M - N

130 (cont.)

MAAK MARY, wid, res 313 W Edwards.

Macdonald Edward, chemist steel works, Ridgely.

Mace E C., carpenter, *res 1103 S 8th.

Mack John G., steward St. Nicholas Hotel.

Mack Michael, lab, *res 919 Cook.

Mackey Emma, seamstress, bds 324 W Adams.

Mackey Lina, wks in book bindery, bds 324 W Adams.

Mackey Mike, brakeman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Mackey William, wagon-maker, *res 324 W Adams.

Mackle Frederick, lab, res 1407 Edwards.

Madden Edward, heater, *res Ridgely av bet 8th and 9th.

Madison James, cook, *res Adams, 2d h w of 17th.

Madlock Hattie, dressmaker, *res 208 N 14th.

Madtagan M., help at 441 S 2nd.

Maggenti Louis, confectionery, foreign and domestic fruits, cigars, tobacco, etc., 607 Washington, res 624 Monroe.

Maggenti Joseph, fruit dealer, res 624 W Monroe.

Magie A. H., carpenter, res Lincoln av and Edwards.

Magie A. P., carpenter, bds 411 Walnut.

Magie Flora, home cor Edwards and Lincoln av.

Maher A., clerk, bds 621 Adams.

Maher John, lab, *res 328 W Reynolds.

Maher Patrick, grocer, *res Adams bet 7th and 8th.

Mahon Patrick, wks r. mill, *res 618 Adams.


Mahoney Cornelius, wks w. factory, bds 446 W Carpenter.

Mahoney Daniel, lab, res 1206 Adams.

Mahoney Jeremiah, lab, res 1009 S 3d.

Mahoney John, tailor, *res on Jefferson nr Walnut.

Mahoney John, lab, *res 435 W Reynolds.

Mahoney John, moulder, bds 1407 Monroe.

Mahoney John, lab, bds Eastman av and railroad crossing.

Mahoney John, machinist, bds 1206 Adams.

Mahoney John, lab, res 1150 N 7th.

Mahoney Lizzie, home 1206 Adams.

Mahoney Maggie, home 1407 Monroe.

Mahoney Mary, home 1407 Monroe.

Mahoney Michael, lab, res 1024 S 11th.

Mahoney Michael, lab, res 800 S 14th.

Mahoney Mike, miner, res 1108 N 8th.

Mahoney Patrick, lab, res 446 W Carpenter.

Mahoney Patrick, *res cor Eastman av and railroad crossing.

Mahoney Tim, grocer, res ne cor 11th and Jackson.

Mahoney William, wks at r. mill, bds 1407 Monroe.

Mahoney William, blacksmith, res 926 S 12th.

Mailaender E., student Concordia Seminary.

Maisel Anna, wid, res 825 Reynolds.

Maisel G. A., watch repairer, 217 N 6th.

Maisel John, gardener, res Lincoln av, n of North av.

Maisel Henry, lab, bds at 825 Reynolds.

Maisel Henry, printer, bds at 825 Reynolds.

Maiselbeck Bertha, home 422 Madison.

Maisenbacher Mathias, res 1228 Capitol av.

Maisenbacher Philip, wks w. factory, bds 1228 Capitol av.

Maisenbacher William, fireman, bds 1228 Capitol av.

Maisenberger F., wks w. factory, res 8th bet Division and North av.

Maisenberger George, blacksmith, *res 1127 Madison.

Maitland John, moulder at Ripponís foundry.

Maldaner John, pastry cook, res 1316 Capitol av.

Mallette Maria, wid, res 1130 S 7th.

Malley C. P., freight conductor Wabash, bds 1128 Capitol av.

Mallon Mary, wks 207 Adams.

Mallon Michael, miner, *res 1523 Adams.

Mallon Patrick, miner, bds 1523 Adams.

Mallon Sarah, wid, bds 1523 Adams.

Mallory Edward, porter 1st National, *res 625 Washington.

Mallory J. D., carpenter, *res sw cor 4th and Washington.

Mallory R. V., *res 524 N 6th.

Malloy L., miner, res 211 Doyle av.


Malone Mary A. (col), wid, 9th, n of Washington.

Maloney Maggie, waiter at Revere House.

Maloney Patrick, lab, bds 107 W Washington.

Maloney Thomas, lab, *res 828 S 13th.

Maloney William, city marhall, res 1605 Adams.

Maltby Mary, waiter at Revere House.

Malter Kate Miss, clerk Capitol steam laundry.

Malter William, plasterer, * res ss Edwards bet 15th and 16th.

Mambach William, tailor, res 809 Madison.

Mandal John, saloon, *res 817 Madison.

Manley, J. H., miller, bds St. Charles.

Mann Andrew, butcher, *res sw cor 11th and Capitol av.

Mann George B., salesman, *res sw cor Monroe and Pasfield.

Mann G. W., carpenter, *res se cor 11th and Carpenter.

Mann Ninnie (col), washwoman, bds 225 Carpenter.

Mann Pheola (col), *res 312 N 13th.

Manning Barney, lab, *res cor 19th and Cass.

Manning Bridget, wid. *res 1017 Spring.

Manning John, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Manning Mary, wks se cor 2d and Wright.

Manny Pat, lab, bds at Mrs. Mulholandís.

March Maggie (col), res nw cor 12th and Reynolds.

Marcy Anna, wid, res with J. I. Loose.

Marcy Maggie, help at 518 Capitol av.

Marcy Mary, help at 408 S 6th.

Marker Albert, boiler-maker, bds 1025 Jefferson.

Marker Jacob, fireman, bds 1025 Jefferson.

Marker John, sr., blacksmith, *res 1025 Jefferson.

Marker John, jr., machinist, bds 1025 Jefferson.

Markey Patrick, miner, res 1709 Jefferson.

Markham David, lab, res, 419 N 5th.

Markhau Katie, wks se cor 11th and Edwards.

Marks Henry, delivery, bds 811 Washington.

Marks Tony, lab, res 10th, nr Laurel.

Markus Malache, wks 429 N 6th.

Marlow Wm., att-y genlís messír, *res Lincoln av, nr Washington.

Marner Thomas, wks r. mill, res Ridgely.

Marney Albert, engineer Wabash, res 1214 Adams.

Mars A. B., clerk, bds 717 Mason.

Marsh A. J., engineer Wabash, bds 1017 Monroe.

Marsh Belle Miss, 1061 N 5th.

Marsh Henry S., lab, *res 417 S 11th.

Marsh Julia, wks at 1017 N 9th.

Marsh Mary, wks for A. L. Converse.


Marshall House, cor 7th and Adams, S H. Marshall, propr.

Marshall A. K. machinist, *res 1204 Monroe.

Marshall F. B., wks w. factory, res 1112 Monroe.

Marshall John, stock dealer, res 1119 W Rutledge.

Marshall Nonie, home 1237 S 5th.

Marshall S. H., propr. Marshall House, cor 7th and Adams.

Marshall Samuel (col), wks for J. G. Little.

Martin Belle, home 815 Adams.

Martin Ellen, wid, res 231 cor 1st and Adams.

Martin Frank (col), wks at 728 S 7th.

