

Cusactt John, plasterer, res 308 N 13th.

Cuthbert Betsey (col), nw cor 12th and Reynolds.

Cuthbert William (col), lab, res nw cor 12th and Reynolds.

Cutright Mary E., res 923 S College.

Cutright Susan A., wid, res 923 S College.

Cutright William, res se cor 10th and Adams.

DAHMER BEN, lab, *res nw cor Gov. and Doyle av.

Dalby Joel, stock dealer, res 3d, 2d h s of North av.

Dallman Charles, carpenter, res 909 Monroe.

Dalton Edward, blacksmith, bds 1431 Washington.

Daley Dennis, lab, res 614 W Walnut.

Daley Edward, wks w. factory, *res 1028 Washington.

Daley James, help at J. T. Smithís.

Daley John, lab, *res ss Carpenter bet Rutledge and Klein.

Daley Maggie C., dressmaker at Herndonís, bds 515 N 2nd.

Daley Patrick, teamster, res 515 N 2nd.

Daley Patrick, miner, res s of west shaft.

Daley Timothy, lab res 515 N 2nd.

Dana Ada I. Miss, home Walnut, 2d h n of Washington.

Dana Elmer E., bds Walnut, 2d h n of Washington.

Dana Frank L., grain dealer, bds Walnut, 2d h n of Washington.

Dana G. S., grocer and commission merchant, 511 Monroe, res 825 S 5th.

Dana L. D., proprietor Exchange Mill, cor 7th and Jefferson, res Walnut, 2d h n of Washington.

Danforth Henry, wks 819 N 3d.

Dangerfield John (col), wks 1016 Mason.

Daniels Lizzie, bds 729 Jefferson.

Dannerberger John, hostler, res 220 W Mason.

Dapron Agnes, home 411 W Jefferson.

Dapron Louis L., carpenter, *res 411 W Jefferson.

Darby ---------, wks r. mill, res sw Lincoln park.

Darcy John R., chief engineer r. mill, res 1024 N 5th.


Dare Daniel, wks for Wm. Beard.

Darmstaedter J., student at Concordia Seminary.

Darrah John, engineer, bds ws 6th, 4th h n of North av.

Darry Hanora, wid, res 822 S 13th.

Dasch Sarah, wks for Dr. James Phillips.

Daughton Catharine, wid, res 1153 N 8th.

Daughton Charles, brick mason, res 1153 N 8th.

Daughton Wm., engineer, res se cor 17th and Adams.

Dauphin C. H., porter at St. Nicholas.

Davenport Thomas, lab, *res se cor 3d and Union.

David S. A. (col), porter, res 820 Spring.

Davidson Alex., teacher, rooms 611 Monroe.

Davidson H. B., carriage-maker, *res sw cor 8th and Enos av.

Davidson Melissa, Cleveland place, W Washington.

Davidson Sarah W., wid, dressmaker, res 1217 Jackson.

Davison John W., fireman Wabash, bds 421 S 9th.

Davies Thomas, lab, res 1152 8th.

Davis A. B., carriage-maker at Boothís.

Davis Alva, omnibus runner, with Little & Son.

Davis Amanda, housekeeper, 502 S 8th.

Davis Ann, wid, *res 8th, bet Adams and Washington.

Davis Charles, clerk in Parkersonís grocery.

Davis Elizabeth, res 402 S 6th.

Davis Emma R., bds room 4, 305 S 6th.

Davis E. Mrs., wid, *res 1st, bet Jefferson and Washington.

Davis Franklin, lab, *res 301 W Jefferson.

Davis G. W., physician, 517 ns square.

Davis George, miner, *res sw cor 13th and Mason.

Davis Henry (col), wks nw cor 8th and Capitol av.

Davis James, fireman, res ne cor 12th and Clay.

Davis J. E., clerk, 511 ns square.

Davis J. Scudder, physician, bds 214 W Capitol av.

Davis John, miner, *res 912 Miller.

Davis John, miner, bds sw cor 11th and Miller.

Davis John W. (col), restaurant, 619 Adams.

Davis Julius C., shoe salesman at 501 ns square.

Davis K. B., dentist, 217 S 5th, res es Walnut, nr Jefferson.

Davis Lon, *res 711 Jefferson.

