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152 (cont.)

OBOYLE PATRICK, miner, *res 1023 Washington.

O’Brien Andrew, miner, bds 1201 Madison.

O’Brien Anna, bds 10th, 1st h s of Capitol av.

O’Brien Annie, help at 706 S 6th.

O’Brien Bridget, res 9th, w of co-operative shaft.


O’Brien Catharine, wid, cor 7th and Jefferson.

O’Brien Dennis, engineer, res 131 W Mason.

O’Brien Ed., freight conductor Wabash, bds Jefferson House.

O’Brien James P., lab bds Ledlie av, n of North av.

O’Brien James, lab, bds 401 W Mason.

O’Brien John, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

O’Brien J., cutter at Roberts’, bds St. Nicholas.

O’Brien Margaret, wid, res 1104 N 8th.

O’Brien Mary, wid, *res 828 Madison.

O’Brien Michael, lab, *res Ledlie av, n of North av.

O’Brien Mollie, home Ledlie av, n of North av.

O’Brien Nannie, wks at John A. McClernand’s.

O’Brien Patrick, lab, res 805 S 15th.

O’Brien Patrick, saloon, res 731 Washington.

O’Brien Thomas, saloon and res 631 Washington.

O’Brien Thomas, teams, res nw cor 18th and Douglas.

O’Brien Timothy, carpenter, res 13th and South av.

O’Brien William, sr., lab, res 401 W Mason.

O’Brien William, jr., wks w. factory, bds 401 W Mason.

O’Connell Cornelius, lab, res 219 N 14th.

O’Connell John, lab, bds 219 N 14th.

O’Connell John F., lumber dealer, bds 610 N 4th.

O’Connell Katie, wks at 523 N 6th.

O’Connell W. M., engraver, *res 610 N 4th.

O’Connor Cecilia, wid, rear of 819 Adams.

O’Connor Daniel, farmer, res 702 S 15th.

O’Connor John, clerk at Ensel’s, res 1003 S 3d.

O’Connor Maggie, wks 512 N 7th.

O’Connor Michael, saloon and billiards, res 106 N 6th.

O’Crowley Daniel, deputy recorder, res se cor 7th and Scarrit.

Odam David, harness manufacturer, fine riding saddles and harness a specialty, 614 Adams, res 319 N 6th.

Oddy William, engineer I. C., bds 526 S 7th.

Odel Logan, lab, bds 104 S 10th.

Odel William, lab, bds 104 S 10th.

Oder Martin S., lab, bds 700 Carpenter.

Odiorne A., supt. gas works, res se cor 3d and North av.

Odiorne E. E., bds sw cor 3d and North av.

Odiorne W. H., clerk, res 5th, 2d h s of Keyes.

O’Donald Patrick, lab, bds 816 Reynolds.

O’Donald Mike, lab, res 728 N 8th.

O’Donnell Daglin, lab, bds 6 Mill row.

O’Donnell John, bricklayer, res 605 Calhoun av.

O’Donnell J. F., supt. Capital Coal Co’s office, bds 726 N 8th.


O’Donnell Patrick, roller, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

O’Donnell P. P., wholesale and retail confectioner, 529 ns square, bds St. Nicholas.

O’Donnell Peter, lab, bds 605 Calhoun av.

O’Donnell R. H., blacksmith, res 728 S 14th.

Offdenkcamp Herman, lab, res Lincoln av, n of North av.

Officer William H., res sw cor 4th and North av.

Oglesby Monroe (col), miner, res 1724 Adams.

O’Hara Edward, brakeman Wabash, *res 925 Edwards.

O’Hara Hannah, wid, *res 828 Madison.

O’Hara Mary, wks at Grand Avenue House.

Ohman K. M., clerk, res 228 Monroe.

Olander P. G., wks for D. T. Littler.

Oldroyd O. H., bookkeeper at Bressmer’s, res 1101 S 7th.

O’Leary Mary, wid, *res 933 S 5th.

Oliver S. H., carpenter, res nw cor 3d and Allen.