Martin Henry L., hooker, *res 19 Mill row.

Martin Isaac (col), lab, res 319 W Wright.

Martin Jennie (col), washwoman, res 319 W Wright.

Martin Jonas V., carpenter, *res 831 Madison.

Maritn Joseph, painter, res 1405 Adams.

Martin Katie, wks at 609 N 5th.

Martin Lizzie Mrs., restaurant, 615 Ĺ Adams.

Martin Patrick, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Martin Samuel, baker, *res 319 W Edwards.

Martin William (col), lab, res 319 W Wright.

Marvin John, res se cor 2d and Cook.

Marx Jacob, janitor, res 1015 S 12th.

Marx John, lab, *res sw cor 11th and Clay.

Masche Henry, watchman, res 915 S Pasfield.

Mason Ed., lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Mason Noah, res 909 N 6th.

Mason Thomas, printer, *res 724 Reynolds.

Massingill William (col), bds 2d bet Washington and Jefferson.

Mathies Leonard, tinner, res 110 W Reynolds.

Mathies Valentine, engineer, res 10th, 2d h n of Jackson.

Matheny C. O., real estate, etc., res es 5th bet Canedy and Wright.

Matheny C. W. Mrs., wid, res 813 S 6th.

Matheny E. C., rev. officer, *res ss Jefferson, 2d h w of Walnut.

Matheny Edward C., bds 825 S 6th.

Matheny E. D., *res West av bet Monroe and Washington.

Matheny Fannie, home 825 S 6th.

Matheny George H., bds 813 S 6th.

Matheny J. H., jr., attorney, bds 1104 S 6th.

Matheny J. H., sr., Judge County Court, res 1104 S 6th.

Matheny John R., clerk, bds Jefferson, 2d h w of Walnut.

Matheny Lee, clerk, res 1104 S 6th.

Matheny Lizzie, home end 6th.

Matheny Lou Miss, Jefferson, 2d h w of Walnut.

Matheny Lucy, bds 1104 S 6th.


Matheny N. W. Mrs., wid, res 825 S 6th.

Matheny Nora, bds 1104 S 6th.

Matheny Robert, bds 1104 S 6th.

Matheny Ralph C., clerk, bds 1104 S 6th.

Matheny Samuel, bds 825 S 6th.

Matheny William S., revenue clerk, bds 825 S 6th.

Mather T. C., attorney, res cor Walnut and High.

Mather T S., real estate and pension agent, nw cor square.

Matthews Abigail, waiter at Revere House.

Matthews Christina, wid, *res se cor Spring and Edwards.

Matthews F. L., physician, res 320 S 5th.

Matthews J. H., clerk, *res 415 W Capitol av.

Matthews Julia, res 1116 Mason.

Matthew Ruth, wid, res 633 N 2d.

Matthew W. S., pastor 2d M. E. church, res rear of same.

Matlock Paul (col), wks at Mrs. Van Bergenís.

Mau Mary Mrs., wid, res 309 W Washington.

Maurer A., butcher, res 1st, 3d h n of Union.

Maurer Charles, wholesale and retail wines and liquors, also saloon, 917 Washington, res se cor 11th and Edwards.

Maurer Charles, butcher, bds 113 Reynolds.

Maurer Edward, blacksmith, res 117 W Carpenter.

Maurer Emma C., home 102 Madison.

Maurer Henry, lab, res Edwards bet 16th and 17th.

Maurer J. C., grocer, res 405 Monroe.

Maurer Joseph, res 102 Madison.

Maurer Lizzie, home Ledlie av, n of North av.

Maurer Margaret, wid, res Ledlie av, n of North av.

Maurer Martin, grocer, 231 W Mason.

Maurer William, machinist, bds 630 S 11th.

Maxcy James R., jeweler, auctioneer and money broker, ne cor 5th and Washington, res 1119 S 4th.

Maxcy Joseph (col), lab, *res 2d bet Carpenter and Miller.

Maxfield R. J., carpenter, *res 909 Miller.

Maxon G. E. Mrs., wid, res 112 Reynolds.

Maxson F. P., carpenter, bds North av bet 8th and 9th.

Maxwell Alfred, clerk at Bressmerís, bds 1131 Jackson.

Maxwell R. W., attorney, *res 720 S 5th.

Maxwell Rebecca, home 1131 Jackson.

Maxwell William, boiler-maker, res 1131 Jackson.

Maxwell William R., clerk r. mill store, *res 704 S 7th.

May Ada, bds 122 N 8th.

May Charles, machinist, *res 21 Mill row.

May Lib., washer, 10th bet Madison and Mason.


Mayer Annie, wks w. factory, bds North av bet 5th and 6th.

Mayer George, wks w. factory, bds North av bet 5th and 6th.

Mayer Margaret, wid, res North av bet 5th and 6th.

Mayer Minne, help at 1015 S 6th.

Mayhew William, carpenter, res 1021 S College.

Mayol Charles, tailor, *res 1024 Madison.

Mayol Felix, carriage-maker, *res 212 N 14th.

McAfee Alfred, carpenter, end of S 5th.

McAfee David, carpenter, end of S 5th.

McAfee E. Mrs., res end of S 5th.

McAfee John, carpenter, end of S 5th.

McAfee Samuel, carpenter, end of S 5th.

McAfee Taylor, carpenter, end of S 5th.

McAfee William, carpenter, end of S 5th.

McAllister Frank, roller, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

McAllister Mary W., wid, home 810 Miller.

McAllister Robert C., carpenter, bds 810 Miller.

McAuley Ann J., wid, *res n of r. mill.

McBurnie W. S., physician, bds Leland Hotel.

McBurnie W. S. Mrs., overseer of the poor, bds Leland Hotel.

McBride Charles, lab, res 400 W Adams.

McBride John W., lab, bds 400 W Adams.

McBride Josie, wks at G. Westenberger.

McCabe Catherine, wid, res Reynolds, 2d h w of 1st.

McCabe Katie, home 2d and Jackson.

McCabe M. A. Mrs., wid, boarders, res 2d and Jackson.

McCabe Mollie, home 2d and Jackson.

McCabe Nellie, home 2d and Jackson.

McCabe William, lab, bds 207 Adams.

McCabe William, watchman reservoir, res 610 N 8th.

McCafferty Alice, wks at St. Nicholas.

McCaffrey Ellen, home 1037 N Rutledge.

McCaffrey John, lab, res 915 N 1st.

McCaffrey John, stone cutter, res 1037 N Rutledge.

McCaffrey John, heater, res cor 9th and Ridgely.

McCague William, res 626 S 6th.

McCandless Elizabeth, wid, bds 229 W Jackson.

McCandless Maggie, home 306 W Adams.

McCann J. H., brakeman Wabash, bds 1017 Monroe.

McCann Mary, home ne cor Jackson and Pasfield.

McCann Mose, miner, *res 5th, n of railroad crossing.

McCarthy Cornelius, brickyard, n end of Rutledge.

McCarthy Edward, lab, bds 1100 N 8th.


McCarthy Ellen, home with Cornelius McCarthy.

McCarthy Fred, superintendent water works, res 1102 Capitol av.