Davis Maria, wid, res 402 S 6th.

Davis Mary (col), home 324 N 13th.

Davis Thomas, r. mill, bds ws 6th, 6th h n of North av.

Davis Thomas (col), teams, res 231 N 15th.

Davis W. Hope, physician, res 214 W Capitol av.

Davis William, rail sawyer, *res nr fair ground.


Davis William, driver, *res cor 2d and Reynolds.

Davis William, plasterer, bds 1st, opposite gas works.

Dawson Bailey, clerk, bds 418 N 2nd.

Dawson John, sr. (col), pastor colored M. E. church, bds 314 N 10th.

Dawson N. E., fireman, *res 913 S 11th.

Dawson R. H., clerk, *res 525 N 4th.

Day R. F. & Bro. (Marion I.), feed store, 404 Washington.

Day Belle, home 441 N 6th.

Day Charles W., wks w. factory, *res ws 8th, 9th h n of North av.

Day Electa E. Mrs., *res 441 N 6th.

Day Ellen, wks 412 W Monroe.

Day E. E. Mrs., wid, res 441 N 6th.

Day Jesse M., bookkeeper, home 441 N 6th.

Day Marion I., feed, etc., *res 441 N 6th.

Day P. H., foreman Rokkerís, *res 519 Spring.

Day R. F., feed, etc., *res 441 N 6th.

Day Robert, miner, west shaft, bds Joseph Cowan.

Day W. M., grocer, *res 817 Adams.

Day William, wks r. mill, bds 114l N 4th.

Dayton Charles, clerk, *res ns Madison bet 11th and 12th.

Deakin John, heater, res n end 8th, Ridgely.

Dean Anna, wid, wks Grand Avenue House.

Dean Bernetty, wid, home 810 Monroe.

Dean Ellen, wid, bds 1015 Spring.

Dean Henry, wks r. mill, bds 225 W Carpenter.

Dean Thomas, lab, bds 721 Washington.

Dean T. J., pressman at Regsiter office.

Deardorff John, photographer, bds 618 Mason.

Death James, clerk, res 452, cor Canedy and Henrietta.

Debar Lillie, se cor 8th and Madison.

Debarros Geo., teams, bds cor 11th and Reservoir.

Deboard John, lab, *res cor 10th and Monroe.

DeCamp Abbie, wid, 8 Wilsonís row, Ridgely.

DeCamp Alice, wks 1134 N 4th.

DeCamp Charles, wks w. factory, res 1141 N 5th.

DeCamp Giles, wks w. factory, *res 119 Reynolds.

DeCamp John, res 119 Reynolds.

DeCamp Wm., carpenter, *res 615 Reynolds.

DeCastro Joseph, sr., engineer, res 1043 N 6th.

DeCastro Joseph, jr., printer, bds 1043 N 6th.

DeCastro Mary, home 1043 N 6th.

Decker Edward, wagon-maker, *res 811 Washington.

Decker J. C., pressman Rokkerís, *res Madison bet 3d and 4th.

Decker J. J., pressman Rokkerís, *res 221 W Jackson.


Deckmann J., student at Concordia Seminary.

DeCrastos Dan, teams, bds cor 11th and Reservoir.

DeCrastos Edward, painter, bds 1407 Adams.

DeCrastos John, lab, *res 1407 Adams.

DeCrastos John, lab, *res 200 N 13th.

DeCrastos Samuel, stonecutter, res 1407 Adams.

Dedrich Fred., blacksmith, res 1059 N 6th.

Dee David, bartender Jefferson House.

Dee Margaret, wks w. factory, bds 442 Carpenter.

Dee Thomas, lab, res 442 W Carpenter.

Deer Wm., miner, bds sw cor 11th and Miller.

DeFrates Ann, wid, seamstress, bds 1019 Madison.

DeFrates Anton, sr., plasterer, res Enos av bet 7th and 8th.

DeFrates Anton, jr., lab, bds Enos av bet 7th and 8th.

DeFrates Antonio (blind), res 1106 Miller.

DeFrates Antonio, painter, res 313 N 14th.

DeFrates Antonio, lab, res 1021 Miller.

DeFrates Daniel, wks w. factory, *res 1015 Miller.

DeFrates Domingus, wid, res 1110 Miller.

