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67  (cont.)

EADS, O. P., foreman Register, *res Canedy bet 3d and 4th.

Eagan Thomas, freight conductor I. C., bds 731 Washington.

Eaglin Charles, car driver, bds 300 Monroe.

Eagon L. G., Mrs., dressmaker, 215 S 6th.

Early Clinton, lab, res Lincoln av, n of North av.

Early Flora Mrs., wid, 8th and Keyes av.

Early Frank E., wks w. factory, res n end Monumental av.

Early Herman, lab, res extreme s end 11th.

Early Joshua (col), miner, bds 3d, nr Union.

Early Lida, *res 709 Jefferson.

Early Rose, dressmaker, res 304 W Jefferson.

Eastman Ann Miss, home 615 S 6th.

Eastman Asa, res 615 S 6th.

Eastman Fred, wks w. factory, bds cor 6th and Elm.

Eastman S. F. & Co., (John H. Stevens), general machine works, Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Eastman S. F., machine works, res 923 N 6th.

Eaton Kittie, bds 122 N 8th.

Eaton Page, carpenter, res 909 S 5th.

Ebehardt C. Mrs., bds 1209 S 4th.

Eberhen Jacob, bar-tender, res 938 N 3d.

Eck Catherine, wid, res 717 Reynolds.


Eck Frank, beer bottler, bds sw cor 3d and Wright.

Eck George, teams, res Edwards, bet 10th and 11th.

Eck Henry, clerk 1600 Capitol av.

Eck John, res 1013 Reynolds.

Eck Joseph, wholesale liquors, res 717 Reynolds.

Eck Maggie, wks 527 N 6th.

Eck Pauline, home 717 Reynolds.

Eckle E. C., carpenter, bds 713 N 7th.

Ecklin Anthony, track foreman Wabash, bds 1128 Capitol av.

Eckus Henry W., lab, *res 627 N 2d.

Eddy Nicholas, saloon and res 625 Adams.

Edmands Charles, res 509 S College.

Edmands Charles H., stove dealer, res 414 Edwards.

Edwards A. S., bkkr., res ws 5th bet Capitol av and Jackson.

Edwards Ed., miner res 3 blocks nw r. mill.

Edwards Harry, barber, bds Drury House.

Edwards James B., machinist, *res nw cor 13th and Madison.

Edwards Jennie R. M., *res 305 S 5th, upstairs.

Edwards Joseph B., painter, res 1801 Jackson.

Edwards Ninian, attorney-at-law, res 441 S 2nd.

Edwards Tillie M., home 1129 N 5th.

Eggert F., student Concordia Seminary.

Eggleston Ollie Miss, clerk post office, bds at J. W. Priest’s.

Ehlers A., student Concordia Seminary.

Ehlers H., student Concordia Seminary.

Ehman Annie, home 909 S 12th.

Ehman Martin, carpenter, res 909 S12th.

Eielsosn A., lumber, lath, shingles, lime, etc., 919 Monroe, res 603 N 7th.

Eielson E. Mrs., wid, 603 N 7th.

Eifert Henry, musician, bds Globe Hotel.

Eifert John D., shoemaker, *res cor 19th and Edwards.

Eisenhuth J. W., blacksmith, bds sw cor Monroe and Douglas.

Eisenhuth Kate, sw cor Monroe and Douglas av..

Eisenhuth T. V., blacksmith, *res sw cor Monroe and Douglas.

Ekart Charles, lab, bds 1035 S College.

Elei Theodore, miner, res 306 N 14th.

Elder C. A., clerk, res 710 N 5th.

Elder Phoebe, wid, res Douglas av, 2d h s of Governor.

Elder Samuel, wks w. factory, bds sw cor 6th and North av.

Elder S. S., stove dealer, res sw cor 8th and Cass.

Eldridge Gustavus, waiter Wilson House.


Eldridge J. S. & Co. (Levi J. Conant), furniture dealers and auctioneers, 108 and 110 N 6th.

Eldridge J. S., second-hand store, bds St. Nicholas.

Elevator Milling Co. (William Broeker, S. W. Currier, George Kern, W. P. Grimsley), cor 3d and Washington.

Elfgen Elizabeth, wid, res 1008 S 13th.

Elkin Charles, blacksmith, *res 1015 Spring.

Elkin Charles, tailor, bds 222 Wright.

Elkin Emma, home 222 Wright.