McCarthy Jerry, lab, res nw cor Carpenter and Rutledge.

McCarthy Jerry, lab, cor Hay and Bond.

McCarthy Jerry, farms, res 625 Hay.

McCarthy John, lab, bds brick-yard, n end Rutledge.

McCarthy Mary, 1100 N 8th.

McCarthy Patrick, lab, res cor 8th and Division.

McCarthy William, tinner, bds 416 Madison.

McCarty Amy, clerk, bds 1127 Adams.

McCarty David, fireman, bds 1127 Adams.

McCarty Dennis, lab, res 1614 Washington.

McCarty F., cart driver, *res 6 Mill row.

McCarty James, lab, *res 1113 Reynolds.

McCarty Jerry, miner, bds ns Monroe bet 17th and 18th.

McCarty John, lab, *res ss Miller, w of 11th.

McCarty John, lab, *res 1127 Adams.

McCarty Laurence, miner, *res Monroe bet 17th and 18th.

McCarty Mary, res ns Monroe bet 17th and 18th.

McCarty Mary, res 1421 Capitol av.

McCarty Mary, wid, bds Hay, 3d h w of Bond.

McCarty Patrick, brewer, res Hay, 3d h w of Bond.

McCarty Timothy, lab, *res 1421 Capitol av.

McCarty William, teams, res 1127 Adams.

McCartney Ann, wid, *res 901 S 11th.

McCartney Cora, home nw cor 6th and Carpenter.

McCartney Jas., Attorney-General, *res nw cor 6th and Carpenter.

McCauley Arthur, blacksmith, res 120 Carpenter.

McClatchey F. M., contractor, *res 17 Mill row.

McClave E. Wilkes, salesman at A. A. Fisherís music store.

McClellan Bartholomew, lab, *res 210 N 14th.

McClellan Lettie, bds 1004 Mason.

McClellan Mabel, at 1016 Mason.

McClellan William, freight conductor Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

McClennan Daniel, melter, res ws 14th bet Madison and Mason.

McClernand & Keyes, attorneys, nw cor square.

McClernand John A., attorney, res cor 6th and Enos av.

McClernand Rose, home cor 6th and Enos av.

McClough William, lab, bds at Mrs. Mulholandís.

McClure Margaret, wid, *res 815 Madison.

McConnell John, fire insurance, 516 Adams, res 4 blocks w of West Grand av on Washington.

McConnell E. O., farmer, *res 113 W Cook.


McConnell Robert, carpenter, res 1007 S College.

McCormack Ann S., wid, res 8th bet Miller and Enos av.

McCormack John, blacksmith, res 1110 Adams.

McCormack James, fireman, bds 1402 Washington.

McCormick Samuel, lab, res 1402 Washington.

McCormick A. R., carpenter, *res 525 W Monroe.

McCormick David N., exp. Mess. I. C., res cor 2d and Carpenter.

McCormick Duncan, miner, *res nw fair ground.

McCormick John, lab, res nw cor 13th and Reynolds.

McCormick John A., carpenter, *res 1408 Jackson.

McCormick Thomas, lab, *res 846 Spring.

McCosker Alex., carriage builder, rew nw cor 6th and Edwards.

McCoy Annie, home 108 W Jefferson.

McCoy Catharine, wid, res 1410 Capitol av.

McCoy James, wks r. mill, bds 211 Carpenter.

McCoy M. L., lab, res 108 W Jefferson.

McCoy William, blacksmith, bds 108 W Jefferson.

McCreary H. N. Mrs., wid, bds Walnut, 2d h s of Washington.

McCreery J. M., Mayor, and propr. St. Nicholas Hotel.

McCrillis Addie, bds 515 N 5th.

McCrillis Anna, teacher, bds 515 N 5th.

McCue Belle, help at 606 S 4th.

McCue Neil, miner, res 231 N 4th.

McCue Pat, lab, *res Peoria road, w of co-operative shaft.

McCulloch (col), porter, *res 1508 Capitol av.

McCullough Edward, engineer, res sw cor North av and 6th.

McCullough John, ice dealer, *res 403 N 5th.

McCullough Laura, home sw cor North av and 6th.

McCullough Lillian, home sw cor North av and 6th.

McCullough W., bds sw cor North av. And 6th.

McCurley Stephen, teams, *res cor 18th and Cook.

McCutcheon George, grocer, res 1329 Adams.

McCutcheon James, lab, res 10th, n of w. factory.

McDaniel Charles, teams, *res 10th, 3d h s of South av.

McDaniel Elizabeth, wid, bds 435 New.

McDaniel Gilbert, watchman, res 1601 Cook.

McDaniel Belle (col), wid, *res 422 North av.

McDonald Daniel, res 634 W Calhoun av.

McDonald David, heater, *res w of co-operative shaft.

McDonald Edward J., chemist s. mill, bds Revere House.

McDonald Katie, help at 838 S 4th.

McDonald James, blacksmith, res 1212 Washington.

McDonald Jerry, machinist, bds at Ridgely.

McDonald J., wks r. mill, bds 1403 Monroe.


McDonald J. H., City Comptroller, *res 118 W Wright.

McDonald John, engineer, *res 1035 S College.

McDonald John, brick-yard, bds 634 Calhoun av.

McDonald Johnson, bds Drury House.

McDonald Lizzie (col), wks at 637 N 5th.

McDonald Maggie, home 634 Calhoun av.

McDonald Minne, wid, res 1177, cor North av and 9th.

McDonald Samuel, lab, res se cor 10th and Mason.

McDonough Beckie, seamstress, bds 1503, 15th and Adams.

McDonough John, sr., blacksmith, res 1503, 15th and Adams.

McDonough John, jr., machinist, bds 1503, 15th and Adams.

McDonough Lizzie, wks w. mill, bds 1503, 15th and Adams.

McDowell F. H. B., secetary bureau of labor statistics, bds 427 S 2nd.

McDowell C. E., printer, *res 422 Walnut.

McDoyle John, engineer Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

McElhanes M. Mrs., wid, *res 610 S 5th.

McElharney E. C., musician, bds 610 S 5th.

McEuen Theodore, ticket agent Wabash, *res 1030 Washington.

McEwen J. H., carpenter, res sw cor 12th and Enos av.

McFale Duncan, miner, bds 210 N 14th.

McFarlane W. A., insurance agent, *res 225 W Capitol av.

McGinnis Arthur, lab, bds cor Bond and Elliot.

McGinnis James, lab, bds 6 Mill row.

McGinnis James, lab, bds cor Bond and Elliott.

McGinnis John, miner, res 229 N 14th.

McGinnis Mary, help 518 Capitol av.

McGinty Hugh, helper, res 11th, 1st h n of North av.

McGoren John, wks r. mill, res 1718 Washington.

McGowan Edward, *res North av bet 11th and 12th.

McGowan Michael, wks w. mill, res New s of Edwards.

McGrath Ellen, help at 825 S 6th.

McGrath John, wks at gas house, *res 322 W Carpenter.

McGrath M. C., miner, res 1213 Washington.

McGraw Adam, grocer, cor 4th and Madison.

McGraw Bridget, washwoman, *res 317 W Jefferson.