DeFrates Edward, wks w. factory, res 1015 Miller.

DeFrates Frank, lab, res 204 N 13th.

DeFrates George, lab, bd nw cor 12th and Miller.

DeFrates Henry, painter, res 310 N 14th.

DeFrates Henry, teams, bds se cor Madison and 14th.

DeFrates Henry, teams, *res 1115 Miller.

DeFrates Herman, clerk, bds se cor Madison and 14th.

DeFrates Joaquim, res 1123 N 8th.

DeFrates John, teams, res ss Miller bet 11th and 12th.

DeFrates John, lab, res 1107 N 8th.

DeFrates Julius, engineer, bds 1123 N 8th.

DeFrates Lucilia, seamstress, bds 1019 Mason.

DeFrates Manuel, lab, *res nw cor 12th and Miller.

DeFrates Manuel, *res 1106 Miller.

DeFrates Manuel, teams, *res ne cor 14th and Mason.

DeFrates  Mary, nw cor 12th and Miller.

DeFrates Mary, wid, seamstress, *res 1019 Mason.

DeFrates Mary, wks 821 S 2nd.

DeFrates Philip, delivery, res 1110 Miller.

DeFrates Tillie, home 1121 Miller.

DeFrates Tony, teams, res 14th, 2d h n of Washington.

DeFrates Tony, lab, res se cor Madison and 14th.

DeFreitas F. A., res 1223 Jefferson.

DeFreitas M., fireman, bds 208 N 13th.

DeFreitas Manuel, farmer, res se cor 13th and Reynolds.


DeFreitas Manuel, machinist, res 208 N 13th.

Degouveia John, lab, * res 1013 Carpenter.

Dehart Mary (col), wid, *res 8th bet Monroe and Adams.

Dehn Fred, house mover, res 1104 N 6th.

Deicken A. F., bookkeeper, res 404 S 8th.

Deilig Charles, shoemaker, res Washington, 2d h w of Pasfield.

Deilig Mary, home Washington, 2d h w of Pasfield.

Deill John, wks r. mill, *res 612 W Calhoun av.

Deiss Theodore, printer, bds 125 W Jefferson.

Delaney John, wks brewery, res 1109 W Rutledge.

Delaney John C., res 830 Reynolds.

Delaney John D., bartender, 731 Washington.

Delaney J. H., manager French restaurant, 411, 413 Washington.

Delaney J. W., land agent, bds Revere House.

Delaney Patrick, miner, res 15th, 1st h n of Washington.

Delaney Philip, lab, res cor 14th and Kansas.

Delaney Thomas, saloon, 621 Adams.

Delany Charles E., carpenter, bds 728 Miller.

Delany James A., blacksmith, res 728 Miller.

Delany Theresa, home 728 Miller.

Delick Mary, wks 119 Walnut.

Deligny John B., res 904 S 7th.

Dellmore Frances, miner, bds es 15th 2d h n of Jefferson.

Dellmore John, miner, bds es 15th, 2d h n of Jefferson.

Dellmore Miles, miner, res 15th, n of Jefferson.

DeMattos Frank, boiler-maker, res 1115 Jefferson.

Dement Henry D., Secretary of State, bds 518 Capitol av.

Dempsey Hannah, 1131 Washington.

Dempsey --------, wid, res 1131 Washington.

Denchfield --------, wks w. factory, bds 518 Capitol av.

Denifon Wm., engineer, *res 1143 N 1st.

Denison Milo H., j. p. of Springfield tp., bds w s 6th, 4th h n of North av.

Denison Wm., res cor 12th and Miller.

Denmead Annie, clerk at Kimberís, bds 331 S 5th.

Denney James, miner, *res 1318 Washington.

Denney Mary, dressmaker, bds 1318 Washington.

Denney Thomas, miner, bds 1318 Washington.

Denney Wm., miner, *res 1223 Adams.

Dent W. S. (col), lab, *res 1112 Reynolds.

Dentle Frank, wks w. factory, bds 1121 S 8th.

Denton George, wks w. factory, res 1160 N 4th.

Denton Richard, wks w. factory, *res es 8th, 4th h n of North av.

Derkson John, cabinetmaker, res 116 Mason.


Derry George, lab, *res 1408 Adams.

