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Room 409 Portraits

Lieutenant Governors
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William A. Northcott, Rep.
Bond County
Years served: 1897-1905

Lawrence Y. Sherman, Rep.
McDonough County
Years served: 1905-1909
Artist: Oliver Dennett Grover

John G. Oglesby, Rep.
Logan County
Years served: 1909-1913, 1917-1921
Artist: Ralph Clarkson

Barratt O'Hara, Dem.
Cook County
Years served: 1913-1917
Artist: Robert Marshall Root

Fred E. Sterling, Rep.
Winnebago County
Years served: 1921-1933

Artist: H. L. Wolff

Thomas F. Donovan, Dem.
Will County
Years served: 1933-1937
Artist: Edith L. Wilson

John Stelle, Dem.
Hamilton County
Years served: 1937-1940

Hugh W. Cross, Rep.
Jersey County
Years served: 1941-1949
Artist: Carl Tolpo

John W Chapman, Rep.
Sangamon County
Years served: 1953-1961
Artist: Carl Tolpo

Samuel H. Shapiro, Dem.
Kankakee County
Years served: 1961-1968
Artist: Arthur Pyykko

Paul Simon, Dem.
Madison County
Years served: 1969-1973
Artist: John Milford

Presidents Pro Tempore

Richey V. Graham, Dem.
Cook County
Years served: 1933-1937
Artist: Carl Tolpo

Arnold P. Benson, Rep.
Kane County
Years served: 1941-1945
Artist: Carl Tolpo

Edward E. Laughlin, Rep.
Stephenson County
Years served: 1945-1949
Artist: Carl Tolpo

Walker Butler, Rep.
Cook County
Years served: 1952-1955

Artist: Carl Tolpo

Arthur J. Bidwill, Rep.
Cook County
Years served: 1955-1965

There are no portraits of Senate Presidents Pro Tem Richard J. Barr (1923-1929, 1931-1933), George M. Maypole (1937-1941), Wallace Thompson (1949-1953), or Lieutenant Governor Sherwood Dixon (1949-1953).  A portrait of Senator Barr was painted by Carl Tolpo in 1948 and was to be unveiled at a banquet at the Joliet, Illinois American Legion hall, later to be brought to Springfield for display in the Capitol. Sen. Barr was dean of the Senate at the time.  We have found no one who remembers the painting or knows where it is now located.

Under the 1970 Illinois Constitution the Lieutenant Governor was replaced by the Senate President as presiding officer of the body, eliminating the position of President Pro Tempore.  Portraits of President Pro Tem Russell Arrington and Senate Presidents William C. Harris, Cecil A. Partee, Thomas C. Hynes, Philip J. Rock, James "Pate" Philip, and current President of the Senate, Emil Jones, Jr. are displayed in the Senate Chamber.

*Information about the Barr portrait from an article in the 3/28/1948 edition of the Chicago Tribune