Elkin E. S., deputy constable, res 310 Monroe.

Elkin Richard, conductor, *res 503 Governor and West av.

Elkin T. C., clerk, *res 329 N 5th.

Elkin W. F., res 222 Wright.

Ellidge Huston (col), lab, *res 1325 Capitol av.

Elliott C. L., clerk at Saunders, 122 N 5th.

Elliott Isaac H. (of Princeton), Adjutant General.

Elliott Jackson (col), wks at J. D. Crabb’s.

Elliott Jane, wid, home 836 S 6th.

Elliott Temp, stock dealer, res 835 S 6th.

Ellis Charles (col), wks at 427 S 2d.

Ellis Dave (col), res Scarrit nr 18th.

Ellis George, lab, res 331 W Mason.

Ellis Maria (col), wid, 1110 Reynolds (363 pounds).

Ellis Yates, post office clerk, res 502 N 12th.

Elsey James, grocer, res 1130 Monroe.

Elshoff Frank, clerk, sw cor 11th and Cook.

Elshoff Henry, grocery and saloon, sw cor 11th and Cook, res 630 S 11th.

Elshoff Herman, tobacco, bds ne cor 11th and Cook.

Emery C. W. (col), lab, res Edwards and 19th.

Emery W. P., attorney, bds Leland Hotel.

Emig Ed. F., Register office, rooms at Brilliant House.

Emmons Lucinda, wid, res 1220 Jefferson.

Emmons Mary, seamstress, bds 1220 Jefferson.

Enels Mary (col), washer, *res 2d bet Washington and Jefferson.

Engel John, clerk, res 823 Miller.

Engel P., shoemaker, *res 200 N 2d.

Engelbert F., student Concordia Seminary.

Engelskirchen H., weaver, res 505 W Monroe.

Enghauser Rickey, wks cor Herndon and Rutledge.

Engler Mary, wks 507 Enos av and 5th.

English Cora S., home 1022 Washington.

English Turney, auctioneer, *res 1022 Washington.

Enlow Albert J., agent, res Lincoln av, s of Governor.


Enlow John P., blacksmith, bds Lincoln av, s of Governor.

Enlow M. J. Mrs., wid, Lincoln av, s of Governor.

Enos Allen, surveryor, bds 434 N 2d.

Enos George, clerk, bds 434 N 2d.

Enos Kate, teacher, bds 434 N 2d.

Enos Louisa, home 434 N 2d.

Enos Sue Miss, res 730 N 6th

Enos Wm., machinist, bds 434 N 2d.

Enos Z. A., surveryor, res 434 N 2d.

Enright Ann, cook St. Nicholas.

Enright Bridget, cook at 536 S 2d.

Enright Nancy, *res 1220 Edwards.

Ensaw Wm. (col), lab, bds 813 Jefferson.

Ensel A., mailing clerk, bds ne cor 4th and Madison.

Ensel Harry, clerk, bds ne cor 4th and Madison.

Ensel L. S., wholesale liquor house, 226 S 6th, res nw cor 7th and Cook.

Ensel Sallie, home ne cor 4th and Madison.

Enz Fidelia, teams, res 103 Carpenter.

Eppstein Louis, clerk at 714 Jefferson.

Erickson Carrie, wks 250 cor Spring and Jackson

Erickson Henry A., janitor, res 414 N 2d.

Erickson Mary, wid, home 316 W Edwards.

Escue Lizzie (col), bds 123 14th.

Escue Mattie (col), bds 123 14th.

Eskridge Anthony, engineer, bds ne cor 1st and Madison.

Estaque John, fireman, *res 317 N 14th.

Estaque Nathaniel, machinist, bds 317 N 14th.

Estaque Samuel, boiler-maker, bds John G. Hart.

Esslinger John E., upholsterer, res 1514 Capitol av.

Esslinger Theo., lab, bds 1514 Capitol av.

Ester Geo. (col), miner, bds 1202 Mason.

Ettelbrick August, saloon and restaurant, cor 11th and Edwards.

Ettelbrick John, sr., miner, bds ne cor 11th and Edwards.

Ettelbrick John, jr., shoemaker, ne cor 11th and Edwards.

Etter George, res 913 N 1st.

Etter L., clerk, bds se cor Douglas av and Governor.

Etter S. M., bds se cor Douglas av and Governor.

Eubank Alice, nw cor 15th and Jackson.

Eugene Bertha, bds 122 N 8th.