Derry James H., traveling salesman, *res 211 W Jackson.

Derry John, blacksmith, *res 828 Miller.

Desanno James, moulder, *res 818 S 13th.

DeSantos John, lab, res 405 N 14th.

DeSantos Tony, lab *res 405 N 14th.

Desel John, janitor, *res 210 W Reynolds.

DeShara John, wks r. mill, *res North av bet 5th and 6th.

Desmon Dennis, lab, *res 116 W Mason.

Deters George, lab, res se cor Cook and Spring.

Detrick Benj. J., salesman, *res 555 W Jefferson.

Detrick W. W., watchmaker at Chattertonís, bds Revere House.

Deutsch B., clerk, 915 Washington.

DeVares D. A., grocer, res 831 Reynolds.

Devault Enos, carpenter, bds 715 N 2d.

Devault F. M., carpenter, res 715 N 2d.

Devereux John F., clerk, res 329 S 4th.

Devine Thomas (col), plasterer, *res 308 N 10th.

Devlin Edward, lab, bds 1300 Edwards.

Devlin Ellen, wid, *res 1300 Edwards.

Devlin John, lab, res nw cor 2d and Allen.

Devlin Maggie, dressmaker, home 1300 Edwards.

Devlin Mary, seamstress, ss Jackson bet 14th and 15th.

Devlin Patrick, lab, bds 1300 Edwards.

Devlin Thomas, railroader, *res ss Jackson bet 14th and 15th.

Deylor Dennis, lab, *res 10th nr co-operative shaft.

Deyo Geo. E., clerk, bds 526 S 8th.

Deyo Isabel M., home se cor 5th and Scarrit.

Deyo Lewis F., deputy county clerk, res se cor 5th and Scarrit.

Deyo Noah, *res 526 S 8th.

Diamond J. G., 8th, 3d h n of Black av.

Dick John, carpenter, res Eastman av, 2d h e of 6th.

Dickens Cicero (col), lab, res cor 15th and Cass.

Dickerman H. S., w. mill, res 941 S 4th.

Dickerman S. J. Mrs., res 941 S 4th.

Dickey Rebecca J., wid, home 603 S College.

Dickey Wm. H., blacksmith, *res 603 S College.

Diebold George, lab, *res 908 Carpenter.

Diebold Mary, help, 6th bet Allen and Vine.

Diebold Roman, lab, res ss Canedy bet Henrietta and Walnut.

Diehr Mary J., grocer, 230 W Mason.

Dievenbach Ferd., saloon, res extreme w end Jefferson.

Digs David (col), help 941 S 4th.


Diller Isaac R., drugs, medicines, toilet articles, etc., nw corner square, bds ns w end Carpenter.

Diller R. W., druggist, res 431 S 7th.

Diller Essie, home 431 S 7th.

Dillois Heinrich Z., machinist, bds 920 Washington.

Dillon John, miner, res Jefferson and 15th.

Dillon Patrick, lab, res 212 New.

Dilts Minnie, home 1322 Jackson.

Dinkel Albert, cigar-maker, bds 310 W Mason.

Dinkel George, bleacher, bds 310 W Mason.

Dinkel John, lab, bds 310 W Mason.

Dinkel L., tobacconist, *res 1220 Monroe.

Dinkel Margaret Mrs., wid, res 310 W Mason.

Diniy James J., cutter, res 827 S 5th.

Dirks John, fireman, *res w of r. mill.

Dirksen A. & Son (Thomas H.), upholsterers, 410 Washington.

Dirksen A., upholsterer, res 1010 Cook.

Dirksen A. W., upholsterer, bds 1010 Cook.

Dirksen Frank, boiler-maker, *res 718 S 11th.

Dirksen Theodore H., upholsterer, bds 1010 Cook.

Disney John, lab, *res 1104 N 8th.

Divelbiss Noah, retired, bds 506 N 5th.

Dixon Andrew (col), lab, res 215 W Washington.

Dixon J. N., physician, 417 and 419 Washington, bds Leland Hotel.

Dobbins Nancy, res 730 N 6th.

Dobbins Nicholas, wks w. factory, res 1331 Jackson.

Dockson Charles, machinist, *res 1217 Jackson.

Dockson Edward, painter, *res 108 W Madison.

Dockson Lizzie, bds 1120 S 5th.