Olston Ole, wks r. mill, rooms, 900 Monroe.

O’Neil John J., plumber, bds Jefferson House.

ONeil Thomas, lab, *res 220 N 13th.

Opel Annie, wks w. factory, bds 827 Mason.

Opel Edward, carpenter, bds 827 Mason.

Opel Emma, wks w. factory, bds 827 Mason.

Opel Henry, wks w. factory, bds 827 Mason.

Opel John, bookbinder, res 128 W Reynolds.

Opel Margaret, wid, bds 128 W Reynolds.

Opel Nicholas, carpenter, res 827 Mason.

Opel Tina, home 128 W Reynolds.

Ordway John, dealer in Indianapolis wood pumps, 419 Monroe, res 322 N 2d.

Ordway Walter, shoe dealer, 517 ns square, res 913 S 6th.

O’Reilly James, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Orendorff & Creighton, attorneys, 501 ns square.

Orendorff Alfred, attorney, res sw cor 2d and Washington.

Ornellas A., brick-layer, bds 310 N 14th.

Orr Charles A., bookkeeper at Ide’s, bds n end of 3d.

Orr Joseph, *res 1223 Adams.

Orr Lucia Mrs., res n end of 3d.

Orr William H., miner, res 554 Williams.

Osbourn C. H., brakeman Wabash, bds 901 Capitol av.

Osgood F. H., shoe dealer, bds Revere House.

Osgood W. B., shoe salesman, bds 308 N 5th.

O’Shea James, moulder, bds Eastman av and railroad.

O’Shea Johanna, wid, res 812 S 15th.

O’Shea Michael, lab, res 812 S 15th.


O’Shea Richard, carpenter, res Eastman av and railroad.

Ostbrock F., tailor, bds Wilson House.

Ostenburgh Joseph, painter, *res 216 N 14th.

Osswald George, carpenter, res 1608 Capitol av.

O’Toole Ferguson, lab, *res 1124 Madison.

Ott John, cabinet-maker, res 323 W Carpenter.

Ott John W., carpenter, bds 323 W Carpenter.

Ott Nicholas, teams, res se cor 16th and Edwards.

Overseer of the Poor, Mrs. W. S. McBurnie, 509 Monroe.

Ownby George C., wks w. factory, *res 1211 Jefferson.

Owen J. C., teams, *res 913 W Jefferson.

Owen Lizzie, wid, res Governor, w of Lincoln av.

Owen Walter, wks w. factory, bds St. Nicholas.

Owens Ann E. (col), wks at 806 Adams.

Owens J. P., teams, res 315 Adams.

Owens M. F., wks at r. mill, bds North av bet 5th and 6th.

Owens Samuel, *res opp Leland Hotel.

Owens Richard, blacksmith, res turn of Wabash.

PACKARD ALLEN, mason, *res ws 11th, 5th h s of South av.

Paddock J. H., clerk Secretary of State, *res 1020 S 7th.

Page Catharine, wid, *res 914 Madison.

Page John B., lab, *res Lincoln av.

Page John, porter Wilson House.

Page Thomas, night clerk St. Nicholas.

Paine Ann J., wid, bds 112 Reynolds.

Paine Enoch, *res Capitol av bet New and Lewis.

Paine E. G., wks w. factory, res 9th, 2d h n of Division.

Paine Frank H., engineer Wabash, bds 1111 S 7th.

Paine Henry (col), lab, *res 811 Jefferson.

Paine Mary, teacher, bds Capitol av bet New and Lewis.

Palmer Edwin C., boiler-maker, res nw cor 11th and Cass.

Palmer F. C., telegraph operator Wabash, *res 1211 Monroe.

Palmer G. W., physician, 223 S 5th, res cor 11th and Cass.

Palmer John M. & J. Mayo, attorneys, 210 S 5th.

Palmer John, carpenter, *res ne curve of Wabash.

Palmer John W., wks at r. mill, res 1124 Jackson.