Euler Lizzie, *res 454 W Reynolds.

Evans George, tailor, res 620 N 5th.

Evans J. B., wagon-yard, 4th bet Adams and Washington.

Evans Joe, foreman steel wks., bds 1177 North av and 9th.


Evans John D., miner, res 902 Spring.

Evans Mary, seamstress, *res 331 Doyle av.

Evans Stephen, machinist, res ws 8th, 6th h n of North av.

Evans William, engineer north shaft, Ridgely.

Evans William, lab, bds 104 S 10th.

Evans William I., wks w. factory, res 1035 N 6th.

Evers J., student Concordia Seminary.

Ewart Archibald, machinist, res 924 S 11th.

Excelsior Mills, D. Hickox, propr., 912 Adams.

Ezzell Jennie, *res 801 Jefferson.

Exley William, miner, res 10th, 3d h s of Cedar.

FAGAN ALICE C., teacher, bds 1102 Washington.

Fagan James, wks residence of Speed Butler.

Fagan James, *res 1102 Washington.

Fagan Matt, helper, bds 1111 Washington.

Fagan Mollie E., home 1102 Washington.

Fairchilds James, wks w. factory, res 1st h n of Keyes av.

Fairchilds John, wks w. factory, res 3d, n of North av.

Faith Joseph V., bookkeeper, bds 711 Adams.

Faith Margaret A., milliner, bds 711 Adams.

Faith Mary A., cashier at Fitzgerald’s, bds 711 Adams.

Faith M. R. Mrs., books, etc., *res 711 Adams.

Falk Melville, carpenter, bds 730 Washington.

Faller Joseph, puddler, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Fallon James, lab, bds 1 Mill row.

Fanning P. W., lab res 1405 Washington.

Farley James, plasterer, *res 911 Adams.

Farley John, blacksmith, bds 911 Adams.

Farley John, teams, res North av, w of Rutledge.

Farley Lizzie, bds 911 Adams.

Farey Louise, washer, *res 1323 Capitol av.

Farmer Mary J., wid, res cor Barret and Clay.

Farnsworth L., wid, 1204 S 5th.

Farnsworth W. M., res 1204 S 5th.

Faro Eda (col), help 721 S 4th.

Faro Joseph (col), wks at Bollinger’s, *res 1111 Mason.

Faro Laura, home 313 N 10th.

Farrall Edward, baker, *res es 3d bet Monroe and Adams.

Farrall Edward, lab, res 15th s of Cass.

Farrant Thomas, brickmaker, *res R. R. crossing e of fair ground

Farrell Eugene, cigar-maker, bds Western Hotel.


Farrell Joseph, cigar-maker, bds Western Hotel.

Farrell Richard, lab, bds 214 N 8th.

Farrell William, heater, *res Peoria road opp Chapel.

Farrel William, printer, bds 207 Adams.

Faulkner Ann, wid, bds 617 Washington.

Faulstich W., student Concordia Seminary.

Fawcett Andrew, foreman Lamb’s foundry, res 601 Madison.

Fawcett Emma, home 417 S 9th.

Fawcett Sarah, Jefferson bet 8th and 9th.

Fay Anna, help 939 S 5th.

Fay Annie, wks 1162 N 5th.

Fay Edward, barber, bds Western Hotel.

Fay Thomas, wks at T. S. Little’s.

Fayart Alex., shoemaker, res 722 Reynolds.

Fayart Eugene, clerk at Fayart’s shoe store.

Fayart Hyppolite, shoe dealer, 416 Adams, res 1201 S 4th.

Fayart Joseph, clerk Fayart’s shoe store.

Fayart Josephine, home 1201 S 4th.

Fayart Peter, shoemaker, res 620 S 9th.

Feanup Minnie, clerk, cor 2d and Reynolds.

Feeny Louis W., lab, bds nr fair ground.

Feeny Peter, lab, *res nr fair ground.

Fehr C. H., clerk Gehrmann’s, bds Jefferson House.

Fehr Charles, restaurant and saloon, 612 Washington.

Feitshans J. C., elocutionist, 323 S 5th.

Feitshans F. R., prin. High School, res 808 S 2d.

Felber Jacob, lab, *res 15th and Jefferson.

Feldkamp & Son (Heiko H.), steam dye works, 320 Washington.

Feldkamp Henry, res se cor 4th and Carpenter.