McGraw Daniel, miner, *res 919 S 14th.

McGraw Edward, bricklayer, bds 830 Adams.

Mcgraw John, lab, *res 308 N 13th.

McGredy John, propr. Hazelwood nursery and fruit farm, 1 mile e on Washington.

McGregor M. C., miner, bds 1202 Mason.

McGrevy James, miner, res 1108 Adams.

McGrevey Patrick, miner, res Eastman av bet 6th and 7th.


McGrue Harry, carpenter, bds 1218 S 7th.

McGrue Lulu, bds 1218 S 7th.

McGrue Thomas, carpenter, res 1218 S 7th.

McGuire, Hamilton & Salzenstein, attorneys, 215 S 6th.

McGuire Bernard, wagon-yard, *res 212 N 4th.

McGuire Richard, lab, res w end Edwards.

McGuire Robert L., attorney, 215 S 6th, res 630 N 6th.

McGuire Thomas, harness-maker, res 830 Carpenter.

McGuire Thomas, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

McGuirk Bridget, wks at 401 N 4th.

McGuirk John, miner, res 1519 Adams.

McGuirk Kate, wks at 521 N 4th.

McGurty Hugh, lab, *res 332 S College.

McInnes Isla, seamstress, bds 517 Jefferson.

McInnes M. E. Mrs., wid, dressmaker, *res 517 Jefferson.

McIntire Roxanna, wid, res 219 W Jefferson.

McKane James, fireman I. C., bds 731 Washington.

McKay George, *res 11th, 2d h s of South av.

McKee Emma, home 1426 Capitol av.

McKee George, miller, *res 1213 Washington.

McKee Ida, home 1426 Capitol av.

McKee J. C., carpenter, res 1426 Capitol av.

McKee Kate, 413 Monroe.

McKee Margaret, wid, *res n end 14th.

McKee Robert, tailor, res 514 N 4th.

McKelvey Hugh, plasterer, *res 924 Miller.

McKeown David, student, bds 1124 Jackson.

McKinney George (col), wks at Leland Hotel.

McKinney Jesse, lab, stays cor 10th and Monroe.

McKinney Maria (col), wid, 14th, nr Douglas.

McKinzie Aaron, carpenter, bds 1208 Mason.

McKinzie Alex., wks r. mill, bds Drury House.

McKinzie George, carpenter, *res 1026 Reynolds.

McKinzie John, lab, bds Drury House.

McKinzie Joseph, engineer, res 1208 Mason.

McKinzie Roderick, lab, bds Drury House.

McKirryher Alex., clerk at Connelly & Coís.

McKiver N. R., brakeman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

McKnight Mary S., wid, Walnut, 4th h n of Washington.

McLauchlan Jennie, home 917 S 2nd.

McLaughlin Alonzo, auditorís office, *res 123 S 2d.

McLaughlin Bridget, help at 1027 S 7th.

McLaughlin Bridget, wks at 521 S 6th.

McLaughlin Ellen, bds 308 W Carpenter.


McLaughlin Hugh, lab, res n end 9th, n of limits.

McLaughlin Jane, wid, *res 308 W Carpenter.

McLaughlin Maggie, wks w. factory, bds 308 W Carpenter.

McLean Alice, dressmaker, bds 505 N 6th.

McLean Cornelius, farm hand, bds with John Nelson.

McLean Edward (col), res nw cor 10th and Cedar.

McLean Florence, wid, *res 505 N 6th.

McLean George, puddler, *res 15 Mill row.

McLean James, miner, bds 1431 Washington.

McLean John, machinist, *res 1211 Adams.

McLean John, wks r. mill, bds 505 N 6th.

McLean Kate, wks 2d h on Douglas av n of Edwards.

McLean Patrick, blacksmith, res 1224 Mason.

McLone Ellen, wid, res 10th, s of Cook.

McLone Mary, help at 441 S 2d.

McMahon James, wholesale notions, opera house building, *res 933 S 5th.

McMahon J., lab, *res 224 W Washington.

McManus Agnes, seamstress, bds 1602 Washington.

McManus Eliza, wid, res 616 N 7th.

McManus John, civil engineer, bds 616 N 7th.

McManus John, miner, bds 15th, 1st h n of Washington.

McManus Lillie, home 616 N 7th.

McManus Patrick, engineer Wabash, res 1602 Washington.

McMichael E. S., minister 3d Presbyterian, res 8th and Division.

McMulligan Ellen, help at C. M. Smithís.

McMullin Josie, home n of r. mill.

McMullin Margaret, res n of r. mill.

McMullin Robert, miner, bds w end of Governor.

McMullin William, saloon, bds n of r. mill.

McMurphy George, grocer, 230 N 6th, res same.

McMurphy George W., wks steel mill, bds 230 N 6th.

McMurphy Isaac, clerk, bds 230 N 6th.

McMurphy Lester, assistant postmaster, res ne cor 3d and Allen.

McMurphy William H., drug clerk, bds 230 N 6th.

McMurray Ella, help at 819 S 5th.

McNamara Daniel, hostler, *res 524 W Mason.

McNamara Dennis, lab, res cor 18th and Cook.

McNamara Jane, wid, res 827 Adams.

McNamara John, lab, bds 1712 Adams.

McNamara John, lab, *res 309 W Madison.

McNamara Mary, wks w. factory, bds 1017 S 13th.

McNamara Mike, lab, res Adams.

McNamara M., help ne cor 2d and Cook.


McNamara Patrick, lab, res 1017 S 13th.

McNamara Patrick, lab, *res Keydellís brewery.

McNamara Thomas, Ďbus driver with Little & Son.

McNeill James F., bookkeeper 1st Nat. bank, res 200 Walnut.

McNierney Anna, wid, res 707 S 14th.

McNierney Bridget, wid, home sw cor 14th and Cook.

McNierney James, lab, res 1124 Mason.

McNierney John, lab, res sw cor 14th and Cook.

McNierney Thomas, boiler-maker, bds sw cor 14th and Cook.

McNierney Thomas, lab, res 707 S 14th.

McNulty & Delaney, 631 Adams.

McNulty Ed., saloon, 631 Adams.

McNulty F., photographer, bds Western Hotel.

McPherson Alexander, with J. M. Fitzgerald, 217 S 5th.

McQuinn Frank, printer, *res 726 S 11th.

McRoberts J., retired, res se cor 4th and Cook.

McRoberts Mary, home se cor 4th and Cook.

McSherry P. H., grocer, *res 801 Monroe.

Mehrer Michael, miner, *res 302 N 13th.

Meier Anna, wks w. factory, bds 813 Miller.

Meier George, shoemaker, res 813 Miller.

Meineke P., student Concordia Seminary.

Meisenbacher John, saloon, cor 1st and Mason.

Meissner B., music teacher, res 321 S 5th.

Meissner O., harness-maker, bds St. Charles.

Meister George A., watchmaker, bds St. Nicholas.

Melander P. G., tailor, bds Wilson House.

Melcher William M., tailor, res 817 S College.

Meldon J. C., wks Booth & McCoskerís, *res 903 Capitol av.

Meldrum James, engineer I. C. R. R., 1308 Monroe.

