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The Secretary of State's Office

Many changes have been made to the interior of the Statehouse over the years, some even before it was officially completed in 1888.   Most of these rooms were partitioned long ago, making full length photos of the windows, doors, walls and ceilings impossible.

Offices located in the south corridor, east side.

The office of the Secretary of State.

Fireplace located in the Secretary's office.

The official state seal of the State of Illinois.

Close-up of the cornice in the room where the State Seal is located.

Ceiling in the room that probably served as the State Library.

Chandelier in the room that was originally the State Library.

Offices located in the east corridor, south side.

The top of a window on the south side of the old General Office.

Ceiling in the old General Office.

The back side  of the old entrance to the General Office.  The ceiling of the east 2nd floor hallway is visible through the glass

Above the entrance to what used to be the Assistant Secretary's office, now occupied by the Chief of Staff.

Close-up of the female with the sunburst design in the photo to the left.


Corridor in the old General Office, with a view through through the door into the old Assistant Secretary's Office.

Some close-ups of the entrance to the Assistant Secretary's Office.


Ceiling and chandelier in the Assistant Secretary's Office.


 The top of the window in the Assistant Secretary's Office.