Feldkamp Heiko H., dyer, bds 320 Washington.

Feldkamp Nellie Miss, home 320 Washington.

Feldkamp Ulrich, dyer, res 320 Washington.

Felter Valentine, gardener, res 1219 Edwards.

Feltham J. William, carpenter, bds 230 W Capitol av.

Feltham Rich W., wks w. factory, bds 230 W Capitol av.

Feltham Thomas J., carpenter, res 230 W Capitol av.

Fereira Gustave, painter, res 426 N 10th.

Fereira Isaac, blacksmith, bds 113 Carpenter.

Fereira Joaquim, harness-maker, res 113 Carpenter.

Fereira Levina, wid, res 223 W Carpenter.

Fereira Sarah, seamstress, bds 113 Carpenter.

Fereira Tony, painter, res 826 Miller.

Ferguson Amy, wid, res 211 Pasfield.

Ferguson Amy (col), wid, *res 211 N 5th.


Ferguson B. H., dealer in china, glass and crockery ware, sw cor 6th and Monroe, res nw cor 5th and Enos av.

Ferguson D., wks r. mill, bds St. Charles.

Ferguson Samuel, lab, *res ne cor 7th and Jefferson.

Ferguson Sarah Mrs., wid, res 435 S 6th.

Ferguson Thomas, lab, bds Rolling Mill Hotel.

Fernandes Alex., shoemaker, *res Madison bet 9th and 10th.

Fernandes Carrie, home 311 N 14th.

Fernandes Frank, lab, bds 317 N 4th.

Fernandes John, lab, cor 11th and Reservoir.

Fernandes John, lab, res, 311 N 4th.

Fernandes John F., res 1201 Washington.

Fernandes John R., carpenter, res 1109 Mason.

Fernandes Joseph, lab, res 1125 Miller.

Fernandes Joseph, farmer, *res w end Ridgely av.

Fernandes Manuel, grocer, res cor Klein and Calhoun.

Fernandes Manuel, lab, res 1101 N 6th

Fernandes Manuel, stone-cutter, *res 1101 N 6th.

Fernandes Minerva, res 1201 Washington.

Fernandes Sylvina, wid, 1201 Washington.

Fernandes Tillie, home 311 N 14th.

Ferris George D., brick-mason, res 713 N 7th.

Ferris William, lab, *res 400 W Adams.

Fessenden Ada, wid, *res 623 N 5th.

Fessenden Asa, telegraph operator, bds 623 N 5th.

Fessenden Frank, carpenter, res Douglas av s of Edwards.

Fessenden Julia, home 621 N 5th.

Fetzer Charles, tobacconist, res 714 N 6th.

Fetzer Daniel, clerk, bds 714 N 6th.

Fetzer Fred, carpenter, res 1125 N 7th.

Fetzer Henry, carpenter, bds 714 N 6th.

Fetzer Philip, sr., carpenter, res 714 N 6th.

Fetzer Philip, jr., carpenter, bds 714 N 6th.

Feuerbacher Friedrich, res 125 Calhoun av.

Feuerbacher Jacob, carpenter, bds 125 Calhoun av.

Fie Jacob, painter, res 1323 S 12th.

Fielder H. N., clerk *res 420 W Monroe.

Fiedler Rufus, watchman, *res Revel s of Allen.

Fields Emma, home with J. H Smythe.

Figueira Ella, seamstress, bds 410 N 10th.

Figueira Lucinda, wid, 922 S 7th.

Figueira Manuel, bricklayer, *res 810 Washington.

Figueira Nicholas, brick-mason, res 900 Mason.

Figueira Robert, brick-mason, bds 900 Mason.


Finch F. O., watchmaker, bds 1148 N 5th.

Finch Louis C., telephone office, bds 717 Washington.

Finch L. L. Mrs., wid, *res 717 Washington.

Fining John, miner, bds 15th and Jefferson.

Finley James, railroader, *res 519 N 1st.

Finn Patrick, lab, bds at Mrs. Mulholand’s.

Finn William (col), baggage driver with Little & Son.

Finnigan Robert, wks w. factory, bds ne cor 4th and North av.

Finton Patrick, heater, bds at Ridgely.

First National Bank, 100 ne cor square; F. W. Tracy, president; H. K. Weber, cashier.

FISHER A. A., wholesale and retail dealer in pianos and organs, 123 N 6th; after September 1st will remove to se cor square.