Mellin N. J., merchant tailor, 123 Ĺ S 5th, res es 2d n of Mason.

Melton & Logan, agricultural implements, and agents for the Excelsior Twine Binder, 220 N 7th.

Melton Joseph C., *res 915 Mason.

Melvin John, wks r. mill, bds Peoria road.

Melvin Mike, hooker, *res 5 Mill row.

Menard David (col), waiter, *res 308 N 10th.

Menard Warren (col), lab, *res 308 N 10th.

Mench B. Mrs., wid, res 221 W Washington.

Menchini John, confectionery, 407 Monroe.

Mendell Geo. S., retired, res 410 S 5th.

Mendenhall Samuel, real estate agt., bds w end Carpenter.

Mendes Mary, wid, 1201 Washington.

Mendonsa Annie, home N 8th 2d h s of Enos av.


Mendonsa John, sr., farmer, res sw cor 8th and Enos.

Mendonsa John, jr., machinist, bds N 8th, 2d h s of Enos.

Mendonsa John F., grocer, res cor 8th and Peoria.

Mendonsa Mary, wid, res 211 W Carpenter.

Mendonsa Mary, seamstress, home 211 W Carpenter.

Merbitz S. Miss, wks Douglas av, 1st h n of Edwards.

Merkle Ambrose, bds sw cor Cook and 13th.

Merkle August, lab, res 305 N 14th.

Merkle A. H., painter, res 106 W Madison.

Merkle F. X., painter, res 613 N 4th.

Merklin L. & Co., manufacturing and confectioners, and Vienna bakers, finest ice cream parlors in the city, 207 S 5th.

Merklin Charles, confectioner, res Herndon w of Rutledge.

Merklin Lambert, confectioner, res ne cor Lewis and Capitol av.

Merklin Jacob, bds Herndon w of Rutledge.

Merriam J., collector internal revenue, bds Leland Hotel.

Merrick John, lab, res 622 Monroe.

Merrill Ed., bookkeeper, bds 1124 S 5th.

Merritt C., music teacher, at 307 S 6th.

Merritt E. L., resident correspít St. L. Rep., res 231 W Capitol av.

Merritt Ira, engineer Wabash, bds 1017 Monroe.

Merryman Susan, wid, home 903 S 2d.

Merryman William J., res 903 S 2d.

Mertle Harman, butcher, *res 309 W Calhoun av.

Mertz Anna, home with Philip Ackerman.

Merz Louis, teams, res 932 W Jefferson.

Mester Frederick, brick-maker, bds nr fair ground.

Mester Harmon, brick manufacturer, res nr fair ground.

Mester Julius, cigar-maker, res nr fair ground.

Mette Emma, dressmaker, bds 101 Wright.

Mette Frederick, sr., carpenter, res 101 Wright.

Mette Frederick, jr., carpenter, bds 101 Wright.

Metz Annie, wks at 200 W Cook.

Metz C., student Concordia Seminary.

Metz George, lab, *res 161 W Reynolds.

Metz Jacob, bricklayer, bds 102 Reynolds.

Metz Peter, lab, res last h n end Rutledge.

Metzger Anton, lab, *res Adams opp paper mill.

Metzger George, butcher, res 926 N 3d.

Metzger Lizzie, home cor Calhoun and Rutledge.

Metzger Mary T., home 107 Reynolds.

Metzger Mollie, wks for W. D. Richardson.

Metzger Regina, wid, *res 107 Reynolds.

Metzger William, sr., butcher, res Calhoun and Rutledge.


Metzger William, jr., butcher, bds cor Calhoun and Rutledge.

Metzler Gussie, wks at se cor College and Monroe.

Metzweiller Mary, wid, *res 722 Reynolds.

Meyer A., student Concordia Seminary.

Meyer Edward, res nw cor 9th and Miller.

Meyer John G., upholsterer at Armbrusterís.

Meyer Julius, wks at 821 S 2d.

Meyer Pete, lab, bds se cor 16th and Edwards.

Meyer W., student Concordia Seminary.

Meyer William H., carpenter, *res 817 Monroe.

Meyerhoff H. S., tailor, res 610 N 7th.

Michael Ferdinand, carpenter, res e end Reservoir.

Michael R., notions, bds Revere House.

Mickerson Mary (col), wks at res of G. J. Little.

Mickey Nelson, calciminer, *res 205 W Carpenter.

Midden Henry, grocer, res 630 Spring.

Midden George, bds 630 Spring.

Middleton Maggie, bds with W. H. Holly.

Miers James, carpenter, wks for J. N. Kikendall.

Mien Lizzie, wks w. factory, bds 823 Carpenter.

Mien Theresa, wid, res 823 Carpenter.

Mien Theresa Miss, wks w. factory, bds 823 Carpenter.

Milbee James, roller, res 8th bet North av and Eastman.

Milby William, conductor Wabash, bds 1201 Monroe.

Miles Mary A., wid, home 1331 Monroe.

Miles Rhoda, washer, *res cor Edwards and Spring.

Miles Thomas, lab, bds 104 S 10th.

Miller Benj., lab, *res Peoria road nr Chapel.

Miller Charley, ice delivery, bds Globe Hotel.

Miller Charles J., saloon and res 127 N 5th.

Miller Clint, lab, bds 6 Mill row.

Miller Elizabeth, wid, *res nw cor 7th and Miller.

Miller Frank, wks w. factory, bds 9th, 3d h n of North av.

Miller Henry, city fireman, res 522 S 11th.

Miller H. P., wks r. mill, bds ws 8th, 2d h n of North av.

Miller Jacob, teams, res State nr Washington.

Miller Jacob G., lab, res 13th bet Cook and Douglas.

Miller J. F., traveling salesman, *res 223 N 6th.

Miller John H., butcher, bds Sherman House.

Miller Jacob H., furniture, res 5th, 2d h s of Eastman av.

Miller Jacob H., minister, res 7th, n of Miller.

Miller J. J., musician, bds 726 N 7th.

Miller J. P., pastor German M. E. church, *res 1021 S 8th.

Miller John, lab, *res 205 W Carpenter.


Miller Kate, wks at 1141 N 5th.

Miller K. Mrs., wid, home 718 S 13th.

Miller Lizzie, bds 423 S 12th.

Miller Margaret, home 1106 N 1st.

Miller Mary, wks at N 3d nr Eastman av.

Miller Mary, wid, cor Walnut and Canedy.

Miller Otto, carpenter, res 718 S 13th.

Miller Philip, harness-maker, bds St. Charles.

Miller Sophrona, *res 114 S 9th.

Miller Thomas E., lab, *res 830 S 13th.

Miller Thomas, carpenter, *res 820 Carpenter.

Miller William A., lab, *res 422 W Adams.

Miller W. B., hardware, belting, etc., 103 ws square, res 829 2d.

Miller William C., peddler, *res 1123 Washington.

Million Ed. A., physician, bds 516 S 6th.

Million J. L., physician, 106 es square, res 516 S 6th.

Million J. L., jr., student, bds 516 S 6th.

Mills Abel, clerk, bds 908 S College.

Mills Chas. F., assít sec. Agríl Depít, res Washington e of East av.