Dodd ---------, agent, *res 524 S 11th.

Dodds A. R., wid, res 720 Mason.

Dodds R. N., dealer in drugs, perfumeries, toilet articles, etc., nw cor 5th and Monroe.

Dodds Fred C., clerk at R. N. Doddís.

Dodge J. F., res Keyes av 3d h w of 5th.

Dodge L. T., wks w. factory, res North av bet 11th and 12th.

Dodge Nancy, res Jefferson nr Walnut.

Dodge W. A., wks w. factory, bds Keyes av, 3d h w of 5th.

Doe David, drayman, *res 118 N 6th.

Doenges Adam, grocer, res cor Spring and Capitol av.

Doenges Emma, home cor Spring and Capitol av

Doenges Henry, lab, res 314 N 14th.

Doenges Lydia, home cor Spring and Capitol av. 


Doenges Mary, home cor Spring and Capitol av.

Doenges Sarah H., wks 116 S 6th.

Doerfler Anna, help at 529 S 4th.

Doerfler John & Co., (Charles O. Matheny), brickyards e end Cook, office 221 S 6th.

Doerfler John A. & Sons, brickyards e end Cook.

Doerfler John, broom-maker, res 355 W Reynolds.

Doerfler Lizzie, wks 408 W Monroe.

Donaldson Emma J., wid, bds es N 3rd, nr Eastman av.

Donigan W. M. K. H. (col), shoemaker, *res 118 W Edwards.

Donlan Lizzie, home 302 N 13th.

Donlan Bridget, wid, res 302 N 13th.

Donnegan George (col), Leland bellman, res 1038 S 3rd.

Donnegan Lucinda (col), wid, 1808 Monroe.

Donnegan Susan (col), wks 721 Mason.

Donnegan Thomas (col), lab, *res 1526 Mason.

Donnelly David, lab, bds 327 (or 227) W Mason.

Donnelly Johanna, wid, 327 (or 227) W Mason.

Donnelly John, engineer, *res 1116 Carpenter.

Donnelly P. H., miner, bds 15th, 1st h n of Washington.

Donnelly William, carpenter, res 509 7th.

Donohue Anna Mrs., wid, res 300 W Jefferson.

Donohue T., grocer, res 728 Washington.

Donovan John, lab, res 439 W Reynolds.

Donovan Mary, wks w. factory, bds 439 W Reynolds.

Donovan Nellie, wks w. factory, bds 439 W Reynolds.

Donovan Patrick, lab, res 416 W Carpenter.

Donovan Thomas, lab, res 704 S 14th.

Donovan Timothy, lab, bds 416 W Carpenter.

Dooley John, blacksmith, res 1308 Jackson.

Dooley William, blacksmith, bds 1308 Jackson.

Doren Flora, teacher, home 714 N 6th.

Doren M. Mrs., wid, dressmaker, *res 714 N 6th.

Dorfor Benjamin, roller, *res 7 Mill row.

Dorlan Louis, deputy circuit clerk, bds 506 N 5th.

Dorpat Jeanette, wks 2d h e of Concordia Seminary.

Dorpat L., student Concordia Seminary.

Dorr Mary, seamstress, bds 718 S College.

Dorwin Caroline Mrs., wid, bds 518 Capitol av.

Dorwin Charles G., clerk O. & M. ft office, bds 518 Capitol av.

Dorwin Harry F., clerk Governorís office, bds 518 Capitol av.

Doudell George, tailor, res 1013 S College.

Dougherty John, railroader, bds Union bet 1st and 2d.

Dougherty --------, wid, *res 218 N 8th.


Douglas Adeline, home 930 S 14th.

Douglas Henry, sr. (col), lab, res cor 18th and Cass.

Douglas Henry, jr., (col), lab, bds cor 18th and Cass.

Douglas John (col), lab, *res 809 Carpenter.

Douglas Sarah B., 910 Monroe.

Douglas Thomas, carpenter, res 930 S 14th.

Doul C. Mrs., propr. French restaurant and cigar store, res 411 and 413 Washington.

Doul Emil, res 411 Washington.

Dover George, trunk-maker, bds 521 S 9th.

Dow Maria, wid, bds 1507 Adams.

Dowd Walter K., machinist Wabash, bds cor 10th and Monroe.