Fish Albert, wks w. factory, *res es N 3d, nr Eastman av.

Fisher A. H., dealer in diamonds, watches, jewelry, pianos, organs and musical merchandise, 504 ss square, res 222 W Monroe.

Fisher Bertha, home 727 N 7th.

Fisher Charles H., prescription clerk, bds 222 W Monroe.

Fisher D. S., watchmaker, bds 222 W Monroe.

Fisher Edmund R., teacher, bds 727 N 7th.

Fisher Frederick F., salesman, bds 727 N 7th.

Fisher Ida, home 727 N 7th.

Fisher Irving, wks w. factory, bds 727 N 7th.

Fisher John S., drugs, perfumeries, etc., 305 S 6th, res 222 W Monroe.

Fisher J. W., bds 222 W Monroe.

Fisher Mary, wid, res 222 W Monroe.

Fisher Melvina, wid, res 727 N 7th.

Fisher R. A. Miss, home 222 Monroe.

Fisher S. D., Secretary of State Agricultural Board, *res 200 cor Spring and Jackson.

Fisher Sue E. Miss, home 222 W Monroe.

Fisher Victoria Miss, res Governor’s Mansion.

Fisher William, gauger, res 417 N 4th.

Fisher William W., printer, bds 727 N 7th.

Fisher Charles, Novelty Wire Works, 305 S 5th.

Fisher M. A., soda manufacturer, res 426 W Adams.

Fischerkeller Mary, wks for Frank Reisch.

Fisk Charles, wks w. factory, bds Globe Hotel.

Fiske William, clerk, res 1004 N 5th.

Fitzgerald Andrew, lab, bds 112 W Jefferson.

Fitzgerald Ellen Miss, saleslady at Herndon & Co’s.


Fitzgerald J. M., wholesale grocer and liquor dealer, 217 S 5th, res se cor 7th and Allen.

Fitzgerald John, carpenter, res 311 W Jefferson.

Fitzgerald John, lab, bds 1127 N Rutledge.

Fitzgerald John, lab, bds 112 W Jefferson.

Fitzgerald John H., clerk  in C. Bressmer’s carpet store.

Fitzgerald John J., miner, res 1162 N 4th.

Fitzgerald Lizzie, seamstress, bds 112 W Jefferson.

Fitzgerald Mary Miss, saleslady at Herndon & Co’s,

Fitzgerald Mike Mrs., wid, res 218 W Mason.

Fitzgerald Patrick, lab, res es 8th bet Division and North av.

Fitzgerald Patrick, lab, res 112 W Jefferson.

Fitzgerald Patrick, wks r. mill, res 1129 Rutledge av.

Fitzgerald William, lab, *res Lincoln n of North av.

Fitzgibbon James, lab, *res 425 W Mason.

Fitzharris James, clerk at Revere House.

Fitzpatrick J. E., saloon, *res 1132 N 5th.

Fitzpatrick Julia, res 111 W Cook.

Fitzpatrick P., grocer, res nw cor Spring and Cook.

Fitzpatrick James, saloon, *res 1134 N 5th.

Fitzpatrick Philip, lab, res 111 W Cook.

Fitzpatrick Thomas, lab, res North av bet 11th and 12th.

Fitzpatrick Thomas, police, res Canedy bet College and Revel.

Fitzsimmons James, lab, *res Black av bet 5th and 6th.

Fitzsimmons Michael, plasterer, res 1330 Washington.

Fixmer George J., clerk at Furlong’s, bds 131 Jefferson.

Fixmer John P., wholesale liquors, and manufacturer of Bonekamp Stomach Bitters, 131 Jefferson, res same.

Fixmer Valentine, clerk, *res 123 S 2d.

Flaherty Edward, policeman, res 827 Madison.

Flannagan Louis, painter, *res 217 N 9th.

Fleck Charles, barber, *res 429 W Mason.

Flegler E. H., wid, res 114 Madison.

Fleming Bert, bds 203 Washington.

Fleming James, lab, *res ss of Adams bet 10th and 11th.

Fleming James A., wks w. factory, bds 5th, 3d h n of North av.

Fleming John S., wks planing mill, *res 203 Washington.

Fleming P. F., watch state treasury, res 422 Walnut.

Fletcher Carrie, wid, res 1300 Washington.

Fleury Frank, dealer in drugs, medicines, perfumes, toilet articles, etc., 505 ns square, res same.

Flood Anna, wid, res 1031 Adams.