Mills John, clerk, bds 908 S College.

Mills Maggie, home 908 S College.
Mills Margaret, wid, res 908 S College.

Mills M. E. Miss, millinery, res 908 S College.

Milton William E., printer, *res 1211 Adams.

Minare Ann (col), res 1022 Mason.

Minare Clara (col), washwoman, res 1022 Mason.

Minare Leana (col), wid, wks at 1016 Mason.

Miner Ella, res 403 S 5th.

Miner L. H., res 403 S 5th.

Miner O. H. Mrs., wid, res 403 S 5th.

Miner William (col), miner, bds 403 N 14th.

Mischler Henry, clerk, res sw cor 8th and Edwards.

Mischler Philip, sr., cooper, *res sw cor 8th and Edwards.

Mischler Philip, jr., clerk at Bressmerís, *res 923 Edwards.

Missa Genevieve, wks at T. C. Matherís.

Misteli John, wagon-maker, res 605 Herndon.

Mitchell Charles, salesman, bds 721 Mason.

Mitchell Charles H., milkman, res cor West av and High.

Mitchell George, roller, bds Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Mitchell George, helper, *res Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Mitchell Jacob, bds Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Mitchell James, rooms 122 N 6th.

Mitchell James, blacksmith, bds Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Mitchell Jane A., wid, res 411 N 4th.


Mitchell John F., asst. supt. r. mill, res cor 8th and Keyes av.

Mitchell J. A., school books, 124 N 6th.

Mitchell Lou, home Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Mitchell Luther, help at 625 S 7th.

Mitchell Peter (col), miner, bds 205 N 15th.

Mitchell Sallie Miss, 1420 Monroe.

Mitchell Thomas W., roller, res 8th, 4th h n of Black av.

Mitchell William, commercial traveler, res 411 N 4th.

Mitchell William, printer, bds 618 Mason.

Mockler Catharine, res 1031 S 6th.

Mockler Margaret, res 912 N 6th.

Moffat Peter, plasterer, res n end Monumental av.

Moffit H., wks w. factory, bds 5th, 3d h n of North av.

Mohan Michael, miner, res Elliott av, w of 1st.

Mohr Adam, res 904 Monroe.

Mois Frank, clerk, home 119 W Carpenter.

Mois Mary (col), wks at E. A. Wilsonís.

Molder Jacob, plasterer, res 229 Carpenter.

Molder John, plasterer, bds 229 Carpenter.

Molner Charles, lab, *res 910 Madison.

Monahan William Mrs., wid, *res cor Spring and Scarrit.

Monham Hugh, lab, res 302 W Carpenter.

Money Louis, carpenter, *res 1202 Adams.

Monis Frank, teams, res 1031 Miller.

Monnet A. C., dress-maker, bds 7th, 3d h s of North av.

Monnet Emma, dress-maker, bds 7th, 3d h s of North av.

Monnet Jacob, wks w. factory, res 1146 N 7th.

Monnet Mary, dress-maker, bds 7th, 3d h s of North av.

Montague Eva, res 1016 Mason.

Montgomery Asa, farmer, res ne cor Rutledge and North av.

Montgomery Hugh, carpenter, *res 934 S 5th.

Montgomery Junius (col), wks Mrs. Van Bergenís.

Montgomery William M., lab, *res 1817 Adams.

Monroe C. J., cigar-maker, bds St. Charles.

Monson Charles, miner, *res 1219 Madison.

Moody & Crabb, (C. F. M. and C. L. C.), dry goods, 131 N 6th.

Moody Lou Miss, bds 724 S 6th.

Moody Charles F., dry goods, *res 1124 S 5th.

Moon John L., supt. Lambís foundry, bds 416 W Monroe.

Moon Robert H., pattern maker, *res 416 W Monroe.

Mooney Lillie, home 331 S 5th.

Mooney Patrick, wks r. mill, *res 1119 Washington.

Mooney S. P., clerk sec State, *res 331 S 5th.

Mooney William, wks w. factory, bds 721 Mason.


Moore & Clayton, grocers, 409 Monroe.

Moore Alexander, miner, res cor 15th and Jefferson.

Moore Alfred (col), cook, res 1108 Reynolds.

Moore A. C., grocer, *res 8th, 2d h s of Cook.

Moore Carrie, teacher, bds ne cor 5th and Keyes av.

Moore Catherine, wid, bds 435 New.

Moore Effie, seamstress, bds 419 N 5th.

Moore Ellen, wks 903 S 2d.

Moore George, miner, bds cor 8th and Keyes av.

Moore George F., machinist, bds 8th, 2d h s of Cook.

Moore H. J., grocer, *res 402 Adams.

Moore James, miner, *res 1707 Capitol av.

Moore James E., tailor, *res cor Canedy and College.

Moore J. W., superintendent co-operative shaft, res 8th bet North and Eastman avs.

Moore Louis, wks Wabash shops, *res 929 Edwards.

Moore Media, clerk, bds 228 Monroe.

Moore M. A. Mrs., wid, 8th, 2d h s of Cook.

Moore Samuel, miner, bds cor 8th and Keyes av.

Moore Sarah A., wid, *res 419 N. 5th.

Moore Stephen A., moulder, *res 819 Adams.

Moore S. A., engineer, res se cor Edwards and Walnut.

Moore Susie (blind), Home of the Friendless.

Moore William H. & Co., publishers, 218 S 5th.

Moore William E., salesman, bds 105 W Monroe.

Moore William H., publisher, 105 W Monroe.

Moorehead E. Mrs., wid, bds 209 W Cook.

Moorehead J. C., tinner, res 1210 S 5th.

Moorehead L. M. Mrs., dressmaker, res 1210 S 5th.

Moran L. M. Miss, res 227 S 7th.

Moran P. Dr. Mrs., wid, 227 S 7th.

Moreland Barney, lab bds 6 Mill row.

Morgan Charles C. (col), wks 521 S 7th.

Morgan G. W., homeopathic physician, office and res 314 S 7th.

Morgan Horace, res 527 S 9th.

Morgan Lemuel, miner, res 1511 Mason.

Morgan M. C., clerk, *res 112 W Monroe.

Morgan Roderick, blacksmith, *res road sw of fair ground.

Morgan Thomas, machinist, *res ws 8th, 6th h n of North av.

Moriarty Maria, waiter at Revere House.

Morning Monitor, 615 Monroe; T. W. S. Kidd, publisher.

Morris Alex., carpenter, *res 505 S 9th.

Morris A. W., carpenter, *res 1105 Capitol av.

Morris James, engineer, res 409 S 11th.


Morris Jessie, home with Mrs. J. K. Dubois.

Morris Joseph, ragman, res 1411 Capitol av.

Morris Minnie, wid, res 902 Madison.

Morrissey John, helper, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Morrison Harry, tailor, bds Jefferson House.

Morrison James, teams, *res 130 N 5th.

Morrison Johanna, wks at Dr. Fowlerís.

Morrow William, carpenter, *res ws 8th, 7th h n of North av.

Morse J. M., retired, res 822 Capitol av.

Morse J. W., wks w. factory, res 1112 Mason.