Palmer John M., lawyer, res 819 Mason.

Palmer J. Mayo, lawyer, res 1119 S 7th.

Palmer J. B., printer, bds 220 Monroe.

Palmer Mollie, seamstress, bds ne curve of Wabash.

Palmer O., freight conductor Wabash, bds 811 Washington.

Palmer Sarah J.,  wks at St. Nicholas.

Palmer Theresa, wks at St. Nicholas.


Palmer William, wks w. factory, res 9th, 4th h n of North av.

Palmer William H., teams, bds ne curve of Wabash.

Papenhausen William, minister, *res 310 W Edwards.

Park Zalph, Wabash shops, *res 919 Cook.

Parke Aaron, railroader, res 229 Madison.

Parke M. J., wid, bds 229 Madison.

Parker Alice, sw cor 4th and Washington.

Parker Arch., painter, *res 1219 Adams.

Parker Charles (col), hair-dresser, *res 1728 Adams.

Parker Elizabeth, wid, sw cor 4th and Washington.

Parker George, freight conductor Wabash, bds 1300 Washington.

Parker Jennie, wks at 1028 Monroe.

Parker John F., machinist, res 1331 Washington.

Parker Lillie, wks at 206 W Capitol av.

Parker Mary, wid, 220 N 9th.

Parker Mary (col), washer, 215 W Capitol av.

Parker O. B., wagon yard, *res sw cor 4th and Washington.

Parker Samuel C., painter, *res 1108 Monroe.

Parker T. A., pastor 1st M. E. church, res 406 S 5th.

Parker William G., painter, res 1420 Monroe.

Parkerson J. J., grocer, res 822 S 4th.

Parks A. O., salesman, *res Washington and Lincoln av.

Parks Martha (col), wks at se cor Miller and 5th.

Parr James A., clerk, *res 712 Mason.

Parrish Frank H., clerk at Coleman’s, bds w end Carpenter.

Parsons G. D., watchmaker, *res 1115 N 6th.

Partlow C. M., carpenter, *res 310 W Wright.

Partlow Hannah, wks at 125 W Jefferson.

Pasfield George, res on Pasfield facing Capitol av.

Patten M. H., dentist, *res ne cor 4th and Scarrit.

Patton & Lanphier, attorneys, 224 ½ S 5th.

Patton James W., attorney, res 401 N 4th.

Patton George W. (col), res se cor 5th and Mason.

Patterson Biddy (col), wid, res 405 N 4th.

Patterson Colby, painter, bds Klein bet 1st and Rutledge.

Patterson Edward, painter, *res 1st, s of Allen.

Patterson I. D. Mrs., wid, res Klein bet 1st and Rutledge.

Patterson John, (col), lab, *res 9th and Carpenter.

Patterson J. W., baggage master Wabash, res 1201 Monroe.

Patterson Maria (col), washwoman, res 405 N 4th.

Patterson Orson L., miner, *res 914 Monroe.

Patterson Robert (col), miner, *res 1310 Washington.

Patterson Sarah, home se cor Calhoun av and Klein.

Patterson William, brakeman Wabash, bds 1201 Monroe.


Patrick Fanny (col), 1508 Capitol av.

Paul Clarence R., journalist, bds at Revere House.

Paul Charles D., printer, bds at St. Charles.

Paul Fred wks at w. factory, bds 1111 N 9th.

Paul Henry, pattern maker, se cor 8th and Allen.

Paul William, fireman Wabash, bds se cor 8th and Allen.

Paulen Debold, County Treasurer, res 516 S 8th.

Paulen George R., clerk at Osgood’s, bds 516 S 8th.

Paulen Jacob, clerk, bds 516 S 8th.

Paulen Julius, civil engineer, res 337 Doyle av.

Paulson John, dairyman, *res 1311 S 6th.

Paulus J. W., engineer Wabash, *res 413 S 9th.

Payne Annie, home 300 Monroe.

Payne Hattie, home 300 Monroe.

Payne Hattie I., res with Mrs. Lucia Orr.