Flood James, blacksmith, bds 1031 Adams.


Flood Lizzie, seamstress, bds 1031 Adams.

Florville Samuel H., barber 623 Adams, res ss Adams, 3d h w of 11th.

Flory Adam, painter, res Miller, 4th h w of Rutledge.

Flory George, painter, bds Miller, 4th h w of Rutledge.

Flower John, lab, res, 324 N 14th.

Flower Lizzie, wks w. factory, bds 718 S 13th.

Flower Mary J., wid, bds ws N 3rd.

Floyd J. Q., clerk at Cochran’s, *res 1312 Monroe.

Flynn & Hinton, barbers, 402 Adams.

Flynn Annie, waiter at Revere House.

Flynn James, clerk, bds 115 Wright.

Flynn John, janitor, res 115 Wright.

Flynn John M., blacksmith, bds ns Reynolds, 2d h w of 1st.

Flynn Mary, clerk at Connelly’s, home 328 W Madison.

Flynn Michael, lab, *res 824 Spring.

Flynn Nellie, dressmaker, bds 328 Madison.

Flynn Nellie H., clerk at Connelly’s, bds 115 W Wright.

Flynn Patrick, lab, *res 909 Adams.

Flynn Pat, miner, res s of west shaft.

Flynn Paul, wks r. mill, bds 328 W Madison.

Flynn Thomas, (col), barber, res nw cor 12th and Madison.

Flynn Thomas P., steel works, *res ¼ m. nw r. mill.

Flynn T. J., carpenter, res 208 W Mason.

Flynn William, blacksmith, bds 328 W Madison.

Flynn William J., freight clerk, res ns Reynolds bet 1st and Klein.

Flynn William, policeman, res 328 W Madison.

Fogarty Alice, home 834 S 5th.

Fogarty Ann, wid, res, 1124 Mason.

Fogarty Ann E., clerk, home 1221 Capitol av.

Fogarty Edward, res 836 S 5th.

Fogary Hanorah, wid, res 834 S 5th.

Fogarty James, grocer, res 1017 Washington.

Fogarty John, clerk, res 1031 N 6th.

Fogarty Katie, home 1221 Capitol av.

Fogarty Lizzie, home 1124 Mason.

Fogarty Lizzie, home 836 S 5th.

Fogarty Margaret E., wid, res 1221 Capitol av.

Fogarty Margaret T., home 1221 Capitol av.

Fogarty Mary, bds 1124 Mason.

Fogarty Mary J., 1221 Capitol av.

Fogarty Nellie, seamstress, bds 322 S 4th.

Fogle Peter, wks r. mill, *res 1150 N 6th.

Foley Alice, wid, res nw cor 19th and Cass.


Foley Annie, seamstress, bds 803 Doyle av.

Foley John, lab, *res se cor Reynolds and Rutledge.

Foley John, moulder, res 316 W Reynolds.

Foley Julia, seamstress, 314 S 7th.

Foley Mary, wid, bds 1001 S 12th.

Foley Mary, seamstress, bds 803 Doyle av.

Foley Michael, stops at 1207 Jackson.

Foley Michael, teamster, res 803 Doyle av.

Foley Michael, wks r. mill, res 1154 N 7th.

Foley Mike, puddler, *res 1110 N 7th.

Foley Richard, hooker, bds 316 W Reynolds.

Foley Thomas, tailor, bds Marshall House.

Foley Thomas, fireman, bds nw cor 19th and Cass.

Foley W. C., retired, res 717 Mason.

Folmeier, Chris., lab, res 413 W Miller.

Folsom Mary, help, 410 S 5th.

Fomman Frank (col), miner, *res 1510 Capitol av.

Fooshee Anna, wid, teacher, res sw cor 4th and Carpenter.

Fooshee Joseph, moulder, res sw cor 4th and Carpenter.

Forbes Charles, blacksmith, bds 618 Mason.

Forbes J. B., painter, res 700 Carpenter.

Ford Clara, home 315 S 5th.

Ford Ed., at r. mill, bds Leland Hotel.

Ford Edward, lab, res 225 W Carpenter.

Ford E., wks C. & A., bds St. Charles.

Ford E. L., civil engineer, bds Leland Hotel.

Ford Gabriel, miner, * res 10th nr co-operative shaft.

Ford George, miner, *res 11th s of co-operative shaft.

Ford John, lab, *res 1530 Mason.