Morse N. E., wid, res 220 Monroe.

Morse Nellie G., home 220 Monroe.

Morse W. G., commercial traveler, *res 220 Monroe.

Morton Annie, clerk, bds 224 Edwards.

Morton E. Mrs., wid, res 122 N 5th.

Morton William, lab, *res 9th, n of Madison.

Morwitz Vincent, wks r. mill, res 1221 Jackson.

Moses Bertha, wks at 301 N 6th.

Moses John, sec Board R. R. & W. Com., *res 203 Adams.

Moses Mabel Miss, home 203 Adams.

Mosher M. B., *res 819 S. 5th.

Moss F. H., bookkeeper at r. mill store.

Moss H. D., manager cigar stand, Leland Hotel.

Motley David, miner, *res 1135 N 8th.

Motley Henry, lab, *res 906 Miller.

Moton Harriet (col), washwoman, res 919 S 13th.

Moughan John, miner, res N Rutledge, opp brickyard.

Moulton William (blind), 220 N 9th.

Mount Matt, tailor, *res 112 Carpenter.

Mountain John, s. mill, *res Peoria bet North av and Eastman.

Mounts Maggie (col), *res N 12th.

Mowery Isaac, heater, res se cor 8th and Black av.

Mowry John H., carpenter, *res 8th bet Cook and Edwards.

Mueller Annie Miss, res 1200 Monroe.

Mueller Catharine, wid, cor Monroe and Douglas av.

Mueller Charles, machinist, bds 920 Washington.

Mueller G. A., saloon, res 700 Reynolds.

Mueller H. E., wholesale liquor and cigar dealer, 6th and Jefferson, next to Opera House, res nw cor Douglas av and Monroe.

Mueller Henry, clerk, *res 410 Walnut.

Muentnich John, res es 11th, s of Cedar.

Mueller J., student Concordia Seminary.

Mueller L., student Concordia Seminary.

Muhlenbeck Charles, clerk at Gehrmannís, bds St. Nicholas.


Mulcahey Tim, lab, bds 423 Jefferson.

Muldoon B., saloon and res 112 N 6th.

Muldoon James, *res 1303 Edwards.

Mulholand Bridget, wid, boarders, res Peoria road, n of shaft.

Mulholand John, brickmaker, bds Peoria road, n of shaft.

Muller Antonia, tailoress, bds 623 N 8th.

Muller Alexander, tailor, res 623 N 8th.

Muller Lavinia, tailoress, bds 623 N 8th.

Muller Theodore, tailor, bds 623 N 8th.

Mullen Robert, bar-tender, 621 Washington.

Mullen William, tailor, *res 228 W Cook.

Mullen Ann, wks at 830 Adams.

Mullen B. Mrs., wid, *res 1202 Washington.

Mullin Eliza, wid, res 1124 Reynolds.

Mullin James, Ďbus driver, with Little & Son.

Mullin John, turner, *res 708 Madison.

Mullin Katie, 1124 Reynolds.

Mullin Mary, wks at St. Nicholas.

Mullin Richard, lab *res 1120 Reynolds.

Mulligan Jim, lab, *res 922 Miller.

Mulquin M., help at sw cor 4th and Cook.

Mulquin Patrick, tailor, res 831 S 3d.

Mulredy John, wks at gas house, res 1508 Washington.

Mulredy J. M., moulder, bds 1508 Washington.

Mulredy Mike, blacksmith, bds 1508 Washington.

Mulredy Mollie, wks se cor 3d and North av.

Mulredy Thomas, wks r. mill, bds 1508 Washington.

Mulvehill Thomas, lab, bds at Ridgely.

Mulvey Cornelius, sr., lab, res 1103 Rutledge.

Mulvey Cornelius, jr., plasterer, bds 1103 Rutledge.

Mulvey Emma, wks at 821 S 2d.

Mulvey Patrick, lab, *res 615 N 7th.

Mumford Alida, wks w. factory, bds 923 N 5th.

Munn Charles F., wks w. factory, res Union bet 1st and 2nd..

Murdock Lydia, clerk, bds sw cor 5th and Scarrit.

Murphy Ann, wks at St. Nicholas.

Murphy Ann, wid, res 415 W Miller.

Murphy Celia, wks at St. Nicholas.

Murphy Ellen, wid, res 1023 Washington.

Murphy H. D., engineer Wabash, bds 1017 Monroe.

Murphy Johanna, help at 400 S 7th.

Murphy John, wks r. mill, res 459 W Reynolds.

Murphy John, lab, ws 11th,  3d h s of Clay.

Murphy J. G., bleacher, 231 S 3d.


Murphy J. S., grocer, res ne cor 12th and Jackson.

Murphy J., teams, bds St. Charles.

Murphy Katie, seamstress, home 826 Monroe.

Murphy Mack, lab, bds 1016 S 11th.

Murphy Maggie, wks at St. Nicholas.

Murphy --------, Mrs., wid, *res 524 W Williams.

Murphy Mary, seamstress, bds 1023 Washington.

Murphy M., lab, res 548 W Washington.

Murphy Nora, wks for W. E. Shutt.

Murphy Patrick, lab, *res 525 S 11th.

Murphy Peter, lab, *res 1016 S 11th.

Murphy Peter, *res 826 Monroe.

Murphy Tom, lab, res 124 New.

Murphy --------, Mrs., wid, 1016 S 11th.

Murray & Turner, attorneys, 425 Washington.

Murray Charles, restaurant, 120 N 5th.

Murray Charles, lab, *res 1111 Washington.

Murray Frank, waiter at Wilson House.

Murray Francis, home 1628 Washington.

Murray G. W., lawyer, *res 216 2d.

Murray Henry, waiter at Wilson House.

Murray James, weigher n shaft, bds 721 Washington.

Murray James M., sr., peddler, *res 1228 Jackson.

Murray James M., jr., wks w. factory, bds 1228 Jackson.

Murray John M., moulder, bds Western Hotel.

Murray James, lab, *res 1017 Madison.

Murray Jordan (col), wks at Leland Hotel.

Murray Kate, wks at 413 Adams.

Murray Maggie, home 1628 Washington.

Murray Mary, wks at St. Nicholas.

Murray Mary, wks w. factory, bds 1017 Madison.

Murray Michael, lab, *res 1218 Madison.

Murray Pat, miner, bds Marshall House.

Murray Thomas, wks w. factory, bds 1017 Madison.

Murray Thomas Mrs., wid, res 1628 Washington.

Mussillon Joseph, machinist, res 1108 Jefferson.

Mustermann Annie, wks at Prof. S. Cramerís.

Muttera George, cigar-maker, *res 328 W Miller.

Muttera Harry, saloon, res 343 W Reynolds.

Mutzig John, baker for Wurster.

Myer John, carpenter, *res 207 W Mason.

Myers, Davidson & Henley, carriage manufacturers, ne cor 6th and Jefferson.

Myers Albert, clerk at Sternís.


Myers Alfred, hostler at Salzensteins.

Myers Anna, wks at 1529 Edwards.

Myers Cynthia A., wid, *res 801 Jefferson.

Myers C. R. Mrs., *res 114 S 9th.