Payne John, roller, res 3 blocks nw r. mill.

Payne J. H., wks r. mill, *res 721 N 8th.

Payne M. L. Mrs., boarders, *res 300 Monroe.

Payne Sylvester F., turnkey, *res 1 Mill row.

Payran Annie, home ws Spring, 2d h s of Allen.

Payran Elizabeth, teacher, bds ws Spring, 2d h s of Allen.

Payran Richard, carriage trimmer, res ws Spring, 2d h s of Allen.

Peace Joseph, miner, res 734 N 1st.

Peace William, miner, *res 800 N 1st.

Peacher Charles, lab, bds at Rolling Mill Hotel.

Peacock Lou, cook at 417 Jefferson.

Peakel Thomas, wagon-maker, res 11th bet Miller and Enos av.

Pearce Elizabeth, notions, *res 219 Monroe.

Pearce M. L., clerk, *res 219 Monroe.

Pearl Benjamin O., clerk, bds 1031 S 8th.

Pearl George, engineer, *res 1031 S 8th.

Pease C. A., teacher, *res 1202 S 8th.

Pease Harry, clerk Ridgely Bank, bds 1005 S 6th.

Pease Mary R., wid, *res 1005 S 6th.

Pease William, clerk at Roberts, bds 1005 S 6th.

Pedigo Emeline, wid, res Eastman av bet 7th and 8th.

Peel Edward, dyer, *res 316 N 5th.

Peel George L., lab, *res n of Concordia College.

Peel Robert, janitor, res 1312 Capitol av.

Peeples James, teams, *res ns Washington, e of 15th.

Peippert Henry, cigar-maker, bds at Jefferson House.

Peirea Val., image peddler, res 9th and Adams.

Peffer Charles, baker, wks for Kreuzkemper.

Pemberton Harry, Monitor reporter, bds Marshall House.


Pence William H., fireman, *res ws 11th, 4th h s of Clay.

Pender Alexander, *res se cor 7th and Edwards.

Pender Anna M., teacher, bds sw cor 7th and Edwards.

Pender Emily, wid, res 6th bet Vine and South av.

Pender M. Lizzie, teacher res sw cor 7th and Edwards.

Pendergast John, mill delivery, res 3d, 2d h s of Scarrit.

Penney Julia (col), wks at 729 Jefferson.

Penney Nicholas, miner, res cor Spruce and S 11th.

Pennemann Meta, wid, res 906 Spring.

Pentz Christian, lab, res 909 Pasfield.

Pepper John, teams, bds Green Tree.

Peppert Henry, cigar-maker, bds Jefferson House.

Pereira A. F., machinist, res nw cor 13th and Jefferson.

Perkins Albert (col), lab, *res 403 N 14th.

Perkins Della, sw cor 11th and Madison.

Perkins Jennie, wid, *res sw cor 11th and Madison.

Perkins Plez (col), wks at 729 Jefferson.

Perry John, lab, res 404 N 14th.

Perry Henry, lab, res 1628 Jackson.

Perry Johanna, home 1628 Jackson.

Perry Margaret Mrs., *res 1309 S 11th.

Perry Simon, lab, bds 1628 Jackson.

Peshon Jacob, miner, *res 1301 S 13th.

Pestridge John W., cook, *res 208 N 14th.

Peters Agnes, home 924 S 11th.

Peters Ann T., home 1000 S 7th.

Peters Bettie, help at 1116 S 5th.

Peters Ernest R., wks at Mester’s brickyard.

Peters John T., chief clerk state treasury, res 1000 S 7th.

Peters John, printer, bds 207 Adams.

Peters John, wks at Germania House.

Peters J., miner, bds St. Nicholas.

Peters Stella, bds 806 Adams.

Peterson Alfred, bookkeeper, bds 603 N 5th.

Peterson August, tailor, *res sw cor 2d and Madison.

Peterson Charles J., soda manufacturer, res 603 N 5th.

Peterson F. J. (col), minister, res 330 N 13th.