Ford John S., saloon, res at Ridgely

Ford Sallie, home 315 S 5th.

Ford Sarah, wid, boarders, *res 315 S 5th.

Ford Thomas, saloon, res Ridgely, opp co-operative shaft.

Ford Thomas, lab, *res nr fair ground.

Ford W. T. (col), lab, *res 501 W Monroe.

Forden Charles, clerk, bds 520 S 5th.

Forden J. M., grocer, res 911 S 4th.

Forrester P. C., machinist, *res 1044 N 5th.

Forsythe George, butcher, 411 Monroe.

Forsythe Matilda (col), wid, 1514 Mason.

Fortado A., switchman, *res 1104 Madison.

Fortney David, freight conductor Wabash, *res 509 S 11th.

Fortune John, teams, *res 1119 Jefferson.

Fortune Lawrence, grocer, res 706 Washington.


Fortune Minnie, 706 Washington.

Fosselman J. Ed., clerk at Roberts’, bds 302 Scarrit.

Fosselman J. B., justice of the peace, 115 N 6th, *res 302 Scarrit.

Foster Alexander H., painter, res 613 W Monroe.

Foster Andrew, agent, bds St. Charles.

Foster Carrie, seamstress, bds 832 Spring.

Foster C. H., steward Leland, res 526 S 5th.

Foster E., plasterer bds 832 Spring.

Foster Eliza, extreme s end 10th.

Foster Hattie, home 1015 N 5th.

Foster Henry, plasterer, res 832 Spring.

Foster John, liveryman, res 1005 Jefferson.

Foster John S., Grand Av. House, cor 5th and North av.

Foster Joseph R., bds ne cor 5th and North av.

Foster J. O., plasterer, *res 113 W Cook.

Foster Lottie, wks 511 Jefferson.

Foster Mary A., home cor Edwards and New.

Foster Newous, plasterer, *res 425 W Reynolds.

Foster Nora, help at Governor Cullom’s.

Foster S. L., farmer, res cor Edwards and New.

Foster Thomas, wks Wabash shops, bds extreme s end 10th.

Foster William, hardware clerk, *res 214 Carpenter.

Foster William, carpenter, bds 832 Spring.

Foster William, sr., lab, res extreme s end 10th.

Foster William, jr., extreme s end 10th.

Fountain Theodore, captain night police, *res 1216 Edwards.

Fowkes Maggie E., home 1324 Jackson.

Fowler E. M., Mrs., res 215 Adams.

Fowler E. S., res se cor 2d and Cook.

Fowler Frank, wks w. factory, bds 9th, 3d h n of North av.

Fowler Lulu, home se cor 2d and Cook.

Fowler Mabel, home sw cor 2d and Wright.

Fowler Rose H., wid, res sw cor 2d and Wright.

Fox B. F., hardware merchant, 509 ns square, res 819 N 3d.

Fox William, lab, *res 1119 N 8th.

Fox William, lab, *res 1319 Adams.

France A. L., clerk Leland Hotel.

Francis Lizzie, wks for N. H. Ridgely.

Francis Lucinda, wks for N. H. Ridgely.

Francis Victor, painter, bds 331 N 14th.

Francis Vincent, painter, res 331 N 14th.

Frank A., painter, res 1121 Miller.

Frank Charles, confectioner for Merklins.


Frank John, teams, res 1100 Miller.

Frank John, police, res 216 N 14th.

Frank Manuel, janitor, res es 14th, s of Madison.

Franks Anna, *res 8th bet Washington and Jefferson.

Franklin Benj., janitor, bds 1522 Capitol.

Franklin John, lab, rooms 900 Monroe.

Franz B., dealer in fresh fruit and salt meats, 302 N 5th, res 508 W Mason.

Franz Fred, butcher, *res cor 8th and North av.

Fraser E. B. Miss, home 913 N 5th.

Fratsher August, engineer, *res 314 N 11th.

Frazier Wm., bricklayer, res 121 W Mason.

Frederick Flora, home 421 N 5th.

Frederick Robert, machinist, *res 804 S 12th.

Frederick Wm., miller, *res 421 N 5th.

Free Conrad, lab, res 548 W Mason.

Freeman George, home 905 S 6th.

Freeman J. H., jeweler, *res 511 S 7th.

Freeman Libbie Miss, home 905 S 6th.

Freeman Louisa J. Miss, res 313 W Monroe.