Dowe C. E., wks w. factory, bds ne cor 7th and Allen.

Dowe O. E., traveling salesman, res ne cor 7th and Allen.

Dowe M. Isabelle, home ne cor 7th and Allen.

Dowell Amanda, wid, home 411 Adams.

Dowell Lucy, nurse Home of the Friendless.

Dowhen Olas, blacksmith, bds 702 Carpenter.

Dowhen Jennie, home 702 Carpenter.

Dowhen John, lab, res 702 Carpenter.

Dowling J. E., attorney, 109 ws square, res w end Capitol av.

Downey Delia, wks w. factory, bds nw cor 10th and Carpenter.

Downey Ellen, wid, *res 818 Carpenter.

Downey Hannah, seamstress, bds ne 10th and Carpenter.

Downey John, bricklayer, res Washington cor New.

Downey Mary, res nw cor 10th and Carpenter.

Downey Mary, dressmaker, bds nw cor 10th and Carpenter.

Downs William, lab, res 1121 Reservoir.

Downs W. F., baggage-master, bds 727 S 4th.

Dowry George (col), miner bds 223 N 15th.

Dowry Mary (col), wid, res 223 N 15th.

Dox Minnie, matron Home of the Friendless.

Doyle Charles, lab, bds 1204 Jefferson.

Doyle James, home 500 N 6th.

Doyle John, lab, res 1713 Adams.

Doyle John, car driver, bds se cor West av and Governor.

Doyle Johannah, bds 303 W Jefferson.

Doyle Josephine, home sw cor West av and Governor.

Doyle Kitty, help at 520 S 2nd.

Doyle Maurice, groceries and provisions, 500 N 6th.

Doyle Michael, florist, res se cor West av and Governor.

Doyle Miles, bds Marshall House.

Doyle Pat, stonecutter, res 1711 Capitol av.

Doyle Peter J., printer, bds 534 N. 5th.


Doyle Thomas, sr., drayman, res 1204 Jefferson.

Doyle Thomas, jr., lab, bds 1204 Jefferson.

Draggo Henry, cutter, Wood & Henkleís.

Drake & Palmer, boiler-makers, cor 10th and Washington.

Drake Frances B., home nw cor 9th and Capitol av.

Drake George H., boiler-maker, bds nw cor 9th and Capitol av.

Drake L. Edith, clerk, bds 224 Edwards.

Drake William, boiler-maker, res nw cor 9th and Capitol av.

Draude Anna, seamstress, bds 138 Jefferson.

Draude Lou, bds 138 W Jefferson.

Draude Louis, butcher, res 138 W Jefferson.

Drenkel Bros., photographers, 117 ws sqruare.

Drenkel D. R., photographer, 117 ws square.

Drenkel H. W., photographer, 117 ws square.

Dresch John, cabinet-maker, res 514 W Carpenter.

Dressendorfer Anna, wks 917 Capitol av.

Dressendorfer H., help at 806 S 6th.

Dressendorfer John, hack driver, bds 515 N 2d.

Dressendorfer John G., lab, res 313 W Cook.

Dressendorfer Maggie, wks C. A. Gerhmann.

Dressendorfer Maggie, bds 313 W Cook.

Dressendorfer Wm., lab, *res 1404 Cook.

Dresser Edmond, clerk, bds 818 W Edwards.

Dresser L. W., Mrs, wid, res 818 W Edwards.

Dresser Samuel T., coal dealer, bds 818 W Edwards.

Dresser T. W., physician, 511 Monroe, res 300 Monroe.

Dresser Virginia, home 818 W Edwards.

Drews G., student Concordia Seminary.

Drone Isaac, farmer, *res 206 Elliot av.

Drummond E. T., freight conductor O. & M., bds 620 N 3d.

Drummond Mary, wid, *res 620 N 3d.

Drummond Sarah, seamstress, bds 620 N 3d.

Drury Tobe, lab, res ns Monroe bet 11th and 12th.

Drury Annie, home 511 Jefferson.

Drury P., propr. Drury House, 511 Jefferson.

Dubois Adelia, home cor Lincoln av and Washington.

Dubois Agnes E., asst. bookkeeper w. mill, se cor 6th and Vine.