Myers Ella, home 518 S 9th.

Myers Ellen, wid, res 518 S 9th.

Myers Eliza, wid, *res nw cor 12th and Douglas.

Myers Eva, seamstress, 220 N 8th.

Myers Ferdinand, horse dealer, *res 330 N 6th.

Myers Frank, dealer in fancy goods, notions and toys, 513 ns square, res 518 S 9th.

Myers George, painter, bds 1008 Monroe.

Myers Henry, railroader, *res 1320 Monroe.

Myers Henry, railroader, bds 1008 Monroe.

Myers John, engineer, res 1414 Monroe.

Myers J. D., carriage manufacturer, res 615 S 7th.

Myers Louis, clerk at Benjaminís, bds 801 Reynolds.

Myers Michael, railroader, bds at 1008 Monroe.

Myers M. Mrs., wid, res 801 Reynolds.

Myers M. E., commercial traveler, res 301 N 6th.

Myers Patrick, grocery, 122 N 5th, res 1142 N 5th.

Myers Thomas, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Mylon Pat, lab, res 701 S 18th.

NAFEW JOHN A., clerk St. Nicholas, *res 425 Jefferson.

Nagel & Diehr, grocers, 230 W Mason.

Nagel Mary E., grocer, 230 W Mason.

Nancarrow Nathaniel, miner, bds 1309 S 11th.

Nash Emma A., *res 9th bet Jefferson and Madison.

Nash J. F. Mrs., wid, home 1625 Washington.

Naylor Abner, waiter, *res 919 Carpenter.

Naylor G. W., barber, *res 1017 Carpenter.

Neal John, wks at r. mill, *res 723 Carpenter.

Neal William (col), barber, res nw cor 19th and Douglas.

Nealson P. R., policeman, *res ne cor 5th and Scarrit.

Near John, blacksmith, *res 1224 Edwards.

Neef Catharine, wid, res 506 N 12th.

Neef Emil, wholesale wines and liquors, 509 Monroe, res 1227 Washington.

Neef Frank, lab, bds 506 N 12th.

Neef Kate, wks at 1143 N 3d.

Neef Matthew, saloon and *res 417 Washington.

Neef William, lab, bds 506 N 12th.

Nees Dennis, groceries, provisions, saloon and res 231 N 5th.

Neff George, moulder, *res 429 N 2d.


Neff Jacob, carpenter, *res 315 W Carpenter.

Neff John, lab, res 1123 N 3d.

Neher Benj. F., clerk at Kimbers, res 717 Spring.

Neher Judson, painter, res 6th bet Vine and South av.

Neher Nelson, carpenter, res 1017 S 8th.

Neilson Archie, saloon and res 113 N 5th.

Neilson George, miner, *res 1114 N 6th.

Neilson Tinnie, help at 1039 S 4th.

Neimeyer Henry, fireman Wabash, bds ne cor 8th and Allen.

Nelch Adam, brick-mason, res 506 N 4th.

Nelch Henry, watchman, res 12th bet Reynolds and Carpenter.

Nelch John, Street Commissioner, res 520 N 12th.

Nelch John, teams, *res sw cor 11th and Madison.

Nelch Philip, teamster, bds 520 N 12th.

Nelson Charles, lab, bds 208 W Mason.

Nelson Charles (col), brick-mason, res 909 Carpenter.

Nelson Frank (col), wks at 615 S 6th.

Nelson John, sr., res 7th bet Adams and Washington.

Nelson John, jr., County Treasurerís clerk, bds 7th n of Adams.

Nelson John, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Nelson Maggie, help at 935 S 6th.

Nelson Margaret (col), wks 1121 Reservoir.

Nelson William (col), plasterer, res Canedy, nr Henrietta.

Ness Kate, wks at J. W. Priestís.

Neu Jacob, blacksmith, res 1027 Carpenter.

Neu John C., cooper, res 1029 Carpenter.

Neu Mary, home 1027 Carpenter.

Neuman John C., tinner, *res 414 Adams.

Neumann Fred, clerk, res 326 W Edwards.

Neumann J. F., res 316 W Edwards.

Newland Thomas F., sewing machine agent, *res 1011 Adams.

Newman H. S., clerk, bds Carpenter bet 6th and 7th.

Newman John W., carpenter, res Carpenter, 2d h e of 6th.

Newman J. C., clerk at Western Hotel.

Newman Nelson, restaurant, *res next s of post-office.

Newman William, brakeman, *res se cor 5th and Jefferson.

Newquist Charles, machinist, res ws 12th bet Clay and Kansas.

Newton James, car driver, bds 815 Adams.

Newton Robert (col), lab, res cor 18th and Douglas.

Nicholas John, miner, *res 1228 Adams.

Nichols Amelia, wid, res 526 S 7th.

Nichols Wallace, wks w. factory, bds 9th, 6th h n of Enos av.

Nichols William B., carpenter, res 1019 S 4th.

Nicholson Dennis, res sw cor 2d and Madison.


Nickels C., student Concordia Seminary.

Niesen William, tailor, res 730 S College.

Night George, lab, *res 1429 Cook.

Niknej Antonio, lab, res cor 18th and Edwards.

Niles Lotus, clerk state house, res 414 S 8th.

Niles Mamie, *res 414 S 8th.

Nodine William, commercial traveler, res 1331 Capitol av.

Noel Moses (col), lab, *res 1123 Madison.

Nolan Isabella, wid, *res 121 W Mason.

Nolan Mary, wid, res nw cor 17th and Adams.

Nolan Matilda, 224 W Jefferson.

Nolan Patrick, grocer, 224 W Jefferson, res same.

Nonnenmann Jacob, blacksmith, res 610 S 7th.

Nordella Joseph G., lab, res Peoria bet North av and Eastman.

Nordstrom C. A., tailor, bds Wilson House.

Norman A. D., lawyer, res 931 S 5th.

Norris Alfred, wks w. factory, bds 401 N 7th.

North Alfred A., sr., res 618 Mason.

North Alfred A., jr., bds 618 Mason.

North Emma A., home 618 Mason.

North Catharine C., home 618 Mason.

North Milford, railroader, bds 618 Mason.

Nuckols J. M., sr., agent, *res Walnut, 2d h s of Washington.

Nuckols J. M., jr., bds Walnut, 2d h s of Washington.

Nuckols R. H., bds Walnut, 2d h s of Washington.

Nuess Henry, tailor, *res ss Edwards bet 8th and 9th.

Nugent Bridget, chambermaid at Revere House.

Nugent Kate, wks at 816 N 5th.

Nugent Nellie, wks sw cor 2d and Washington.

Nulty D., wks Lambís foundry, bds St. Charles.

Nunes J. F., drain tile works, bds North av bet 5th and 6th.

Nunes Joseph, hostler, res 1004 S 13th.

Nunes William, lab, res 410 N 14th.

Nurse Samuel, machinist, *res 1137 N 9th.

Nusbaum B., cattle dealer, *res 528 N 5th.

Nutt Isaac, retired, res 118 W Reynolds.

Nybro Josephine, wks sw cor 2d and Washington.

Nygarr L., wks w. factory, res North av bet 9th and 10th.

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