Peterson F. O., bookbinder, res 98 W Wright.

Peterson John (col), barber, res 1427 Monroe.

Pettibone Maggie, res 805 Adams.

Pettibone Sarah, boarders, *res 805 Adams.

Pfarrer Samuel, confectionery, res 107 N 5th.

Pfan Annie, wks at Concordia Seminary.

Pfan G., steward Concordia Seminary.


Pfeifer Daniel, policeman, res 1220 Adams.

Pfiefer Fred, porter St. Nicholas.

Pfieffer Victoria, home 603 Spring.

Pfferle Fred, machinist, *res cor Barret and Kansas.

Pheasant Samuel, farms, *res 433 N 5th.

Phelps Henry L., clerk Thayer & Co., res 228 Jackson.

Phelps R. D., dentist, bds 721 Mason.

Phelps Tillie, wks at nw cor Spring and Edwards.

Phillips Adeline Miss, Washington and Douglas av.

Phillips Alice, home 1509 Jackson.

Phillips A. J., res Washington and Douglas av.

Phillips Belle, home North av, 3d h e of 4th.

Phillips Bettie, 807 Reynolds.

Phillips Charles J., trunk-maker, bds nw cor 15th and Jackson.

Phillips David J., merchant tailor, 216 S 5th, res 629 N 5th.

Phillips D. L. Mrs., res Washington and Douglas av.

Phillips Edwin U., trunk-maker, bds nw cor 15th and Jackson.

Phillips Emet R., trunk-maker, bds nw cor 15th and Jackson.

Phillips James D., *res North av, 3d h e of 4th.

Phillips John, clerk, bds Globe Hotel.

Phillips Joseph K., tailor, bds Green Tree Hotel.

Phillips J. L., printer, *res 224 N 7th.

Phillips Kate, home North av, 3d h e of 4th.

Phillips Mary, home 1154 N 5th.

Phillips M., carpet-maker, *res 904 Reynolds.

Phillips Mortimer, street sprinkler, res 1509 Jackson.

Phillips Oscar F., city fireman, bds nw cor 15th and Jackson.

Phillips Robert, brick-layer, res 1154 N 5th.

Phillips William, wks at r. mill, bds 1154 N 5th.

Phillips William, carpenter, res 1114 N 7th.

Phillips William T., clerk at Herndon’s, bds 1509 Jackson.

Phillips Bros., trunk manufacturers, 123 N 6th.

Philpott Julia, wks at cor 10th and Monroe.

Philpott Nich., teams, bds cor 10th and Monroe.

Phoenix Mills, L. J. Wackerle, propr., cor 10th and Madison.

Phoenix Fred, tinner, res 116 W Mason.

Pickel J., groceries and provisions, 122 W Carpenter, res 130 W Carpenter.

Pierce Anton, lab, res 200 N 13th.

Pierce Irving, wks w. factory, bds 1149 N 5th.

Pierce John J., plasterer, *res 409 W Mason.

Piercy James, carpenter, *res Amos Lane.

Pietz Henry, photographer, 221 ½ S 6th, res same.

Pike Peter, heater, *res 8th, 2d h n of railroad crossing.


Pilcher John, carpenter, *res 1316 Monroe.

Pilcher J., carpenter, *res 828 Carpenter.

Pilcher Wm., lab, res cor 18th and Cass.

Pillsbury W. L., chief clk S. P. I., res nw cor College and Capitol av

Pinckard T. S., printer, *res 331 W Jackson.

Pine B. W., lab, bds 206 Elliott av.

Piper Amelia, bds 420 W Canedy.

Piper Charles, lab res 420 W Canedy.

Piper Fred, teams, cor 7th and Jefferson.

Piper Herman, lab, bds 420 W Canedy.

Piper John H., clerk, *res 1020 N 5th.

Piper John O., brick-mason, bds 1020 N. 5th.

Piper Mary, wid, res 1020 N 5th.

Piper Rachel, teacher, bds 1020 N 5th.