Dubois Jesse K. Mrs., wid, res Lincoln av and Washington.

Dubois Lincoln, attorney, Lincoln av and Washington.

Dubois Nicholas, agricultural implements, *res 518 N 5th.

Dudley Margaret (col), wid, res 1109 Miller.

Duey Kate, home 942 Spring.

Duff Henry, carpenter, res 1730 Capitol av.

Duff James, carpenter, bds 214 W Cook.


Duff Wm. (col), lab, 1509 N 15th.

Duffy Elizabeth, wks w. factory, bds 708 Madison.

Duffy James, farmer, bds ss Jefferson, 2d h w of Walnut.

Duffy James, res 708 Madison.

Duffy James, lab, res 413 S 12th.

Duffy John, clerk, bds 708 Madison.

Duffy Thomas, lab, *res Peoria road, opp Chapel.

Duffy Wm., wks w. factory, bds 708 Madison.

Duffy Wm. C., railroader, bds 813 S 12th.

Duggan Cornelius, lab, res 1107 S 12th.

Duggan Dan, mechanic, res 1105 S 12th.

Duggan Hannah, help at 412 S 6th.

Duggan Lawrence, boiler-maker, bds 801 Barret.

Duggan Maggie, wks nw cor 6th and North av.

Duggans Harry, printer, bds Madison bet 7th and 8th.

Duggans M. J. Mrs., wid, *res Madison bet 7th and 8th.

Duggans Wilson M., clerk in Shraderís, bds 810 Monroe.

Dugginger Laurence, machinist, bds 704 N 6th.

Dulf Florence (col), wks 216 N 13th.

Dunbar W. F., carpenter, *res 826 S 3d.

Duncan Clark (col), porter, res 312 N 13th.

Duncans James (col), help at 521 S 7th.

Dunham Albert, teamster, *res 1125 Madison.

Dunham Charles, carpenter, res sw cor 18th and Kansas.

Dunham Edward, miner, bds sw cor 18th and Kansas.

Dunham Emma, sw cor 18th and Kansas.

Dunham Henry, lab, bds sw cor 18th and Kansas.

Dunham James M., lab, bds 315 N 2d.

Dunham James, miner, bds sw cor 18th and Kansas.

Dunham John, miner, bds sw cor 18th and Kansas.

Dunham John, teams, *res 411 W Mason.

Dunham N. J. Mrs., wid, *res 315 N 2d.

Dunham Solomon, farmer, home 315 N 2d.

Dunlap Alexander, carpenter, *res 435 New.

Dunlap Carrie, clerk, bds 435 New.

Dunlap John L., farm hand for W. O. Converse.

Dunlap W. N., freight conductor Wabash, *res 516 S 10th.

Dunn Al., teams, bds cor 10th and Monroe.

Dunn Anna, home se cor 9th and Edwards.

Dunn George, fireman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Dunn James, wks 825 S 6th.

Dunn John R., machinist, bds 801 S Barret.

Dunn Mary, wid, *res cor 7th and Douglas.

Dunn Mollie, home se cor 9th and Edwards.


Dunn Minus (col), *res 225 Carpenter.

Dunn Thomas, wagon-maker, res se cor 9th and Edwards.

Dunn Thomas, machinist, bds 801 S Barret.

Dunning A. J., conductor, res 826 S 4th.

Dunphy Patrick, lab, res 200 New.

Dunsing C., student Concordia Seminary.

Dunton Mary, wid, bds 1162 N 5th.

Du Pleaux Tom, furniture dealer, 109 N 5th, res es 4th bet Carpenter and Miller.

Durgner Herman, *res 1618 Washington.

Durkin James, lab, res se cor New and Washington.

Durkin Patrick, saloon, res 617 Washington.

Durland Nannie, saleslady at Kimberís, bds 331 S 5th.

Dutch Ralph, wks w. factory, bds 614 N 7th.

Duval Mary, wks cor 9th and Washington.

Dwyer David, lab, *res 1716 Adams.

Dwyer James, wks p. mill, *res West av, 3d h n of Washington.

Dwyer Mary, home 1716 Adams.

Dwyer Mary, wid, *res 922 Miller.

Dwyer Mary, help 903 S 7th.

Dyson H. Mrs., wid, res Douglas av, 2d h s of Governor.

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