Freeman Mary Miss, home 905 S 6th.

Freeman Melvina, res 219 W Madison.

Freeman N. L., law publisher, res 905 S 6th.

Freeman Taylor Z., res in the country.

Feeman William, lab, *res 312 N 2d.

Freeman Winfield S., res sw cor Monroe and Walnut.

Freidinger Henry, wks w. factory, res head e end Enterprise.

Freidinger Henry M., helper, bds head e end Enterprise.

Freidinger Wm. F., wks w. factory, bds head e end Enterprise.

Freitag Charles H., coal dealer, res 806 Enterprise.

Frels Margaret, wid, home nw cor Williams and Henrietta.

French A. W., dentist, res se cor Monroe and Pasfield.

French C. G., dentist, res se cor 3d and Wright.

French Effie, home 324 W Monroe.

French Fanny, home 324 W Monroe.

French Haidee Miss, home se cor 3d and Wright.

French Heman, teams, *res 1230 Adams.

French LaMartine, bds, se cor 3d and Wright.

French Mary, home 1230 Adams.

French Minnie Miss, home se cor 3d and Wright.

French Nonie, home 324 W Monroe.

French Web, salesman in A. A. Fisher’s music store.

Freolich Henry, farmer, res with J. G. Krous.

Freund John, clerk Wabash freight depot, *res 110 W Madison.


Freund Nicholas M., wks w. factory, bds 716 Madison.

Frey & Hartmann, bakers, confectioners, and grocers, 613 Monroe.

Frey Adam, bakery, *res 521 S 12th.

Frey Theo., machinist, *res 812 S 11th.

Frichtel Catharine, wid, res 228 W Carpenter.

Frichtel Conrad, wks w. factory, bds 228 W Carpenter.

Friday John, lab, *res 10th, 2d h s of South av.

Friedman A., clerk, *res 410 S 8th.

Friedman Fannie, home cor Allen and Henrietta.

Friedman S., milkman, *res cor Allen and Henrietta.

Friedrich Jacob, lab, *res Hutchinson Cemetery.

Friedrich John, saloon and res 520 Jefferson.

Friend Sarah, wid, *res 8th bet Adams and Washington.

Frisbie Emily, wks w. factory, bds 122 Reynolds.

Frisbie Minnie, wks w. factory, bds 122 Reynolds.

Frisbie William L., fireman, *res 122 Reynolds.

Frits Maggie, wks 435 S 6th.

Froehner B. Mrs., saloon, 212 S 4th.

Froelich Christ, res es 2d, 2d h n of Canedy.

Froelich Henry, *res es 2d, 2d h n of Canedy.

Frost Ida, bds 1026 Mason.

Frownfelter A. J., wks foundry, *res 312 N 6th.

Frownfelter Charles, carpenter, bds 1000 S 11th.

Fry Anna, wid, res 423 Washington.

Fry Domenek, saloon, res Peoria road, w of r. mill.

Fry Jennie, wks Washington bet 9th and 10th.

Fry Louisa, wid, *res 905 Carpenter.

Fry Robert, helper, 1203 S 7th.

Fry Tom (col), porter Leland Hotel.

Fry William, helper, *res 14 Wilson’s row, Ridgely.

Fry William, engineer, bds 905 Carpenter.

Frye Charles, stage manager Adelphi.

Fryer Josie, seamstress, bds n end Monumental av.

Fudge Adam, carpenter, res 1120 Jackson.

Fudge George, carpenter, res 504 S 11th.

Fudge Samuel, teams, res 508 S 11th.

Fuelling C., student Concordia Seminary.

Fuhrmann H., student Concordia Seminary.

Fuller A. S., watchman, *res 417 W Monroe.

Fuller C. O., telgraph operator, O. & M. offices.

Fuller F. L., wks w. factory, res 1021 N 5th.

Fuller H. J., lab, res 822 S 13th.

Fuller John W., foreman w. factory, bds 717 S 11th.


Fuller Sarah A., wid, res 717 S 11th.

Fullington Valentine, car driver, bds 508 Jefferson.

Fullinwinder R., clerk, bds 401 N 7th.

Furlong James, dry goods, 128 es square, res same.

Furlong John, wks 835 S 6th.

Furlong Patrick, cashier, res 916 Miller.

Furlong Philip, miner, res S 11th s of Spruce.

Furlong M. R., attorney, res 916 Mason.

City Directory

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