Piper Sarah L., home 1020 N 5th.

Pirkin W. T., farmer, *res 923 N 5th.

Pitcher George, car-driver, res 707 Mason.

Pittiman Fred, miner, bds 613 N 8th.

Pittman J. A. W., photographer, 323 S 5th, *res ws Klein, 2d h s of Calhoun av.

Pittman J. E., wks w. factory, bds at Wilson House.

Pitts E. L., telegraph operator O. & M. R. R. depot.

Planck William H., confectioner, res 328 State.

Plattner Mary, home with Frank Reisch.

Pledger William, plasterer, *res 629 N 2d.

Pletz Andrew W., carpenter, *res 9th, opp w. factory.

Pletz Benjamin, carpenter, res 1418 Monroe.

Pletz Benjamin H., painter, res 1717 Capitol av.

Pletz Charles, wks w. factory, bds 1151 N 6th.

Pletz Clara, bds 817 Monroe.

Pletz Elias W., painter, *res 1717 Capitol av.

Pletz Emma Mrs., wks w. factory, bds 1418 Monroe.

Pletz Harvey, painter bds 1418 Monroe.

Pletz John F., salesman, *res cor 14th and Market.

Pletz Joseph R., carpenter, bds 1325 Jackson.

Pletz Laura, dressmaker, bds 1418 Monroe.

Pletz Louis D., railroader, *res Jackson bet 10th and 11th.

Pletz Rebecca, bds 817 Monroe.

Pletz Samuel, shoemaker, res 1325 Jackson.

Pletz Samuel J., painter, bds 1717 Capitol av.

Pletz William, carpenter, *res 1322 Jackson.

Pletz William U., painter, bds 1717 Capitol av.

Plowman Annie, home 406 N 5th.

Plowman Jennie, dressmaker, bds 406 N 5th.


Plowman Katie, home 406 N 5th.

Plowman R., pork packer, *res 406 N. 5th.

Poehlman Conrad, miner, res n end Rutledge.

Poehlman John, lab, res n end Rutledge.

Poffenbarger George, machinist, bds 1111 N 7th.

Poffenbarger Martin, teams, *res Edwards, w of Lincoln av.

Poffenbarger Mary A., home 928 S 2d.

Poffenbarger W. C., clerk, res 928 S 2d.

Pogue J. F., lamps, oils, gasoline stoves, etc., 619 Adams.

Pollard John (col), miner, *res 1123 Madison.

Polmeier Anna, help at 1106 S 4th.

Polson Ollie, wks for B. S. Edwards.

Poor Rosanna, wid, 809 Adams.

Poor Martha J., seamstress, 1101 Capitol av.

Poor William, teamster, *res 1101 Capitol av.

Pope E. A. Mrs., wid, home 229 W Monroe.

Porter C. D., telegraph operator, *res 1509 Adams.

Porter George, teams, bds ne cor 1st and Madison.

Porter J. H. Mrs., wid, res cor Washington and Douglas av.

Porter Lizzie K., res 631 Jefferson.

Porter Maggie A., res 631 Jefferson.

Porter S. J., brakeman Wabash, *res 1403 Monroe.

Porterfield Mattie, wid, housekeeper St. Nicholas.

Post C. R. & Sons, farm implements, 7th bet Adams and Monroe.

Post A. A., agricultural implements, bds head of N 6th.

Post C. L., farm implements, bds head of N 6th.

Post C. R., farm implements, res head of N 6th.

Post C. W., farm machinery, bds head of N 6th.

Post R. O., minister, res 909 N 7th.

Post Willis H., dep. coll Int. Rev., bds 229 W Monroe.

Poston E. D., salesman, bds 721 Mason.

Powell James L., carpenter, 6th bet Adams and Vine.

Powell Mary, wks 320 S 5th.

Powell William, carpenter, bds 6th bet Adams and Vine.

Potts Richard, lab, bds 206 Elliot av.

Power Anna, teacher, bds 1229 Adams.

Power Charles, carpenter, res 1321 Adams.

Power James, grocer, res 721 Washington.

Power J. C., Lincoln mon’t custod’n, *res nw cor 5th and Keyes av.

Power John, miner, bds 721 Washington.

Power Joseph, stoker, *res 304 W Jefferson.

Power Joseph A., printer, bds 1229 Adams.

Power Margaret, wid, res 304 W Jefferson.

Power Mark, miner, 1714 Monroe.


Power Mary, 721 Washington.

Power Mollie, teacher, bds 1229 Adams.

Power M., saloon and res 621 Washington.

Power M. E., printer, bds 1229 Adams.

Power Morris, shoemaker, res 1229 Adams.

Powers William, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Powell R. W., rail-straightener, res sw of co-operative shaft.

Powell Walter E., carpenter, *res 1012 Monroe.

Poyle Harry, wks w. factory, bds Grand Avenue House.

Prather S. E., res Spring, adjoining State House.

Pratt C. J., bds 410 S 5th.

Pratt Jacob, bds Madison bet 7th and 8th.

Pratt Fred S., wks w. factory, res 6th, 6th h n of North av.

Pratt S. A. Mrs., wid, *res 918 Enterprise.

Pratt T. W., route agent I. C., res 526 S 9th.

Prehodo Rosa, help at 915 S 4th.

Prentice C. H., bookkeeper for Adam Johnson.

Prentice H. B., clerk auditor’s office, bds 841 S 2d.

Prentice Laura, home 841 S 2d.

Prentice W. S., minister, res 841 S 2d.

Prescott Maria, wid, nw cor 11th and Cass.

Presley James P., at Brown’s drug store, bds 518 Capitol av.

Prettyman John, wks r. mill, bds ss Madison bet 5th and 6th.

Preusz C., student Concordia Seminary.

Price David, wks r. mill, res Peoria, 2d h n of North av.

Price George, moulder, res 821 S 11th.

Price Harry, blacksmith, bds Black av bet 6th and 7th.

Price J. F., physician, 309 S 6th, res 1301 N 6th.

Price Jacob, lab res ss Wright, 2d h w of 2d.

Price James, wks r. mill, bds at Ridgely.

Price Jane, washwoman, *res 306 W Mason.

Price Maggie, bds 520 S 7th.

Price Thomas, paper-maker, *res 320 W Adams.

Prickett Christina G., home 2d, opp State House.

Prickett Gibson R., bds 2d, opp State House.

Prickett Hannah O., home 2d, opp State House.

Prickett Thomas G., attorney, res 2d, opp State House.

Prickett Jane, washwoman, res 330 State.

Pride W. H., stone-mason, res 1134 N 4th.

Preist John W., furniture, stoves, etc., 519 ns square, res head of E Monroe.

Priest Bettie, home Laurel av bet 10th and 11th.

Priest Rose L. Miss, home with J. W. Priest.

Priest William N., res Laurel av bet 10th and 11th.


Priestman Joseph, hostler, *res 816 Washington.

Primm Elijah S., *res es 8th, 3d h n of North av.

Pringle Alex., cooper, *res ws 9th, 2d h n of Jefferson.

Pritchard John H., wks w. factory, bds ss Edwards bet 1st and 2d.

Pritchard Joseph S., bar-tender, *res ss Edwards bet 1st and 2d.

Pritchard Libbie, home Edwards, 1st h w of 2d.

Propes Albert, wks w. factory, bds 418 N 2d.

Propst David, clerk at W. H. Good’s grocery.

Prouty C. W., paints, etc., *res State bet Adams and Monroe.

Proverock Augusta, help at 604 S 6th.

Pugh Frank, printer, bds 125 W Jefferson.

Purcell Edward, clerk, bds 1116 Mason.

Purcell James, moulder, *res cor 12th and Miller.

Purcell Margaret, wid, *res 1116 Mason.

Purcell Patrick, lab, bds 830 Adams.

Pyle James R., carpenter, *res Carpenter bet 4th and 5th.

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